Lippi Promo Code

Lippi Promo Code

Looking for a Lippi Promo Code? Then we have you covered

Lippi is subscription based makeup delivery service that allows its subscribers to try new lipsticks and makeup. When you use a Lippi Promo Code you get half off of your first box for your first month of subscription! Sounds great doesn’t it! But wait, it gets better.

Not only can you get 50% off with the Lippi Promo Code TRY1 but in your box comes designer and brand name lipsticks from manufacturers like Mac, Maybelline and more. When you get you monthly box from Lippi, you can expect nothing but quality products and a great service.

In addition, Lippi doesn’t only send you lipsticks. In fact, as noted on their website, they will be sending you various beauty products that the company believes will work best for your skin tone.

How to use your Lippi Promo Code

Step 1 – Head over to and click the “Subscribe” link at the top of the page. If you do not see the button at the top, you can also click the left hamburger menu on the top and then hit Lippi Subscription.

Step 2 – After hitting subscribe you will need to select how often you want to receive your makeup box from Lippi. You can select from one or two months.

Step 3 – After selecting how often you want to receive your Lippi box, you will be prompted to select your skin tone. After these two options have been select you will be prompted for payment.

Step 4 – Complete your Lippi check out and use the Lippi promo code TRY1 for half off your first box!

Lippi frequently asked questions

Do I pick my products?

Lippi has hand selected the tones of makeup they think will match yours. Every month you will receive new lipsticks and beauty products.

When will I receive my order?

If you have registered before the 10th of the month your order will be shipped by the 10th. If it is after the 10th, your Lippi order will be shipped the following factory shipment date.

What countries does Lippi ship to?

Using Lippi promo code TRY1 is available in the UK and the US. Those are the only two countries Lippi currently ships to. Note: as the website states, shipping to each country will incur different charges.

How long is the Lippi subscription?

That’s the best part! It is as longer short as you want. Cancel your order at any time. There’s no obligation, no hidden fees and no commitments.

Do I have to log into my Lippi account to pay manually?

Absolutely not! When you use your Lippi promo code and begin your subscription you will be billed automatically every month. If you want to cancel your subscription at any time go over to your account settings at and simply cancel your continued subscription.

In Conclusion

Lippi is a great service for anyone who enjoys using lipsticks or relieving beauty products. In our experience they are fast, dependent, reliable and very well priced! Use the Lippi promo code TRY1 today and get your subscription started.

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