WeWork Promo Code

WeWork Promo Code

Save money today by using the WeWork Promo Code. WeWork is a great new service that will provide shared workspace, a community and services for entrepreneurs. Also for Freelancers, startups and a small business. They design and build physical and virtual communities. Entrepreneurs can share space and office services and have the chance to work together.  They currently have 30,000+ members that have access to health insurance, and internal social network, social events and workshops and an annual summer retreat.

They have over 250 employees and also have about 19 locations in the united states. They also have about 11 countries with locations. This includes Australia, Canada, India, china, Hong Kong. France, United Kingdom, Israel, south Korea, Mexico and the Netherlands. The company was originally started by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey in 2010. Originated in New York’s SoHo district. They’ve worked with companies like HackHands, Coupon Follow, Turf, Fitocracy, Reddit, and PepsiCO. This is a great new service that is great for entrepreneurs, to save money use the WeWork Promo code https://refer.wework.com/i/aagoc or https://refer.wework.com/i/AaronLeupp today!

What comes with a WeWork Workspace

They set you up with a great workspace, filled with everything you’ll need to succeed. This includes super-fast internet! Hard wired connections as well as Wi-Fi in all WeWork locations. The WeWork spaces also include desks, chairs, desk lamps, and lockable filing cabinets. It wouldn’t be an office if it didn’t include business-class printers. Each WeWork location will have at least one multi-function copier/scanner/printer. Another great feature is that you get free refreshments! From micro-roasted coffee to tea, fruit water, and beer at every location with WeWork! They also have an onsite manager that will be available from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. They also even provide private phone booths for all floors so that people can have a space to take private calls. This will cover everything you need so to top it off use a WeWork Promo code.

They also have a fun side to the business

They do have things to help keep all employees happy and loving their jobs. They include lunch where they can have a time to share expertise knowledge, and valuable tips with others. They also include one-on-one sessions with some great investors and just overall industry leaders. Every week the also happy hours. Have a beer with the members and socialize in a more casual and fun atmosphere. Proving you with access to great up and coming networking events is also a major plus. This can help you meet connections within your industry for you to expand. So while these things can be fun they r more importantly beneficial to you as an entrepreneur.

Is it cheaper with WeWork?

Not only would it be cheaper with WeWork but also more convenient and easier to manage. A typical office price would run you about $10,350 while with WeWork it would be $7,800. So right off the bat you’re already saving money. Not to mention the savings you’ll receive by using a WeWork Promo Code as well. With a great price comes with ease. Convenience of having only one monthly membership fee. Comes with great flexibility of month to month terms. Weekly community events set up for you. Discounts on incredibly useful business services. The office is also always incredibly designed. Not only that but you’ll be able to travel the world and have workspace there as well. Your fee would cover you having access in other locations as well.

They provide you with access to others online and in person to help with your business. They also have a great network with potential clients and investors. These are amazing features you wouldn’t get with a more traditional method of renting space.

How much does this cost?

They have multiple options here for pricing. Each package comes with different features. The lowest price available is the We Membership package, this will cost you $45 a month. The hot desk package will run you about $220 a month. Dedicated Desk is another package that will cost you $300 a month. The last and most expensive package would be the private office package. This one costs you $400 a month. They all come with different things to get more details on the specifics of each one visit https://www.wework.com/plans to learn more.

Where do they have locations ?

The great thing is that they have locations all over the world. Inside of the united states they currently have 21 locations. These locations include, New York city, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, and many more! They also have about 14 countries where they have even more locations. This includes China, Mexico, France, Canada, India, Netherlands and many more. So, if you travel the world and require office space, WeWork has you covered. Not only that your promo code will help you save money and this can apply to any location. Weather it’s in the united states or outside.

They provide some member benefits as well!

WeWork prides themselves in helping everyone as much as they can. That will include great deals with services that they’ve worked out. These include a preferred banking rate with Chase. Business financing with Bond Street. Favorable rates on HR services with TriNet. Discount storage solutions with MakeSpace. One-Stop accounting with inDinero. If your business includes shipping a lot. They work out a deal with UPS for you that gives you exclusive rates on shipping. WeWork will help you save money everywhere you can. You can also save even more money by simply using the WeWork Promo code as well!

WeWork verdict

This is clearly an amazing service for entrepreneurs. Great way to meet new people have access to office space worldwide! Helps with your business in using services. Just overall a major help for smaller businesses and startups. If you have a dream WeWork will help you achieve it. Start saving money to accomplish your goals today. Of course, start with using the WeWork promo code https://refer.wework.com/i/aagoc or https://refer.wework.com/i/AaronLeupp to save money instantly. Don’t sit back and dream all day make those dreams come true!

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