November 30, 2018

Helpful Information to Promote Uber Rider:

Who to Target

Who is typically riding with Uber? Uber Riders vary widely from country to country, but some similarities hold true. People need to get places and Uber offers another option for many people.

1. Age: You must be 18 or older to ride in an Uber
a. Popular demographic for Uber is 18-34 yrs old, more likely to be in an urban


2. Type of Riders

  1. Commuters – Those who travel to or from work.
  2. Travelers – Going to and from the airport, or while on vacation to hotels or even

popular locations. Personal and business travelers.

people are less likely to own a car. 3. When to target potential riders

  1. Event attendees – Sports, Concerts, Conferences, etc..
  2. Entertainment – Bars, Going out to eat, Movies, Shopping, etc..
  3. Casual – Grocery Store, Doctor’s Office, Appointments, Urbanites in cities where

a. Anytime works because there are so many use cases, but you may be more successful when you promote around events (sporting events, concerts, etc.), special times of year (New Year’s, Halloween, St Patricks Day, etc.), traveling to the airport and need a ride? Or anything that may give better understanding to a user that considering Uber as an option could be more convenient and applicable. You can get creative!

Pre-Approved Taglines

Download and Ride

Need a ride? Requesting one is just a tap away

Ride now

Uber Be Right There
Know-before-you-go pricing
Cash free from A to B
Payment is automatic—you never need cash to ride Request a ride day or night, 24/7

Creative Assets


Promotional Guidelines


As we said in the Participation Terms, publishers should NOT promote Uber via SMS. This means:

  • ● Do NOT mention Uber in SMS messaging
  • ● Do NOT send traffic directly to our call center even through an IVR in SMS messaging
  • ● Do NOT send messages with a link to Uber’s website, sign-up page or any other Uber

site/app messaging that has a link to our signup page

II. How To Structure Emails

Ambassadors can promote Uber in email messages, but those messages must be compliant with the CAN SPAM Act. While you may include Uber or other companies in emails you send, consistent with CAN SPAM requirements, DO clearly position your company as the only sender of the message (for example, by including you branding, font/color scheme etc…). Do NOT try to make the email look and feel like it is from Uber.

● NOTE: ‘dual sender’ status may be acceptable with Uber’s prior written approval and proper scrubbing of opt outs

III. Promotional Methods Allowed with Uber’s approval

  • ● Newsletter (please see above for how to structure emails)
  • ● Content (blog, article)
  • ● PPC (see below for more details)
  • ● Offline promotions (written creative approval required)

NOTE: Bidding on Uber brand keywords and promoting via paid social media advertising is prohibited. Linking directly to Uber’s website from any PPC ad is also prohibited. Affiliate links must instead be directed to an actual page on your website.

For a complete list of promotional guidelines, please refer to Uber’s terms and conditions in UberConnect.


• ● All promotions must be accompanied by appropriate disclosures and comply with relevant laws.

• ● If the ad or copy mentions any type of promotion (e.g. a coupon, cashback, etc.), an expiration date will need to be included. If there is no set expiration date, include, “Limited time offer. Terms subject to change.”

Terminology Guidelines

Terminology to Avoid

Preferred Terminology


Fares, rates

Riders can flag down the closest car

When you’re ready to ride, just open the app and request one

Tip or gratuity is included, fare is all inclusive

Riders have the option to tip drivers.

Uber car; Uber vehicle

Don’t ever use these terms. They are not Uber’s cars.

Uber customer, Uber client

Rider, Eater, Uber rider, Uber user

Uber driver; our drivers, chauffeur, cabbie, taxi

Uber partner; Uber driver-partner; partner; driver-partner; “driver(s)” is OK alone without “our” or “Uber” in front of it.

Uber is a car service, ride service, transport service, rideshare app

Uber is a ride request app, transport request app, Uber lets you request a ride

Uber operates

Uber is available in over 600 cities around the world

Uber platform

Uber App

We do the driving

Uber can help you get a ride

Disclosure Guidelines

I. Relationship with Uber

Publishers should disclose that they have a relationship with Uber in any advertising or marketing materials they create (“Paid†Disclosure†”). These disclosures must be clear and conspicuous and written in a manner that is easily understood by the average consumer.


1. On web sites:

o ○ “We receive a commission for [people] [drivers] who sign up with Uber.”
o ○ “We are paid by Uber for [people] [driver] leads.”
o ○ “Uber compensates us for [people] [driver] leads.”
o ○ “We are paid for the leads we generate for the companies advertised on our

o ○ “When you click on a link to Uber on this site and sign up to drive, this can


in this site earning a commission.”
o ○ “When you click on a link to the companies on this site and sign up with them,

this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs include the Uber affiliate program.”

2. On web sites that feature, compare or provide information on multiple rideshare companies

○ “We receive a commission for the people we refer to these companies.”

3. In space constraint Media: ○ “AdForUber”

○ “PaidByUber”
○ “PaidContent”
○ “PaidAdvertising”

II. Placement

Paid Disclosures should be prominently displayed in all media at the outset of the advertisement soliciting driver/delivery partners. The FTC has said the disclosure should NOT be placed “below your review or below the link to [Uber]”

  • ● Links to Uber Web Site. When using a link that directs users to an Uber Website page, the Paid Disclosure should appear before the first link, near the top, without needing to scroll or look past the link to see it.
  • ● Ad Banners. On banner advertisements where there is limited space to make disclosures, hashtags may be used with the above approved Paid Disclosures to convey this information.
  • ● Appearance. Paid Disclosures may not appear to be less noticeable than other content on the Media. Disclosures must be presented in clear and understandable language, in the same or more prominent font and color as other content in the Media and displayed against contrasting background (ie, no shading). Context is also very important. For example, a disclosure on a page where there is little other text is likely to be far more conspicuous than it would be on a page with a lot of content.

In-App User Signup Flow

  1. User goes to the app store and downloads the app (if you are using a link they will need click through your tracking link which can be obtained in UberConnect)
  2. User creates an account with Uber
  3. They select their destination and take their first ride

Promo Code User Instructions:
To apply a promo code, customers need to input their promo code before they request their

To input a promo code, users must:

  1. Navigate to the profile section of the Uber App
  2. Tap on the “Payment” section
  3. Click on “Add Promo Code”
  4. Input an approved promo code in the box

5. Tap “ADD”

Help & Support

As always, you can direct users to Uber’s Help page, which has answers to frequently asked questions.