Munchery Affiliates Program for CPA Deals and Social Media Influencers



Munchery Affiliates Program for CPA Deals and Social Media Influencers

By Sean Turtle, COO PromoAffiliates  – January 24 , 2017 — 5:30 PM PDT


First of all, it is going to be to your benefit to join our Munchery affiliates program. Here at PromoAffiliates, we have so much experience with affiliate programs. Also, our specialty is involved with the promotion of apps. The Munchery affiliates program is one of many that we operate. As one of our digital markers or social media influencers, you will be able to work with whichever one you see fit. So consider which of our affiliate programs are relevant to your site, blog, social media audience, etc. Our client roster speaks for itself. We have been promoting Uber for a few years and have helped the rideshare giant acquire thousands and thousands of new customers. To sign up with our Munchery affiliates program, email and we will get you a unique promo code right away.

First things first

Before getting into the app itself, allow me to tell you more about PromoAffiliates. We have had epic success with street promoters, social influencers, blogger affiliates, CPA affiliates and more! Our street affiliates used promo cards, posters and more to get the word out about new apps. Sometimes even apps that have been on the market for a while need a push and to maintain promotions. We loved concentrating on our street affiliates but now our focus is in the digital marketing space.


But this is in no way an attempt to downplay the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Being a go-getter at events, I made my impressions on the PromoAffiliates family by promoting Lyft when it was brand-new to Los Angeles.  The rest is marketing history and now I’m blessed with the opportunity to write these posts just for you!  Our intentions is to satisfy our clients’ promotional needs with your help.  If you are experience in the paid ad space or an engaging social media influencer, drop us a line to see if we think you have what it takes!

How Does the Munchery Affiliates Program Work VS the Referral Program?

So each individual that signs up with your personal referral code or link and places an order, will receive a discount on the order. This is an activation of your code or your link and we only pay for activations. It seems that their entire discount must be used in one transaction so it does not roll over. Whatever the discount is for your promo code must be used by the new customer entirely on their first order with Munchery.  As soon as the new user has placed the first order, then the data will be reflected in our monthly reports from Munchery.

This is typically how all of our affiliate programs will work. However we do not get data daily and will let you know how often the data from Munchery comes in when you are approved to work with us on our campaigns.  This is why we do not pay weekly typically. You will find that all of our ambassador and affiliate programs work similar.

Don’t Hesitate…

But never hesitate to ask questions regarding these promotions. There are no stupid questions only stupid people who are afraid to ask questions. I’m not saying that you’re stupid, you’re obviously very smart because you’re on our webpage getting ready to better yourself by joining a solid affiliate program! I don’t judge anyway so I don’t focus on whether I think people are stupid or not! Just like Forrest Gump said in that movie, stupid is as stupid does.

Now if the user has a question for you about the referral program for them, it is a little bit different. For example, they are not affiliates so when they refer someone to the app, they will get a credit applied to their Munchery account. This credit does not expire and will automatically be applied to their next order. So there is a rollover of credit when they refer someone. This is a bit confusing so I’ll detail it again. We pay cash money to our affiliates for their efforts in promoting these services. When a regular user of Munchery refers a friend or something, they get credit issued to their Munchery account. Got it?

Munchery Social Media Influencers

Our efforts working with social media influencers have proven to be epic! This version of the Munchery affiliates program can take the delivery app to amazing heights. The social media influencers know how to connect with their followers and bring great levels of engagement.  This means that their audience response to their content and is call to action appropriately. The platforms that we prefer for social media influencers is YouTube, Instagram, and more.  We use your popularity to leverage our Munchery affiliates program.

Social influencers who work with our Munchery affiliates program can seriously make just a few videos and generate a serious amount of new users for the app.  We’ve seen this happen a lot of times but it takes a certain approach.  You can work with me after you sign up for assistance with this.  There are many factors to consider when making content to promote services like this.  Especially when you are not just raising brand awareness but calling potential new users to action.  They have to use your Munchery promocode for their first delivery for you to get an activation.

But by far the most exciting part of the Munchery affiliates program for us is working with our CPA/paid ads and our blogger affiliates. These digital advertising masters spread the word through various blogs or coupon sites. People are constantly searching for deals on new and existing apps. By using search engine optimization and Google ad words etc., blogger affiliates get the word out to the masses in style. If you want to work as a blogger and a social media influencer, this could work as well.

Quick Tip

So here’s a quick tip for social media influencers regarding Instagram. In the first volume of an e-book called InstaSecrets, there is evidence of how to correctly grow your Insta-tribe. Chapter 2 of this e-book eloquently discusses the dues and don’ts of using what we call liked apps. It’s really great information and you should get this tutorial if you can.  The e-book suggests not using bots to get followers or purchasing your followers.

