Wrench Promo Code “REPAIR2”

Wrench Promo Code REPAIR2

Wrench Promo Code“REPAIR2

Wrench is a great new service that helps maintaining your car as convenient, simple and hassle free as possible. They provide you with skilled and trusted mechanics to your location. You just need to provide a license plate number, or year, make, and model of your car to begin. Once you do that you can have a mechanic come to you at your home, or office. While you take care of what you need to do, you can have a mechanic come and do repairs or maintenance to your vehicle.  Use our Wrench Promo Code “REPAIR2” to save money on your first try.

What vehicle do they work on?

They work on pretty much all cars except for a few exceptions. If its a car, truck, van, or suv, they’ll work on it. The only ones they wont touch are electric, diesel, or a commercial ride. They have a massive database of vehicles and every bit of info needed for them from 1984 to 2016. This allows them to find you the perfect mechanic for your needs. If this sounds like something you’re interested in using, don’t forget you can save money with your first service by using our Wrench Promo Code “REPAIR2”.

To view list of cities they service click here our Wrench Promo Code works in all of these cities as well!

What types of repairs are offered when using our Wrench Promo Code REPAIR2

With Wrench they will cover over 80% of all car repairs and maintenance work that can be done outside of a shop. This includes things like a simple oil change and filter change, to replacing brake pads and rotors, timing belts, catalytic converters and diagnosing and repairing most ignition, electrical, and exhaust issues. If you get an oil change, you can rest assured that our mechanics will safely and responsibly handle the removal of everything. Don’t forget to save money as well by using our Wrench Promo Code “REPAIR2”.

How to make an appointment using our Wrench Promo Code


It’s actually a very simple process to set up an appointment. Just visit their website at https://getwrench.com to enter your vehicle information. Let them know what kind of service is needed, you’ll receive a quote, choose the time and service location, and enter your payment details to finish booking the appointment. Remember that oil changes and diagnostics can be done first day, but most other services require one day notice in order to get the parts. Just make sure its during a time that you’ll be able to give the keys to the mechanic. To give this service a try and save money don’t forget to use our Wrench Promo Code “REPAIR2”.

If you do need to reschedule you can do so by going to your wrench account and selecting the CHANGE button on your appointment. It’s best to do this with at least 24 hours in advance. If you need to cancel within 24 hours there will be a $25 fee.

Get your car serviced with our Wrench Promo Code “REPAIR2

This is a great way to save time and get your car taken care of. A new unique service that will make life much easier for many. Be one of those people today and save money while trying it by using our  Wrench Promo Code “REPAIR2”.

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