FYB London Promoters Program

FYB London Promoters Program

FYB London Promoters Program

FYB London is a fantastic new company that makes the world’s smartest handbag. This handbag consists of Wireless charging pocket, fingerprint lock, distance alerts, RFID credit card protection and more! There’s currently three bags to choose from. They have the SMART London City bag, the smart Travel bag, and the FYB Mini bag as well. The bag of course connects to an app to help you keep track of the bag as well. This is the best innovation for a bag ever! Everything is getting a chip in it, why not do it to something that carries your personal stuff. Up the security using that. That’s what FYB London has done. This company will continue to grow fast. You can join in on the growth and make money by joining our FYB London Promoters Program. Email s.mew@promoaffiliates.com to get started today.

Who is PromoAffiliates and the FYB London Promoters Program

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How to promote your code with FYB London Promoters Program

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Features for the handbags

This bag can do a lot more than you’d expect it to. You can charge your devices while your on the go. Each bag comes with a 5,000MaH wireless or wired smart device charging pocket! Allowing you to charge your phone, headphones, tablet, or anything that needs charging. Simply plug your device in the bag and you’re all set. Not only does it charge your devices but it can connect to them via Bluetooth connectivity. Link any smart device to the bag to enable the unlock bag option with your phone. Have it send you an alert whenever you begin to get farther away from your bag. Before you’re to far away you’ll receive an alert on your phone telling you how far away your bag is. Never forget your bag again!

Another great feature involves more security. You can set your bag to only open with your finger print. This is a TSA accepted Bio-metric fingerprint recognition lock security feature. These bags can store up to 100 different finger prints. The process is quick and easy.

Smart London City Bag

This is one of the three options of bags you have. This is a luxurious leather London City collection. This bag looks great and comes with all of the amazing features. There’s 3 for this one. Its dimensions are 42(w)x31(h)x16(d)cm. This is even big enough to fit a 15 inch laptop in.

Smart Travel Bag

This is another great looking bag that is part of the Travel collection. This one is mostly black with some white, or you can get it in all white as well. Its dimensions are 42(w)x31(h)x16(d)cm. It also fits a 15 inch laptop as well.

FYB Mini Bag

The last but not least option is the FYB Mini. This is the ultimate fashion accessory for the executive business woman. This one comes in pink with black. It includes all of the great SMART features. This bag however is smaller than the other two. Its dimensions are 23(w)x19(h)x12(d)cm. The price for this one however is much lower than the other two. This one starts at $120.

In conclusion,

This is a great company that found a way to make handbags much safer. All while keeping them stylish. With three great options to choose from. There’s a bag for all women. With this bag you can charge devices on the go, protect your personal information, and keep your actual bag safe as well. With an app that gives you alerts when your bag is getting to far, and finger print lock bags, no one can steal from you again! If this interests you, you can join in on the success today. Email s.mew@promoaffiliates.com to join our FYB London Promoters Program.

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