There is a lot of science behind this. In order to show up on the top post put up by Instagram, the algorithm uses ratios to judge you were engagement. This means that if the ratio of your subscribers to how many likes or comments you get on posts is high, Instagram will push your content. So if you have tons of fake followers, and they aren’t engaging with your content, your ratio will be really low. Keep your followers genuine and pay attention to what they respond to.  Who wants a bunch of fake followers anyway?  I guess it can give you some credibility but it’s not worth the money.

Munchery Affiliates Program Basics – What is Munchery?

The Munchery affiliates program participants will be promoting an online food ordering and meal delivery service. The Munchery app allows users to order meals for same night delivery from chefs in their area. Cooking can be daunting especially with buying the food at a crowded store with a bunch of sheeple.  This is exciting considering how time-consuming preparing a meal can be. In addition to purchasing food and preparing the meal, there’s always dishes! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a dishwasher or a garbage disposal. This makes cooking at home way more of a challenge for me personally. Maybe if I keep writing articles I could afford some of the luxuries in life. Email to demand that he buy me a house with a dishwasher!  Just kidding, he already has done so much for me.

Delicious Food

Delicious food delivered for us is made easy with a Munchery membership. Munchery claims on there site that dinner should be delicious and as easy as possible. I can definitely relate to this idea! You can enjoy Munchery by signing up for a weekly delivery of what they call “cooking kits.” Additionally, they claim that these “cooking kits” will allow you to make dinner in as short as 15 minutes. By preparing sauces and dressings for users, the Munchery chefs have established incredible meals for the people you will be marketing to. There is a big variety of meals from vegetarian to ahi tuna burgers or even spicy pork tacos.

I used to eat pretty poorly and eat out a lot.  It’s a way healthier lifestyle to cook for yourself or trust a platform like Munchery who spends a lot of great chefs.  Food is supposed to be medicine and not just a pleasurable experience.  A lot of us eat way to much at our meals and if we have a meal prep service like Munchery than we can know that we are getting the right portion sizes.  Food can make or break your life.  These are the concepts to consider promoting along with your Munchery promo code for our Munchery affiliates program.

Prices May Change

So this should be an easy service to market to prospective users. Ideally your concern will be focused on them trying the service. However, the cost point is pretty low starting at $7.95. The membership model sets up users participate for a annual membership of $85 per year which comes down to $8.95 per month. These prices are subject to change so always be sure that you know what the cost is before you put it on your site or social media content. This could be perfect for college students, busy moms, the elderly, and so on.

For such an affordable membership, this would be great to hold a contest for social media influencers.  One way to engage audiences on social media is to hold a contest.  I promise that you will have more engagement if you are willing to do giveaways on your channel.  I’ve been coaching some popular YouTubers who are making a lot of money working with some brands on our roster.  Regardless of your current audience, you can tailor your content to speak to them about most of our campaigns because they are about lifestyle. Ordering food delivery is about lifestyle.  Using Uber is about lifestyle.


The food arrives chilled giving it maximum freshness and flexibility. You are able to heat up the food in oven or microwave whatever is your preference. You may want to be the first user you refer! In fact, it’s always best to try a service that you will be marketing to have the complete experience.  If you are a YouTube influencer, you can even use your trail of Munchery, or any of our clients, as an opportunity to film some content.  Your content should show the audience how to use the app, input your code, etc.

The persistence of the on-demand culture is only going to help our Munchery affiliates program succeed for you even faster.  People are searching for Munchery promo codes by the thousands every month.  Our users of Adwords can check keywords for this information.  The Munchery menu changes daily and includes global favorites, kids meals, and even classics that people are used to. There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal and being able to get it delivered makes it even better! The millennial market is all about having a good experience. This is perfect for that market and I have some press I want to mention that will back this up.

Munchery in the News

It’s no secret in the tech world that Munchery raise $28 million in a series B round of funding. This funding helped the founders expand beyond San Francisco to other major cities. Despite this initial success back in 2014, their current status is not so glamorous. In a recent article on, the company is said to have cut about 30 employees in the second week of January, 2017. Apparently, despite growing into numerous cities over the past 2 1/2 years, they have had trouble turning a profit.  I’m being considered for a marketing position for a new VC firm here in Los Angeles.  It’s always exciting to learn of such high levels of funding going on in the tech industry because I hope to be at a level in the next five years where I’m involved in some serious cash flow.

