Ambassadors for Multiple Merchants and Startups – Now Hiring

First of all, brand ambassadors don’t just do demos or pass out free promotions anymore. We have some ambassadors who work strictly online and promote through different digital marketing efforts. Some of our ambassadors and affiliates work with SEO experimenting and some work with paid ads.   Either way, we were looking for experience digital marketer to join our agency! We have some of the tools to get you on the right path to epic success. Email  to learn how to join forces with us right away!


Affiliate Marketing with Great Ambassadors


Here at PromoAffiliates, we used to have a big force of street ambassadors for a lot of our apps that we are promoting. Now we are focusing mainly on the digital marketing space.  What are you call our people affiliates or ambassadors, the same rings true that they are promoting our merchants. Our merchants include Uber post mates and more. Because these are now becoming more household names and the thousands and millions of people who haven’t tried it are searching online for promo code. Also, we deal mainly with promo codes which allow users to get the deal on their first time.


Lastly, as an ambassador, you will notate on your content for website what the deal is and we will fill you in.  If you know someone that would make a great digital marketer for our company, please give them the email address above. So, we encourage you to give us some feedback in the comment section below. This feedback is important for us to better our site and our articles. It is crucial that you also read this article with five stars. We are also trying to rank on Google! But obviously have an a rating system really helps with that.    Thank you very much for checking out this article, have a nice day. 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (No Ratings Yet)