Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

There are many people coming to us who are ready to kill it in our Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program!  Airbnb CPA deals and referral programs are extremely popular.  Because of the power or word-of-mouth, customer acquisition is something that fuels itself.  Whether promotions are happening on the street or with digital or online efforts, users respond in droves.  One of the most exciting marketing trends however is through use of social influencers.  No matter what method you are prepared to do, you can trust that PromoAffiliates has relevant campaigns for you!  Email to sign up.

If you haven’t heard of our company, let me first say that we pride ourselves on working with some of the top brands.  Our exclusive deal with Uber is over 2 years old!  So the Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program is just one of the programs you can work with.  Our successes with street affiliates goes back to the early day of Lyft in Los Angeles.  Our focus has been more on blogger affiliates and social influencers lately.  But if you have a team of canvassers, they might have an easy time spreading the word too.  Our blogger affiliates push codes and links with their sites or SEO efforts.  Obviously, social media influencers and micro influencers are able to get content to a potentially engaged audience with a variety of platforms.

How the Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program Works?

So this program is pretty simple.  I could understand that if you are new to marketing than you made to go a research what CPA deals are or something.  We tend to want to work with people who are experienced.  But if you are a social media influencer, you don’t need to understand digital marketing in this way.  You just have to make great content that will call your subscribers to action.  

First let me address any potential bloggers or owners of popular sites who want to be a part of the Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program.  As a blogger, all you do to promote our brands is push the code and/link that we give you.  You can create articles like this or simply list all of the promotions on your roster.  Either way, the point is to drive traffic to the opportunity of saving on Airbnb.  The code/link that you are promoting will allow new users of Airbnb to get a discount on their first time using the service.  There will be more on this later.  

For influencers and micro influencers who want to be a part of this or other PromoAffiliates referral programs, it’s even easier!  Your goal is also to get as many people to respond to your content as possible.  If you make Instagram posts, your ratio of engagement should be at least 10% of your followers.  This means that if you have 5000 followers, you should be consistently getting 500 likes for example. 

Street Teams

As far as street team affiliates, this program may not be as easy.  It will take a real hardcore promoter to get out in the street and promote Airbnb.  It’s not impossible to find epic success but you may want to consider the following tactics.  I’ve seen Airbnb employees tabling at events like job fairs.   If you were willing to research events with a minimum attendance of let’s say 1000 people, than it may be worth it to table.  You can contact me at sean@promoaffiliates for more information of street team affiliates programs.  

What is Airbnb Exactly?

airbnb safe

Put simply, Airbnb is a hotel alternative.  You can easily book a room, an entire home, or even a couch in cities all over the world.  Working with our Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program means that you help users get a potential discount on the Airbnb online platform.  The Airbnb app or website connects hosts who are offering accommodations.  The platform is accessible on the app with mobile devices and guests seeking to book the accommodations have to sign up and be vetted.  This means that they will have to verify email or social media accounts and put in sensitive information like their debit or credit card.  If you haven’t lived under a rock for the last 10 years then you are familiar with this protocol.  

Booking Accommodations

So when a guest books an accommodation or residential listing, they will have access to use the listing for the limited time of the confirmed booking.  All communication is done within the Airbnb platform until the booking is confirmed.  Then the host and guest can communicate via email or text or whatever.  There are fees associated in addition to the accommodation fee or else how would Airbnb make money.  

What’s really fascinating about the service is how political it has become.  I will talk more about this in the section on the press about Airbnb later in this post.  What’s great about working with this referral program is that there are so many potential users worldwide.  If your wanting to work with us by promoting with digital marketing online, it will be easy to generate traffic.  As far as cost, the guest will find that they can search extensively for the price that they want to pay for the accommodation.  

Benefits of Airbnb

The hotel industry continues to provide stale and often expensive accommodations.  It was only a matter of time before a platform came along to provide a solution to this.  We’ve all seen news reports of people taking black lights into hotel rooms to reveal how many bodily fluids could be found.  It’s comforting to stay with a regular person in a cozy home.  It also adds to community building and gives guests a change of pace.  

With the rating system, the host and guest alike are pressured to go beyond just compliance to rules.  The host especially wants to have really good ratings on their profile.  The ratings are a great indication of how the accommodations are.  Sometimes pictures and descriptions can be deceptive.  Also, if you are new to this type of service, you don’t know what type of questions to ask or what to look out for.

