Sofary Promo Code

Sofary Promo Code

Sofary Promo Code “SofaryPromo1”

Sofary is a company founded in Seattle and acquired a company called Siljoy in 2014.  They create amazing modern lighting you can afford. They sell their products on markets like Amazon and ebay. In order to lower the costs of the products they’ve decided to set up their own website. This way they won’t have to pay a premium charged by the other platforms. This is what helps them offer even lower prices to their customers. They use the best quality products such as K9 crystal as the main material. This has great physical properties and can be polished just like leaded glass. Decorate your home today with amazing modern lights and save money by also using our Sofary Promo Code “SofaryPromo1”.

They also do offer to create customized lighting for you. They can create crystal lighting based on the pictures and specs you provide them with. Send them all of this via email at to get started. Don’t forget to use our Sofary Promo Code “SofaryPromo1” to save money on this as well!

How to order & Discount with Sofary Promo Code “SofaryPromo1”

This company likes to focus on helping customers save as much money as possible. They offer different kinds of discounts depending on what kind of order the customer may have. If you have a very large order you can get wholesale discount on this. All you have to do is email them at and they will get back to you with the discount information. If you’re ordering small order you can simply subscribe and like them on Facebook to get a discount. Then of course there’s the refer method to earn savings. They do also accept Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, Delta, Switch, Solo, Maestro, and Electron as payments methods. You can also save money with this by also using our Sofary Promo Code “SofaryPromo1” when you sign up.

Where can I get delivery with Sofary Promo Code “SofaryPromo1”

They deliver to the USA of course and they also deliver to China, Japan, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK mainland and Europe. Of course shipping is also free with this company! Most their orders will be delivered between one and two weeks. If you need any more details on shipping you can visit their shipping information page here. Not only do you get free shipping but you can save even more money by using our Sofary Promo code “SofaryPromo1”.

In Conclusion

Decorating your home can be a very difficult and expensive task to accomplish. Make it easier on yourself by using Sofary. Get amazing beautiful modern lighting for your home or office or wherever you need it. Avoid jumping store to store. Find the one you need today by going to Sofary. A great company focused on delivering a great product at a very reasonable and affordable price! All orders of course come with free shipping! The savings doesn’t stop there you can save money on any of your orders of lighting by using our Sofary Promo Code “SofaryPromo1”.

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