Avocado Promoters Program

Avocado Promoters Program

Avocado is a great new app that gets groceries delivered from your favorite stores to your doorstep. All within two hours! With Avocado you can shop and schedule delivery as often as you would like using your phone. A great way to receive fresh groceries from your local store. The delivery person will hand-select fresh produce. You can receive them anywhere at your home or office or vacation! This company will continue to grow fast. You can join in on the growth and make money by joining our Avocado Promoters Program. Email s.mew@promoaffiliates.com to get started today.

Who is PromoAffiliates and the Avocado Promoters Program

If you’d like to join an Agency that thrives in a competitive market such as affiliate digital marketing, PromoAffiliates is where you want to be. We team up with many top on demand apps in all app stores available. We’ve been able to generate over 500,000 signs up with Uber. Also, we’ve also done great with Postmates. We’ve gotten them about 100,000 new users every month.

We work with different kinds of people from Social media influencers, to bloggers and even people in basic digital marketing. If you think you’re able to reach many people than this is a great opportunity. We give you a list of companies that will provide is with promo codes for you to use and promote. For every activation you receive we will pay money via paypal. We have youtubers and Instagram stars making some good money through our Affiliate programs. Join in on the cash flow with us at PromoAffilaites to make some money of your own. You can start with our Avocado Promoters Program.

How to promote your code with Avocado Promoters Program

A popular way a social media influencer will promote their code is through video content. However, don’t just put up an ad for your promo code. Make sure you provide good content for people to watch. The better your content the more traffic you also will get. This will obviously lead to more money. Maybe tell a story on camera and work the promo code into that story. Find a way to relate to the service it promotes. Or you can write and act out a skit and work in the code as well with that. Just a great way to get more people interested in your content where they can see your code.

If you’re writing blogs the same technique can be used here. Make sure you write something interesting for them to read. If all you have up is a promo code it may not attract to many people. Also, an advantage with blogging is the ability to use SEO (search engine optimization). This will help get traffic to your site where you host your blogs. As long as you provide great content the people will come. A great way to succeed with our Avocado Promoters Program.

Avocado Goal

Avocado has set a goal to change the entire grocery industry. They want to automate mindless recurring chores at home and allow them to have more time to enjoy family and friends. On the Avocado company they have graduates from Stanford, Harvard, INSEAD, Georgia Tech, and IIT. They all also have history of working with successful startups. This makes for great leadership in what you would expect in a great company. 

How to login to Avocado

They have a few different ways you can log into your account. You could always create your account using Facebook to log in. As well as your Google account. Just click on the appropriate button and give the app permission. That’s all you’ll need to do to create the account. The next option would be to create an account using your email address. It will then have you set a password to remember. Now your account is ready to be logged into. 

How to download Avocado

Avocado is available for both Android and iOS. For Android all you’ll need to do is tap on the google Play icon. Tap Search, in the search box type “AVOCADO Shopping”, then tap search. Look for the green avocado logo and tap the icon to get the install button. Once you do that you should see the icon appear in your app section on your phone.

For iOS you’ll need to go to the App Store on your iphone. Tap search and type in “AVOCADO Shopping” and tap search. Look for the icon on this one as well and hit the GET button to turn into an INSTALL button. Once thats is done you’ll be able to open the app and use it.

If this interests you, you can join in on the success today. Email s.mew@promoaffiliates.com to join our Avocado Promoters Program.

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