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Our blog affiliates are very vital to our model. With a popular blog you can definitely promote anything relevant to the category. If you have a lot of people visiting your blog, then you will make a great addition to our group of blog affiliates. Email to get started on your epic journey with us. We have nothing but success on the horizon! If you want to be part of that success, become one of our blog affiliates today!

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Blog Affiliates and PromoAffiliates


We have been a marketing agency for a long time now. Our press speaks for itself but we want to grow further. We are looking for blog affiliates who can leverage their high traffic to benefit our merchants as well. We have a few different merchants that can correlate to whatever relevant category your blog belongs. A lot of our merchants are based on lifestyle. Like Uber for example is a lifestyle app.

Uber is promoted by us through promo codes. We publish promo code some popular blogs and through SEO efforts. When people try the promo code, that action is what pays you. People are more likely to try a promo code for an app then buy a product or commit to a service. We are seeing a significant surge in this trend currently.

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