Freshly Affiliates Program

Freshly affiliates program. Getting into it, and getting started on this lucrative program!

Freshly Affiliates Program

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It’s a fast-paced, hectic world that we live in today. We cram more and more activities and things to do into our short lives. Yet, as they were when humanity first began, our days are still only twenty four hours long. And as a result, people have less time to relax, less time to make sure things are done right. Automation has taken a toll on us in some ways.

One place that this is all too evident is in the way we eat. You probably don’t have to picture this scenario, since it’s all too common. You just got off work, and you’re feeing pretty beat. It’s around six, and you still gotta feed your family, or aat least feed yourself.

The Drive thru

But you’re just too damn tired to cook. So you pull into the drive thru at Mcdonald’s or Taco Bell. You drop some money on a greasy burger, taco overloaded with silicone and sand, oily fries, a sugar-laden soda, etc. You bring it home, and watch your kids eat it with a smile on their face, or you enjoy a dinner by yourself.

However, that kind of food slowly kills you when eaten too often. That kind of overload on carbs, fat, salt and sugar wreaks havoc on your health. And not only that, but you’re left feeling hungry again just an hour or so later

Enter Freshly; a better way to eat and to live

But in some ways, the automation our world has seen is good. Websites and smartphone apps have revolutionized many different businesses. And one of the most notably changed is the food industry.

Freshly is a website that allows you to re-commit to eating not just delicious, but healthy food too. It allows us to get back in touch with good, wholesome fare, and feel good about what we’re eating. You can eat one of their meals and feel full for more than just an hour, thanks to the filling fiber and proteins. And you can do it all without lifting a finger; because Freshly cooks and delivers!

The Freshly affiliates program

          But as fantastic as it is, Freshly needs some help growing their customer base and spreading the word about their service. Traditional advertising doesn’t have the punch that it used to, and sometimes amount to just wasted money.

That’s where the Freshly affiliates program comes in. They are looking for driven, hard-working people who believe in their mission to spread healthy eating everywhere to help them spread the word. And the best part is that in return for doing this, you get money. That’s right; the freshly affiliates program is a PAID program!

PromoAffiliates enters the arena!

We are excited to be announcing that Freshly is partnering up with PromoAffiliates! That’s right, we’re excited that they’ve picked us to help them take their Freshly affiliates program to the next level. This means that we will be working side by side on their ambassador program to make it as successful as possible.

Great, but what does this mean for me?

          For you, it doesn’t really mean anything too major. Just that PromoAffiliates will now be giving out promo codes for the Freshly affiliates program. This means that we at PromoAffiliates will be looking for people who want to become part of the Freshly affiliates program.

Okay, so how do I join in with it?

          To become part of the Freshly affiliates program, send us an email at In the email, let us know why the Freshly affiliates program would be a great fit for you. If you’re not new to ambassador work, let us know what other startups you’ve affiliated for. And if you still have activation numbers, those re good reference as well.

But for those of you who are completely new to the trade, don’t be discouraged. You have to start somewhere when you begin ambassador work after all. Just tell us why you wanna join.

If your reason for joining is ‘because I want to make money,’ that’s even fine too. This kind of thing is great for people who just want to make some money on the side. And if you eventually want to take it on full time, then it’s good for that too.

So what exactly is PromoAffiliates?

“PromoAffiliates is a startup that distributes promo codes for other startups.” – TechCrunch article

            Simply put, it’s our goal to help startups like Freshly grow and reach their fullest potential. We do this whether it’s on a national or even a worldwide scale. We’re good at what we do, and our results speak for themselves. In fact, PromoAffiliates was one of the driving forces behind Lyft becoming as popular as it is!

From it’s small home base on Vine Street in Hollywood, PromoAffiliates helps spur the growth of many different companies with a wide variety of different trades. Our client roster includes names like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Drizly, Overnight, and many more!

PromoAffiliates was created to bridge the gap between those who want to become ambassadors, and businesses who need them. Years ago, founder and CEO Aaron Leupp saw the need for a company that helped to connect these two. As a successful ambassador himself, he felt suited to start a company to take on that role. And thus, PromoAffiliates was born.

SO what does being in the Freshly affiliates program involve doing?

          Well, once you make it into the program, we will send you your very own Freshly promo code. This is what you will be using to make your money. Your job is to get as many people to see the Freshly promo code as possible. How you do it is entirely up to you. Although, some methods are actually frowned upon, so you might want to pay attention.