More on the Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

For the guests, ratings are important too.  If you get low rating as a guest, hosts are going to be less likely to accept you.  When joining our Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, I may suggest trying the service if you haven’t already.  If you are a blogger, this can give you a genuine story to give your readers a real sense of trust.  It’s easy for readers to relate to your blog if you have a story.  I’ll get to my own Airbnb stories later in this post.  You may want to skip down to that now, it’s good stuff!

Lastly, if you are a social media influencer or micro influencer, take your camera with you and try Airbnb.  Let your audience see the whole process and I guarantee you will get them to use or suggest your link.  Make some great content highlighting your Airbnb experience.  You never know if Airbnb will see it and want to pay you directly.  It’s a slim chance but we have seen them directly sponsor content before.  


The Airbnb Culture

There were definitely precursors to this service.  There is the Couchsurfers platform for one thing.  With Couchsurfers, the website is all about hosts offering accommodations to travelers for free.  I wouldn’t at all say that these types of community sites are competition for Airbnb.  I’ll go into the demographic of Airbnb later but hosts on Couchsurfer don’t cater to anyone but vetted travelers.  The profile of the traveler on that site won’t even be considered if there aren’t ratings.  Also, if you’re down and out and in transition or in between homes, Couchsurfer isn’t a good option.  

Airbnb guests are looking for a nice place usually.  The accommodations with great clean pictures and amenities get more hits and guests.  Yes mainly travelers are on Airbnb: tourists, business types, hippies, hipsters, etc.  Additionally, people who just need a place are using the service until they can move on to more permanent housing.


Airbnb in the News

So just a few days ago,’s Tech Industry report says that there may be some negative effects on the on-demand culture under the new chaotic US administration under Trump.  Dara Kerr (@darakerr) says that there may be conflicts if the new administration is dead set on creating more jobs.  The on-demand giants like Uber and Lyft and others classify their workers as contractors not employees.  

It’s a lot easier if a company’s workers have to pay their own expenses for healthcare and equipment.  Also, the sheer acts of managing millions of employees is a dire task that takes huge regional teams.  This really takes away from the appeal for start ups who are really hands off and have the desire to work remotely.

Regarding trade, Kerr says that the US relations with countries where Airbnb or Uber operate could have consequences.  Countries with huge populations like China are often potential cash cows for start ups.  Airbnb has been trying to succeed in the Asian markets for a long time.  Uber just pulled out of China because of tight competition from Didi.

Uber was the only giant to find failure in China.  Both Facebook and Google were also unable to gain ground in China.  If Trump starts a trade war with China, Airbnb will certainly never get a break with the Chinese.  Also, Trump’s plans to cut corporate tax breaks could be a nuisance if startups are making income.  


In More Current News…’s, Megan Stein reports on the shocking number of guests booked to stay at Airbnb accommodations this weekend in Washington DC.  With both the Presidential Inauguration and a huge women’s march, the city will be very busy.  Airbnb had previously reported that there were 15,000 bookings for this weekend!  This set their former record of 8,100 guests which was when the Los Angeles Dodgers went up against the Washington Nationals in game 2 of some playoffs last October.

Washington DC hosts are set to earn a whopping $5.9 million and the guests are saving money!  The average home share for a night on Airbnb in the area is $129.  Hotel accommodations for the same period average at $333.  For less than half the price, guests are getting to potentially stay with a local who has advice, stories, and is simply another human.

My Experiences With Airbnb

These accounts reflect some great experiences with Airbnb.  With every great experience, there are probably bound to be a few not so great ones too.  The first notable time I used the service was in Brooklyn, New York.  Yeah I ball like that.   It was a hostel vibe with bunks in all the room.  It was in an area known as the Bed Stuy.  The Bedford-Stuyvesant borough of Brooklyn is famous for being the hood where the Notorious BIG came from.  

So I was thrilled to have my own place I could come and go.  My previous trip to the big apple was not so comfortable because I stayed with a friend and I had to be on his schedule.  These are the types of things that are so crucial to get across to your social media audience or blog visitors.  Even if you are promoting Airbnb on a street team, the benefits of the service must be stressed to show how valuable it really is.  I had the fortune to not have so many people occupying the bunks in my room on that stay.  Also, I had access to a big kitchen I could cook in and store some food which is a real money saver.  There was a cool backyard to stretch my legs and a TV for some chillin time.  


Airbnb in New Orleans

Immediately after that trip, I flew to New Orleans to meet up with some family and attend some functions.  It was my family’s reunion and I was set to fly in a day before most of my people arrived.  I literally stepped off the plane in a city I had never been and attempted to book accommodations through Airbnb.  What I failed to mention was that on my way to New York, I did the same thing.  I booked my stay while on a Greyhound bus!

