Lyft affiliate program. 8 ways to succeed!

Lyft Affiliate Program. 8 Ways to Succeed!

So chances are, you’ve heard stories of people raking in thousands of dollars by doing affiliate work for Lyft. Well, I can tell you that those stories are all very true. Why, the very existence of PromoAffiliates is proof that that kind of money can be had from the Lyft affiliate program!

Now, after hearing stories of that kind of success, you probably want to get in on this for yourself. Completely understandable; and the great thing is that the Lyft affiliate program is pretty easy to get into. We’re going to help iron out some of the details for you here. And we’re even going to give you several tips on how to succeed in the Lyft affiliate program!

But first, it’s time to answer some questions.

What exactly is the Lyft affiliate program?

The Lyft affiliate program might be the best thing since sliced bread – other than Smucker’s strawberry jam and peanut butter. Being part of the Lyft affiliate program means you are a ride sharing, fist-bumping expert that wants to share freemium deals with everyone and anyone who might need a ride. After all, is there anything that’s easier than giving away free stuff? Yeah, there probably isn’t.

Yeah yeah, it’s amazing…but will I get paid?

If you’re in the Lyft affiliate program, you’re definitely going to get paid. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll add an extra $500 a month or more to your income. Some people do so well at this they do it full time.

Lyft has already become a staple in the ridesharing industry, as one of the top two companies in America. And as part of the Lyft affiliate program, you’ll get to leverage their accomplishments to make money for yourself. While there is many ways our Lyft ambassador’s promote Lyft’s services the top ways are the same. Promo card distribution, affiliate blogging, event promotions and just about anything you can think of. Anything where tons of people may need a freemium service.

That’s great. Buy why should I do Lyft and not Uber?

Well, why don’t you do Uber in addition to Lyft? There’s nothing that says you can’t be in the Lyft affiliate program and the Uber affiliate program both at once. PromoAffiliates can set you up to work for both CPA programs. After all, they’re both giants in the ridesharing industry, so you’d be a fool to only use one. And since PromoAffiliates is a third party company, there’s no being tied up by contracts. No competition clauses or restrictions will keep you from referring new riders to both platforms.

Note – PromoAffiliates believes that both Lyft and Uber are amazing services. Especially in comparison to conventional taxi services.

Lyft promo codes – your golden ticket

Once you enter the Lyft affiliate program, we will give you your most important tool – your Lyft promo code. This is what you will be using to make money. The code is yours to do with as you see fit. But how you get it out there to new users, is up to you. You will earn money on a per-acquisition basis. In other words, you get paid every time someone uses your Lyft promo code.

Wait, how is the Lyft affiliate program different from the Lyft ambassador program?

Even though these sound like two terms for the exact same thing, they really are not. They are quite similar, but they have some glaring differences that really should not be ignored.

Lyft affiliate program Lyft ambassador program
Slightly smaller payout Slightly larger payout
No limit on earnings Solid earnings limit
More versatile promotion methods Less versatile; mostly street promotion.
Advantages: 2 Advantages: 1


It’s up to you to look at the table and see the differences between the two. Once you’ve done that, decide which one is best for you. But for those that want no cap on their potential earnings, then Lyft affiliate program is the best.

The natural order of things

  1. You give away you Lyft promo code
  2. The new user downloads the Lyft app from the app store
  3. They will have to set up their profile
  4. They navigate to the settings menu, then promotions from there.
  5. This is where they will enter your promo code!
  6. They take their very first ride with Lyft
  7. You get paid!

Inputs is just one step…next is the first ride.

As part of the Lyft affiliate program, you will only get paid once the rider actually uses their promo code. What do I mean by actually using their Lyft promo code, you might ask? I mean they actually have to take their first ride with Lyft. Just entering your promo code isn’t enough. In order to get paid, they have to take their first ride using your coupon code.

Yeah yeah, sounds great; how do I sign up?

Getting starting with PromoAffiliates is likely the easiest part. Shoot us an email at and let us know that you want to apply. Tell us why you want to apply, and what would make you really good at it. Let us know what kind of strategies you plan to use, and what ideas you’ve got. Just showing up isn’t enough; this isn’t liberal arts college, after all.

Don’t worry, I’ve got the right stuff. What’s required?

  • You have to have, or be willing to get, a Lyft account. Download it onto your Android or iPhone device.
  • You’ve gotta be a big fan of Lyft, and believe in what it’s mission is. Uniting humanity and technology to make everyday rides welcoming, affordable and memorable.
  • You have to be 18 years old or older. Sorry, teen entrepreneurs!

What cities does Lyft operate in?

Not to worry. Lyft has a handy list of cities that it operates in. You can find it by following this link

Got it. Think you can help me get started?