This is why our Munchery affiliates program is so important. We aim to help promote companies and that is the foundation of our business. Your participation in the Munchery affiliates program is more than just you working with us to make great commissions etc. Your efforts are helping promote on-demand culture, app culture, and generally producing results for our client, Munchery.  Also in the news, the founders will adjust the company and are shifting positions. They say that companies are often focusing on different things, regardless they are sad to cut the 30 employees positions. These positions were mainly of the company culinary staff.

In an article from, Lindsay Blakely (@lindsayblakely) goes into detail about how good the microwavable burger from Munchery is. First of all there’s a picture of a burger that I have a hard time believing is from Munchery but who am I to say. I’m just a poor communications student trying to make a dollar out of $.15. After a month of experimenting, the LA culinary experts created a flash grill system to keep the taste in the meat. You can check out the article for yourself at this link. But basically there is a method to the madness that only trained chef would be able to accomplish.

Start ups

Food delivery start ups get a lot of attention in the media. The Los Angeles times did a piece on Munchery in May 2015. Los Angeles times contact reporter, Tracey Lien (@traceylien), points out how food delivery start ups are fattening up on technology. She quotes the founder who talks about one of the problems with the service. He says that the company still has a ways to go in educating potential customers that they are getting more than just cafeteria food.


It seems they go a long way to ensure that the food is quality organic produce. Munchery is able to keep cost down by cooking in one main kitchen every city. Shockingly, they use a $50,000 oven that can cook up to 500 servings of salmon at once while monitoring temperature and moisture levels! As a foodie I never thought such an oven existed. But I guess we are in the age of technology in a real way.

There’s no going back and who would want to with such convenience and on-demand services like Munchery.  All of this press and more is only another benefit of joining our Munchery affiliates program.  As far as organic food is concerned, it’s obviously better than genetically modified food.  For reasons I can’t get into here, it is always better to eat organic food, especially meat!  Use this to promote Munchery in your social media efforts or with your paid ads.

Popular Cities for Munchery

Since the food delivery app has started, San Francisco has been their main city of success. Covering north of San Francisco all the way down to San Jose, they have almost a four star rating on Yelp with almost 900 reviews. This is pretty impressive considering how most people don’t even use Yelp and San Francisco has a lot of competition for food delivery. It is an extremely expensive city regarding rent and I am imagine it is quite a luxury for a service that has two dollar signs. The dollar signs represent how expensive the services are on the Yelp platform. So two out of four dollar signs means that the Munchery service is of a ‘moderate’ price range.  This doesn’t really effect the Munchery affiliates program but I’m just giving you perspective.

A 5 star rating from some guy named David in Piedmont California says that he is happy about the prompt delivery and the eco-friendly packaging. He says it’s a perfect option for lazy busy professionals like him. I can definitely relate to the lazy part! He has 53 yelp friends and 14 reviews so he’s pretty legit. Yelp is an excellent source for checking reviews because they are pretty strict on getting rid of people who seem like they are putting up fake reviews. Believe it or not there are services that pay people for reviews and make Yelp less legit.

The Menu

The menu for Munchery in San Francisco fits the eclectic culture and demographic in the area. With everything from chicken and avocado salads to ahi tuna papaya salads, they have something for everyone. The bacon and butternut penne pasta looks amazing! I don’t dine on swine but that’s just my preference. That’s the best thing about an app like this. Though they do not collaborate with local restaurants, they do have a huge menu to choose from that changes daily. Users will never get tired of ordering from Munchery which is great for our Munchery affiliates program.  I for one think that a rotating menu must be a big challenge to keep up with.  Kudos to Munchery chefs for being able to offer so much variety.  It is not an easy task to be able to keep up with that much planning.

Munchery Outside of San Fransisco

A popular article from the Miami Herald, discussed how some businesses took part in a panel discussion at an Emerging Technology Business Showcase held at Miami Dade college. The article details that the restaurant industry is notoriously tough and very difficult to stay afloat. I have always known that restaurant businesses fail at a 50%. rate within the first year. I don’t have any specific references that this statistic is true but I assume that it’s got to be close.

Munchery has been around for almost 7 years and despite some press mentioned later in this article, they have done pretty well. Regardless, your job is just to get people to try the app for the first time! Don’t get too emotionally attached to any of our clients and the campaigns and focus on the prize and get people to try this bad boy!  We have the most confidence in you!


Quality meals

I could even see the appeal of a company who would want quality meals delivered to their office. This could be a good demographic because you could get a lot of first trials in a single setting. I have some specific experience with food delivery and I delivered food for an app very similar to Munchery. There to be a wide demographic of people using this type of service.