A new user can use your Freshly promo code to get a hefty discount on their first use. This helps Freshly create a first transaction with a new customer, and drastically increases the chances of turning them into a loyal customer. This way, they get a new customer. The customer gets a nice fat discount off their first order. And you, as the Freshly affiliates program member, get paid. There are no losers in this circle!

I should probably know a bit more about Freshly before I start preaching about it, don’t you think?

          Absolutely I think so. It’s important for you to know as much about it as possible if you’re going to be a part of the Freshly affiliates program. Any good salesman knows their product back to front, and you should be no different.

More about Freshly, and why it’s amazing; things the Freshly affiliates program members should know

          Get ready, because I’m going to teach you a bit more about Freshly than you probably currently know. And if you REALLY want to know it back to front, I suggest you give it a try yourself. That way you might be better equipped for the Freshly affiliates program.

What Freshly does

In laymen’s terms, Freshly is a food delivery service. But what they really do goes way beyond those simple words. And as part of the Freshly affiliates program, it benefits you to know about it.

Freshly allows customers to go online onto their website and browse through the meals they have in their menu. They can pick whatever meals they want, and pick whatever kind of meal plan they want to be part of. The customer will then get their meals delivered right to their door based on whatever plan they picked.

According to Freshly’s website, there are four different meal plans you can choose from. There is the 4 meal per week plan, 6 meals per week plan, and the 9 meals per week plan. And their biggest one is twelve dishes delivered every week.

So Freshly does everything?

Freshly Affiliates Program

          Yup, they sure do. And as part of the Freshly affiliates program, it will be your proud job to mention it to people. Customers never have to cook their food at all. They never have to pick anything up, or make sure everything is portioned out right. And probably my favorite part, they never have to do any damn dishes afterward. It’s the easiest, most pleasant thing ever, and all you have to do is give away a big discount for it. That’s the Freshly affiliates program – giving away free stuff. Easy, right?

Ways I can get my Freshly promo code out there

Now this is part of what you really came here for, isn’t it? This section will be especially helpful for those just starting out as ambassadors.

But the best thing I can probably tell you about this part, is to play with your strengths. I’m going to be talking about a few different ideas for your Freshly affiliate work. And it’s going to be your job to figure out which one would world with your style better. And if you think you’ve got a better idea than anything you see here, then by all means, go for it. The most successful people in the Freshly affiliates program won’t just be the hardest workings. They will also be the people who are the most adaptable, and the most creative ones.

Start hitting the streets with your Freshly promo code

          This is the original grind, the old school method of being an ambassador for anything. And if you’re a very social person and good at talking to people, this might be for you. You simply arm yourself with some papers or cards with your Freshly promo code on them. Then, you go wherever you think people will need them, and do some Freshly affiliates program work.

Where you go is entirely up to you. However, I certainly don’t advise going door-to-door Jehovah’s Witness style. That would take a lot of time, and you probably wouldn’t get very good results. No, the world has evolved, and people no longer hit house after house selling encyclopedias or steak knife sets or whatever. If you’re going to succeed as a Freshly affiliates program member with this strategy, you need to work smarter.


Now, this might sound weird, but think back to when you were a kid. Remember getting super excited whenever you heard the ice cream man’s van slowly rolling by? Remember salivating just at the sound of Scott Joplin’s ‘the entertainer,’ because that’s the tune that ice cream men played? Well, these guys were actually pretty good salespeople. Not with their products; no, those sold themselves.

No, they were good salesmen because they knew exactly where to go. The smart ones would park their vans in public parks during high traffic times, outside schools when school was out, find out when the little league games were over and make sure they were there ten minutes before, and many more.

Be like the ice cream man; except with the Freshly affiliated program!

          You can benefit from this kind of smart thinking. The ice cream man thought to himself an important question. “Where can I go where there will be a bunch of kids who all want ice cream?” Your question will be, “Where can I go where there’s loads of people who want to eat healthy and don’t have a lot of time in their day, and would love to have a huge discount to get healthy, no-cooking-needed food dropped on their doorstep?”

            Well, how about the gym? This is literally a place where people go because they want to be healthier and look better. And a HUGE part of looking better and being healthier, is eating healthier.

But the typical person who works nine to five every day already doesn’t have a lot of time. And if they’re scrounging time to go to the gym, then they probably have even less. So Freshly would be an excellent service for them. Delicious, healthy meals to fortify their exercise regimens with. And you, as the Freshly affiliates program member, get to give them a huge discount for it. And the best part, is that the Freshly affiliates program will pay you for this. Awesome.