So I get off the plane and my phone was dead.  I sit on the floor near the baggage claim and plug my phone in and begin to search for anything.  It was already mid-afternoon mind you.  I had to find a place close enough to where I would meet up with my family without too much trouble with my excessive luggage.  So since then, I’ve learned to travel light.  I only needed a place for one night and that can be tough in some areas on Airbnb.  These are things you can only know if you are familiar with the service.

Instant Booking

While searching, I found a place with the heading Cozy Corner and I knew that this would be great!  It seriously was great and here’s what it was like.  The place was a one bedroom apartment and I was booked to occupy a chair that folds out into a bed.  The woman was so accommodating with tea and snacks and insightful info.  It was hotter than Satan’s armpit and probably just as humid.  The host kept the AC set to a perfect temp and I couldn’t ask for anything better.  It was clean and she admitted to carefully choosing the sheets with a good thread count.  

The best part about the stay was another guest who booked part of the partitioned bedroom.  She was an amazing Australian woman with a great soul.  Our conversations were so pleasant and a great distraction from the host who liked to frolic in her underpants.  Now I’m just as thirsty as any young, red-blooded man but I was able to control my urges to get down like James Brown if you know what I mean!


Experience Hosting for Airbnb

Only recently did I have any experience on the hosting side of the Airbnb story.  This is important information.  As a member of our Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, you will have to pay careful attention to our terms to see if your link is applicable for hosts.  It is possible that the affiliates program is setup to target new guests only.  When it comes to hosting, if the user is not the homeowner there are concerns on whether it is worth it to host.  What I mean is that renters typically sign an agreement that stipulates that they can’t sublease any part of their leased or rented home.   

I have a good friend who was able to pay next to nothing for rent for 3 years by using Airbnb to rent out her second level sleeping porch and her couch!  All this and she was not supposed to technically speaking.  Her neighbors would complain of the traffic to the off site landlord regularly.  Her defense was that she was just promiscuous with several lovers.

So I took the risk of doing Airbnb once when I was not supposed to.  The place was not in the greatest shape.  Once a friend came by and said the place smelled like a C-rated chinese restaurant;  kinda like chicken and a runner’s right shoe.  My racist neighbor was watching after the place.  You know,  as one does when you’re a 66 year-old man with nothing to do but be racist.  He told me that he saw more than just the 2 women who were supposed to be staying there.

No Sub Leasing

See, on Airbnb, the host set parameters like how many people can occupy the space and what not.  I was not happy and started to email people at Airbnb.  Well, long story short, they claimed to settle it and said they would give me $50 but they never did.  I stopped fighting it because I came back to a nasty letter on my white board where I like to write my ideas.  The guest said in short that the place was the nastiest place ever!  The truth is that I forgot to duck tape the fridge shut and tell them to steer clear because I was rushing to clean what I could.  

I didn’t know how to adjust the settings and this lady booked the place nearly same day.  I couldn’t get them to cancel so I was kinda stuck.  The fridge made some noises and so I had unplugged it a few days earlier.  I didn’t have any food anyway so whatever.  The mold had pretty crazy and I can only imagine their exclamations of horror when they opened it.  Also, the fridge part wasn’t that bad but the freezer was gnarly.  Imagine that kid’s game where you use the magnet to give the cartoon face head and facial hair.  Now imagine if those black things had a life of their own and they weren’t scared of you.  

Airbnb Competition

If I could just keep talking about my own Airbnb experiences for the whole article I would.  There are some other things I promised to cover in this post.  If there is still not enough content when I’m done, I’ll go back and throw in another story!  I know you love it!  

Regarding the competition to the Airbnb service, there really isn’t any.  I mean you have hotels and motels but the cost is way more.  The traditional hotel experience is bland and cookie-cutter.  You check in with some crappy concierge who really doesn’t care what you think.  You lug your stuff to your room throw potentially smoky hallways with dizzying carpet patterns.  Then you get in your room and it appears really clean.  But you know have no idea what the past occupant of the room was smoking or doing on the comforter that probably isn’t washed every time.

Since the success and popularity of Airbnb, other platforms have come out and so I’d like to briefly bring them up.  One Airbnb alternative is called FlipKey and it is owned by TripAdvisor.  There are 30,000+ rental listings and all have been verified by FlipKey staff.  I’m not sure what this verification process entails.  Either way, it must minimize the surprises that can come up with Airbnb.  This alternative to Airbnb is available in 1100 cities all over the world.  