You bet we can. We at PromoAffiliates can give you some suggestions once you’re part of the Lyft affiliate program. We’ll be going over eight of them here.

Got it. Give me some suggestions now!

  • Give out your promo codes at bars, schools and night clubs
  • News paper ads and good old flyers
  • Do some affiliate blogging
  • Find some other traffic sources
  • Webmaster or website space rentals and agreements
  • Wearing a T shirt with your code on it (this actually works)
  • Word of mouth
  • Social media (things like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.)

So let’s see if we can’t break these down a bit more. After all, the more understanding, the better, right?

Giving out your promo codes at bars and stuff

This is the original hustler’s method. Hitting the streets, going where the demand is high, and making as much money as you can there. You see this everywhere; people selling food and water wherever there might be hungry people. And the same goes for promo codes. As part of the Lyft affiliate progam, you should be wherever the action is. After all, everyone needs rides to and from the action. Here’s just a few ideas of where you can pass your promo codes out.


Those who have read any of the other articles I’ve written know that I always seem to start with bars. And there’s a damn good reason for that, too. Bars are the place where people go to temporarily lose their ability to drive. And let’s be real; how many people do you see that actually have a designated driver? Not many.

And this is where the money really starts rolling in for you…if you’re there. Just think of it this way. You get to go out to a bar, have fun, AND make money. Just don’t lose sight of the reason you’re there in the first place. Don’t fall into that “Oh I’ll just party and do it tomorrow” rut.

Think of it this way; you’re doing these people a huge favor too. These poor drunken sods need a way home. As part of the Lyft affiliate program, you need to do your part to help them with that. And, make some good money while doing it too.


Believe it or not, not everyone has a ride to and from school. And people sometimes miss the school bus; it happens to everyone. Well, everyone who takes the school bus anyway.

And it’s not just classes every day, either. There’s all kinds of functions that go on at schools where people need rides. There’s plays, school dances, PTA meetings (don’t ignore the parents,) fundraisers, after-school events, and many more.

This is the kind of thing that can pay off both in the short term, and long term. People, especially school kids, might not use your promo code right away. But they will carry it around in their wallets, and when they need a ride they’ll remember.

Night clubs.

See bars…pretty much the exact same thing, but likely to be more crowded.


Concerts are huge, and if used right they can make you even more money than bars. And I’m not talking about the crappy copy/paste folk-rock band ripoffs you see in dingy bars. I’m talking about the huge, stadium-filling acts. Black-eyed Peas, Lil wayne, Rolling Stones (I’m sure they’ll play again eventually,) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, etc.

I don’t know if you’ve been to a concert lately, but getting there, parking, and getting out is hell. And as part of the Lyft affiliate program, that’s where you come in to help. (Seriously, the last concert I went to, parking was 40 dollars….as much as the ticket itself!)

So by coming as part of the Lyft affiliate program, you can give your promo code out in front of the show. They can make their account while inside, and use the discount once they get out. They get a free ride, and as the benefitting member of the Lyft affiliate program, you get paid.

Eat your heart out, Egon…print ads!

Archaic? Maybe. Ineffective? Hell no. There’s a reason that people and businesses still use print ads. Just because people don’t read newspapers anymore doesn’t mean that print is dead. And if you still believe that, then go ahead. Undervalue this type of advertising, and watch the other Lyft affiliate program members outstrip you in activations and CPA.

You can buy cheap advertising in some print publications. Look for newsletters, mailers, small ads, things like that. Generally, magazines and newspapers are pretty expensive, and don’t see a lot of return of investment.

Of course, don’t restrict yourself to other people’s newsletters and publications. Printing your own flyers with your promo code on them can be a VERY effective tool. It’s especially strong when used in tandem with hitting the streets and passing promo codes out.

Print your own flyers, and put them up in places where you know people need rides. Bars, coffee shops, downtown in big cities, the possibilities are endless!

Online, the next frontier. Affiliate blogging!

This is a great way to reach people that live in other cities, states, or towns. This is what PromoAffiliates founder Leupp did after he had made tens of thousands with his promo codes in Los Angeles.

A well-run affiliate website can make you more money with your Lyft affiliate program work than anything. But, it’s also probably the most difficult method there is. Not because people don’t go online (are you insane?) but because the competition is so intense. There’s many affiliate blogging websites out there already.

This means that if you want to further your Lyft affiliate program with this way, you need to stand out. You need your affiliate blog to be bigger and better than the others already there.

And most important of all, you need to outrank them in Google.

The wonderful, self-torture world of SEO

Unfortunately, there’s no golden rule to ranking well in Google. Their search algorhythms are constantly changing, and what might work now might be useless following their next update. This makes staying on top a never-ending battle not just with Google, but your competitors.

