Cargo Promo Code TRY1

Cargo Promo Code

Cargo Promo Code “TRY1”

Cargo is a new service that allows rideshare drivers to make extra income and higher ratings while they drive by providing complementary and premium products to their passengers. The products included in this are snacks, phone chargers, Advil, energy drinks, beauty products that keep your passengers feeling comfortable for the rest of their day. A great way to make sure you’re the best driver for their ridesharing needs. You can also save money today by trying this service and using our Cargo Promo Code “TRY1”.

How much can i get paid after using Cargo Promo Code “TRY1”

When using Cargo you get paid about 25% commision on every paid sale you make. It also includes a $1 base commision for every passenger that orders from Cargo Box. What this means is you also get paid when passengers order free samples and earn even more when they but the items they want! You can also earn some bonuses for selling or sampling a certain number of items per week or month.  You can earn 5 dollar bonus for 5 items a week or 10 dollar bonus for 10 items a week. For the month you can get 5 dollar bonus for 10 items and 10 dollar bonus for 20 items. This also continues on to 20 dollar bonus for 40 items and 50 dollar bonus for 100 items.

They also offer in-app tipping and a $20 referral bonus. Some top drivers have earned up to $1000 extra from Cargo in just a few months. To get paid you simply need to connect your bank account information to your Cargo account. The Pay will be direct deposit. Join today and save money by using our Cargo Promo Code “TRY1”.

How Will Passengers pay?

This is actually very simple all they have to do is download the Cargo app and order what they need. You’ll receive a text letting you know what products you’ll need to hand them. Just hand the order to them when you are dropping them off. Remember only the driver should open the box to take out products. If you do run into any kind of issues you can always contact Cart through their 24/7 customer service line 929.277.9140. You may also email them at If this service sounds like something you’d like to try don’t forget to using our Cargo Promo Code “TRY1” when you sign up today!

All orders will also be automatically send to you from Cargo. They help keep track of your inventory and send you more once they notice you’re running low. They make sure you won’t be out of stock. They’ll even provide you with enough to keep extras in the trunk just in case. Give Cargo a try today and use our Cargo Promo Code “TRY1” when you sign up.

In conclusion,

Cargo is a great service to help you succeed in delivering another service! This company will continue to develop even more over time. Great way to make ridesharing experience even better than it already is! Don’t forget you can get started today and save money by simply using our Cargo Promo Code “TRY1” when you sign up today!

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