But don’t just limit it to a few places

The world, especially the western world, is full of people who want to be healthier. I don’t think there’s a single person out there who honestly prefers having an unhealthy body over a healthy one. And it’s not just people who want to healthier that you can go after. There’s plenty of people who also just don’t have time to cook.

For example, once you’re in the Freshly affiliates program, you could hit up some offices. These places are full of people who are busy, and don’t always get time away for lunch. A Freshly promo code would be perfect for them to get something that’s ready fast. And not just that, but they can eat their meals there at the office.

Try going to the office and let them know you’re in the Freshly affiliates program. Ask if you can leave your promo code on the bulletin board. The worst thing that can do to you is say no after all, right? And if they say yes, you will likely get many of them trying it out. And every single activation is money for your Freshly affiliates program.

Try your luck in the wild wild west world of online!

There’s a reason I refer to the internet as the wild wild west. Almost anything goes, no one ever holds anything back, and it’s also kind of a cutthroat world. But smart, savvy people can make the best of their Freshly affiliates program work here. There’s a few different ways you can approach online, and we’ll go over them all briefly here.

Try to make the next viral video

          This seems to be the one that everyone wants to do. Actually, even people who are NOT part of the Freshly affiliates program want to do this. It seems everyone wants to be the next big internet sensation. The internet can catapult someone to fame in just hours, and people want a piece of it.

Unfortunately for you, this makes the space way more crowded. You’re not just competing with other people in the Freshly affiliates program. You’re also competing with every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to get famous fast.

Hook your audience with the title

If you hope to use this method to make your Freshly affiliates program a success, you need to approach it the right way. Viral videos are all about grabbing someone’s attention in one second or less. That means the video itself is only part of the equation. However, a title that compels you to click can make all the difference.

Take Uber ambassador program member Tana Mongeau’s video, for example. It’s a boring story about a ride with an Uber rider. But her title for the video says, ‘Uber driver kidnapped me.’

This turns the video from a boring video, into some very powerful clickbait. Her video has over three million views, and it wouldn’t have that many if it weren’t for that specifically worded title. Your Freshly affiliates program can benefit a lot from this same thing.

Content still plays a big part, though.

          These days, I still see a trend among viral videos. All of them seem to be one or more of these three things. They are either funny, they are outrageous, or they are random. And sometimes, there is a dance. And the better you do at those three, the better your video will do in turn. And that means more Freshly affiliates program activations.

For example, look at Wafflepwn’s original ‘greatest freakout ever’ episode. The video starts with his Justin Bieber-looking brother telling the camera his brother has just had World of Warcraft taken from him. He then proceeds to records his brothers’ supposed meltdown.

            It didn’t matter if it was fake. The point is, it was funny. And because it was funny, people shared it like wildfire. Imagine if he had been in the Freshly affiliates’ program; millions of activations!

Although, it’s best if you work the startup you’re an ambassador for into the video somehow. Again, in Tana Mongeau’s video, it’s called ‘Uber driver kidnapped me.” The video is a story about a ride with a driver. And she has her Uber promo code at the bottom. Relevant video.

Start an affiliate blogging website

This is the crème de la crème of experienced ambassadors. This is typically the thing that makes them tens of thousands of dollars in just days.

However, this method for your Freshly affiliates program also requires pretty much everything on your part. You need hard work, smarts, need to want to learn, AND you need to be creative. The competition in this department is INTENSE. There are hundreds of affiliate blogging websites, and yours will somehow need to be different and better than the rest.


However, if you can manage this, your Freshly affiliates program work progress will go WAY up. You can find blogs that go into much greater detail about this subject on our website. I suggest you look through them and learn what you can. Because part of staying on top as an affiliate blogger, is constantly learning. And applying that knowledge in the most creative way possible will put you on top of the Freshly affiliates program.

But remember, these are just suggestions

Not many people saw the movie Antz. But it did have an important message: “Think for yourself.” These are all tried-and-true, proven methods in the right hands. But, if you know a different way to further your Freshly affiliates’ program work, then do it. Especially if you think it would be better suited to your particular talents. But whatever you do, don’t wait too long, or think too hard about it. Every second you’re not working on it, someone else is. So message us at Join the Freshly affiliates program, and take your piece of this lucrative pie!

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