Another platform like this is  Growing up, when someone tripped, we would laugh and say, “See ya next fall.”  This platform helps users compare prices that are posted on several website.  Services like this are great because by comparing prices and details, you have a better chance a getting the best deal.

More Competition

At, another competitor of Airbnb, there are mainly full-size homes and apartments.  This seem legit!  The acronym stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner and they are in 100 countries with some 800,000 listings.  Another competitor is called HomeAway and they have over 1 millions worldwide listings.  This service has similarities to Airbnb but they don’t charge booking fees but pushes their own brand of travel insurance. Apparently, VRBO is operated by HomeWay.

At only 3 ½ years old, the new vacation rental service called Vactia has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Every time I want to use a company, I check with the Better Business Bureau.  That was me being sarcastic.  Vacatia is only mentioned because they are like a lot of companies that focus on letting users browse and compare resorts.  Not too exciting compared to all of the options with Airbnb.  Yeah you can book instantly but that’s expected with the ease of online transactions.  

Lastly, there is the alternative called OneFineStay.  All of the rental properties are hand-picked by the company’s staff and there is also advice on things like eateries and activities in the area.  The staff themselves have personally stayed at the places so they can give the best detail of what it is like.  It’s an interesting concept it goes to show that there are a multitude of resources for travelers.  Each have their own culture and that is why I went over the culture of Airbnb in detail.  With your content, stay relevant to your audience and focus on the benefits that they will likely see best.  


Airbnb Popular Cities – San Francisco

Despite the San Francisco Board of Supervisor’s ruling that Airbnb rentals are limited to 60 days a year, 75% of the 7,000 hosts are not cooperating.  There were other laws and rulings that have seriously affected Airbnb business as usual.  In places like San Francisco, short-term rentals were made officially legal.  This was one of the first cities to do so.  What make this problematic is that the recent anti-Airbnb rulings could have a ripple effect.  Now “Airbnb Laws” are becoming common in cities where the influx of short-term rentals doesn’t just hurt hotels.  Rent prices soar as property owners realize that there is more money in it than long-term leasing.  It’s a new form of gentrification.  It has changed places like New Orleans which I discussed a personal story about earlier in the post.

With the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, they undoubtedly want things to run smoothly with legislation.  This is where the company got their start after all.  Airbnb is in 200 cities with over 2 million listings.  There is arguably many cities that I say are the hottest but it’s really about preference.  In the capital of Ecuador, I am anticipating staying in an Airbnb suite this summer for a few days.  In terms of eco-tourism, I am considering the viability of an opportunity I have with a small permaculture farm.  This is where I lead into my next topic, Airbnb for business.

Airbnb for Business

The internet is riddled with information for business travelers to use Airbnb which is great.  But this section for me is discussing how I intend to include Airbnb as a centerpiece for a business model.  The trend of various types of eco-tourism is bigger than cheese.  Ok maybe nothing is bigger than cheese but I’m just adding shock value here.  I’m not trying to offend any cheese heads trust me.  I had a kale salad earlier that had some kind of friend cheese in it.  That’s the vibe out here in Los Angeles with so many chic eateries.  

Anyway, with the popularity and fluidity of the Airbnb platform, it is easy to incorporate this into a business model.  Airbnb helps with delivering the package of staying and facilitates payment and everything for a pretty nominal fee.  To be specific, I’m interested in working with a farm that plans to offer a permaculture course.  Airbnb and similar sites could act as both an advertisement platform and paying system for part of the course.  In a way, if the business is based in the US, it may make fiscal sense to divert some of the cash through Airbnb.  

More on the Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Working as a member of our Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, you should focus some of your effort on the business travel community.  Airbnb is trying really hard to tap more into the $300 billion business travel industry in the US. Airbnb has a $24 billion valuation as of May last year and some 60 million users.  But this only accounts for 1% of the global lodging market.  Global dominance has never seemed so lacking.  Even if these estimates are flawed, it is very clear that a relatively small number of business travelers are using Airbnb.  

So in attempts to address this, Airbnb has started to certify some of their listings of “business travel ready.”  This classification means that the listings have met certain criteria like no bunk beds and the essential amenities.  These amenities include Wi-Fi, 24 hour check-in, toiletries, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  


The Future of Airbnb

Thousands of businesses have already signed up for the Airbnb business program mentioned above.  With this traction it is evident that business travelers are willing to skip out on the hotel that they are used to for someone’s home.  I think that for business people, myself included, it comes down to the bottom line.  It doesn’t matter so much the experience of a hotel versus someone cozy home.  As long as the amenities are there, the accommodations will work.  

