Uber CPR campaign

Uber CPR for experience and making money! Join up by emailing aaron@promoaffiliates.com   By now, Uber has already seeped into people’s everyday lives at a huge level. You see cars with the logo in their windshield pretty much everywhere, shuttling passengers from one place to another. You’ve seen ads for it on TV, and it’s[…]

Shortcut Coupon

Shortcut Coupon Shortcut is a unique new app for an on-demand grooming service. This cool new app connects busy men to premium barbers and stylists from 8am to midnight. They run Seven days a week at the location of your choosing! Unfortunately, this app is only available on ios. So if you’re busy and you[…]

The Affiliates Glossary

Want to become the best affiliate possible? The keywords, acronyms and definitions below will help you in your journey to become the best brand ambassador or affiliate possible and communicate effectively with others in the cost per referral networking space. Marketing Terms to Improve Your Marketing Vocabulary A A/B Testing This is the process of[…]

saucey promo code

Saucey Coupon

Saucey Coupon Saucey is an amazing new app for having alcohol delivered to your door at any time. This is similar to Drizly as well. This app was originated by three friends who worked together and enjoyed to drinking after a long day. These three friends are Chris Vaughn, Daniel Leeb, and Andrew Zeck. They[…]

Gett Safe

Gett Coupon

Gett Coupon Gett is a fantastic new company that connects customers with transportation, goods and services. You can order both a taxi and even a courier as well. They have a website where you can sign up and order. They also have the most popular which is their GPS-based smartphone app. The app of course[…]

Candy Club Coupon

Candy Club Coupon There’s a new service out there that will help satisfy your sweet tooth. That service is called Candy Club. This is a cool new subscription based app that sends 2-3 pounds of brand name, premier candy to you every month! The boxes should arrive to your doorstep with 3 plastic jars of[…]