But….if you do this right, and if it works…it is the MOST rewarding method. I personally know guys who have pulled in over $10,000 a MONTH by doing this. For the Lyft affiliate program members, this is the big time. But with this method, you need to be more wily, more dedicated, and harder-working than ever.

Find some other traffic sources

The best advice I can give you for this one, is to get creative. There’s many different ways of finding more traffic, and even we don’t know all of them. Use your imagination, and your Lyft affiliate program work will take you even farther.

Webmaster and webspace rentals and agreements.

This is something else that fits into the ‘finding other traffic’ bit. You can further your Lyft affiliate program work by latching onto other people’s websites. Other heavily trafficked, established websites can provide more visibility for your own.

Now typically, people won’t let you do this kind of thing for free. You will either need to give them something in return, or pay them to be part of it. Depending on the type of website that it is, and the traffic it gets, it may be worth it. After all, people who say they’re not looking to monetize their work in any way are most likely lying, virtue signaling, or both.

Of course, if the cost outweighs the benefit, then it’s not going to be worth it. You can guess at it, but there’s no way to definitely forsee what kind of benefit it will get you. If the cost is too high, then take your Lyft affiliate program work elsewhere.

Wear your money; a T-shirt with your promo code on it!

I know, this one sounds pretty damn ridiculous. But you would be surprised at just how effective this method can be. By wearing a T shirt with your promo code on it, you are making your own body an ad. Everywhere you go, people will see your promo code. Whether you’re going to Starbucks, walking around at the mall, getting groceries for the week, or anything else.

This method becomes especially effective when you use it in tandem with street promoting. After all, you can’t pass cards out to every single person you see; you run out of cards! Doesn’t matter; if you’re wearing a T shirt with your promo code on it, they will see it. You can have a T shirt made professionally, which will set you back anywhere between twenty to sixty dollars. Or, you can do what I did and buy a white shirt, and draw on it with a Sharpie. Worked just as well for me, and it will for you too.

The original viral content carrier; word of mouth!

The best thing about this method, is that it costs you no money. Yet the rewards from this for your Lyft affiliate program work can be huge.

The trick is getting people to talk about you. And one of the best ways to do that is to make the next viral video. If you have a good idea that you think would really catch on, then give it a go. Again, the odds are low, but the return if it works out in your favor is huge.

Social Media; time waster, agitator…money maker!

I’m sure you already knew the value of this method before you even opened this article. Facebook alone has almost two billion users, and grows more every single day. Linkedin has over 460 million users, and Twitter has over 300 million as well. And if one percent of two billion people saw and used your promo code….you could retire in luxury.

However, you want to be pretty careful in how you go about this method. Lots of social media platforms have some rules against using them for advertising or promoting purposes. And even then, Lyft and Uber both frown upon posting your promo codes to other people’s walls.

But if you find an effective way to cooperate with the rules, the benefits could be huge. For example, there are no rules against making a video blog on Youtube. You could then post that video, and share it on facebook, Twitter, and whatever else.

Coupon websites….nope.

Sites like might sound like a quick easy way to further your Lyft affiliate program. They see many thousands of users, all of whom are looking for discounts and freebies. However, the competition on that site is so stiff you’re VERY unlikely to get noticed. Not only that, but Lyft itself frowns on it.

What can I tell the people about Lyft?

When you give your Lyft promo code out, you can rest assured your riders are getting the highest quality possible in ridesharing. Lyft is known for pairing riders with the best drivers by using a rating system. Not only that, but Lyft has always touted itself as cooler, and more worker and user friendly than Uber. And to an extent, this is true.

For example, Uber has no option to tip your driver after the ride. But with Lyft, you can choose whether or not to tip them with your registered account. Better paid drivers, mean happier drivers. Uber has decided to take more clean cut, professional stance. I guess you could say Lyft is Mac, and Uber is PC.

Lyft’s rating system

Their rating system is double sided. Not only does the passenger rate the driver, but the driver rates the passenger. This makes the experience more pleasant for both parties involved. It also helps prevent incidents like the infamous ‘Lyft hula girl’ video, in which the outspoken owner of (which has been accused of being an alternative porn site and featuring nude photos of a minor) Annaliese Nielsen drunkenly berated a Lyft driver over the hula girl decoration he had glued to his dashboard, before being kicked out of the car.

But the rating system is mostly a check system to keep their drivers efficient and courteous, and the riders civil.

Other affiliate programs

PromoAffiliates features a host of other clients, on top of the Lyft affiliate program work we offer. Our affiliate programs include Postmates, uber, Shypt, Drizly, and others. We constantly partner with other companies, always looking to expand out CPA portfolio. And once again, we need people like you to help spread the word about these platforms. Send us an email at to get started!

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