With platforms like Airbnb, it’s all about scalability and maintenance.  Even with legislation against them, Airbnb continues to innovate and build.  Even as new platforms come on the scene, the people that have gotten used their income will not let it go easily.  When legislation came to Los Angeles, people stood up to the law makers and won.  Without going into specifics, Airbnb is here to stay in Los Angeles.  The only thing that could mess things up is if San Francisco courts set precedent and state laws change.  


Great Content Matters – Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

So for our social media affiliates, we talk a lot about the quality of your content.  This can’t be stressed enough.  If you aren’t sure or just starting out, look to similar genres for ideas on how to engage your audience.  This will not be the only time you will be promoting a service so you do your research.  I’ve given you some example of Airbnb competitors above but there are many others. I only touched the surface.  Remember I found that there are estimates that Airbnb only has tapped 1% of the global lodging market.  

There is a lot of room to grow and that is why we are inviting you to be a part of the Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program.  Once you’ve mastered creating great content and your engagement is up, be sure to make your audience feel seen and heard.  The ebook InstaSecrets talks about building a strong community requirements.  First, you must reply to as many comments as you can!  Even if it is short, make a genuine attempt to reply.  It may seem like nothing to you but your followers will respond in ways you can’t imagine.

If you can remain consistent and respond to your follower comments and DMs within 3 days, you will build an engaged audience.  One way to go a step further is to hold contests, polls, do giveaways, and ask questions.  Something as simple as posing questions to your followers will set you up with an opportunity to respond.  

PromoAffiliates Press & News

A senior analyst for Techformatica Research, Dan Blacharski (@dan_blacharski), put together an informative article for the Huffington Post about our efforts in the digital marketing space.  He details how today’s marketing tactics are geared towards the social media influencer.  He quotes our CEO and founder in a conversation about big budget ad dollars steering towards this trend faster than any other.  Aaron went on to say that the ads of yester-year “cast a wide net” and that “Television producers may boast tens of millions of primetime viewers, but how many of those are really potential buyers?”  

The truth to this statement rings very true.  It’s as if these corporations care more about the brand recognition than actual customer acquisition or sales.  The power of influencers of varying statuses is unparalleled.  Even if a YouTuber has 10k subscribers, the connection that they have with that group can be tremendous.  On one hand, YouTube does an excellent job of reminding, suggesting, and pushing content.  Also, people are choosing and searching for content that they want to see.   They also know that there are going to be some sort of ads no matter where they go online and they are somewhat ready for it.  

When we worked with Coby Persin one his prank video shot in Dubai with a bugati, it was a no brainer for his team to work with us.  He was already set on creating a video centered around Uber.  All we had to do was make the deal with him to include him in with our amazing team of influencer affiliates.  

Influencer Affiliates

We urge influencers of all levels of popularity to work with affiliate deals and not focus on flat rates. With my support team here at PromoAffiliates, I’d be happy to coach influencers to reach epic success.  It’s really about a personal relationship with someone like me who has studied this trend.  My education on this is fluid and I have as much to learn as the trend permits.  Plus, the more I can teach, the more I learn.  You see, being receptive allows me to take in perspectives of potential users and that is the basis of good marketing.  

If you can understand how you communicate, you can understand the key to the digital landscape.  Perspective is everything and sometimes we don’t understand how we come across.  Determine what type of content you’re best at creating and capitalize on that.  I like to take pictures but am I good enough to make money doing it?  Well yes but that’s besides the point.  Time and time again, people are amazed at my level of communication so that’s why I write and do speaking engagements.  My goal is to build enough credibility to be paid for public speaking.


Beyond that, I pride myself on being able to connect influencers with the right opportunities like our Airbnb Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program that are relevant to their specific audience.  Through analysis of engagement, I can show you what your followers respond to the most and what to focus on.  This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support I receive from the team her at PromoAffiliates.  What also comes in handy is reading every article and now book that is representative of the trend.

Gary Vaynerchuk says that it’s about time management and how much time you put in with research.  The top CEO’s read 5 books a month!  Every hour counts!  With our phones we have so much power to do research on the go.  If you can learn to produce content for your audience and not for yourself, you will see amazing results.

Thank you!

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