Consider this

One thing to consider is that as of right now, Munchery is a membership only service. This is due to keeping price is locked in and keeping up with seasonal products. On that note, the delivery team suggest leaving a cooler out if you will not be home to except your delivery. This will ensure that the food stays fresh and delightful!

Future of Munchery Affiliates Program

Like most of the start ups, the future of the service is uncertain. Either way, your job as participating in the Munchery affiliates program is simply to get new users. I cannot stress this enough. Our client is going to pay on activations so do your job and get people to try it! The company has been around since 2010 and I’m sure that they have at least a few more years to go. The popularity of food delivery is on the rise.

It is important that you do your due diligence when researching how you will build traffic for your site or social media platforms. One of the main things is the importance of content. How well does your site deliver the call to action? How clear are your pictures or videos? All of this will add to how potential users respond to your promo codes and links for whatever affiliates program you were working with.

More from the InstaSecrets Ebook

Lastly, the e-book Instasecrets discusses how to maintain a consistent follow-through with answering questions from your followers. Whether it be an email from someone visiting your blog or a comment on your social media, it’s important that you reply or follow up. Consistency and relevancy are very important as well. If your blog is all about skateboarding, our Munchery affiliate program making hot be relevant enough. However if you are clever, you can make even a skateboarding blog relevant to food delivery. Maybe you can have pictures and videos of dudes and chicks on skateboards delivering food!

Analysis of competitors content

One thing that has always worked for a variety of business endeavors, is the Analysis of competitor content. If you are going to promote Munchery on a blog or social media, I suggest looking at some other top sites or influencers and build your analysis. Take screenshots of posts and then make inferences about the common elements. See what post get the most engagement and consider why. For blogs it’s a little bit different but it can’t hurt to compare your site to more popular ones.  See what makes them tick.  Popular blogs are ranked high for a reason and it has to do with their writing style, keyword placement, and so on.

PromoAffiliates in the News

To conclude, I want to go into detail on some of the press that our marketing agency has been blessed with. I’m so proud of all of our efforts and it’s a pleasure when people in the media talk about us! I try to stay humble, but there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your organization and that’s what our business is about. Getting the word out for our clients involves getting the word out about our efforts. We make an effort to contact the press when we have exciting promotions for clients that we are working with. A lot of our press came out last year with the rise of social influencers and their partnerships and cooperation with brands.

Tech Crunch

Initially, TechCrunch put out a piece on PromoAffiliates that got the buzz going over 18 months ago. They labeled us as the ‘start up that distributes promo for other start ups’. Labels are only negative if their negative! The author, Fitz Tepper (@fitztepper), summarized us as a team of growth marketers who specialize in customer acquisition. This article was well respected and caused a surge of communication from start ups who wanted to work with us.

This is the beauty of media and hard work. The hard work of our founder and his team at the time was seen in real data. At the time promots,  affiliates had acquired over 100,000 users for Uber and Lyft. The real claim to promotions fame was acquiring over 30,000 users for lift any 30 day period! As I said above, at the time our efforts were focused on street team affiliates. We were using old-school, word-of-mouth to raise awareness for the start ups. Now with our digital marketing efforts and your help, we can reach even more new users for our campaigns!


Tepper brought up an interesting point in this TechCrunch article. He points out that at that time, there was a severe imbalance between demand and supply. Lyft was once offering $1000 for new drivers and also $1000 for the driver who made the referral! These sometimes only two day long promotions really helped start ups like Lyft get a surge of new drivers. I was a brand ambassador or for Lyft at the time and was scrambling to try to get drivers signed up and acquire the necessary rides they needed for this promotion. Sadly I was unable to get anyone however many people I knew earned $5000 or $10,000 because of this promotion.

Munchery Competition: UberEATS Food Delivery

So you definitely heard of Uber, the rideshare giant is in hundreds of cities and worth who knows how many billions of dollars. But were you aware that Uber had their own online, on-demand food ordering company? Originally powered by the main Uber platform, it is now its own standalone app that I am going to detail for you below. Similar to Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub, Seamless, and others, UberEATS connects restaurants to drivers and then to people who want food delivered.

UberEATS also has a promo code referral program.  Practically every startup platform has something similar.  I’m involved with this new app for IOS called PlayceBoard (use my code 1358).   It is an app where you can put notes on the board of all the places around town.  Even they have a referral system set up where I make $2 per new user that downloads the app with my code. Our Munchery affiliates program members can benefit from knowing about the competition for a few reasons.  For one, you can use leverage their popularity by posting a comparison video if you are a YouTuber of a comparison article if you are a blogger.

In Los Angeles

Here in Los Angeles, they are working with over 100 of the best restaurants! In addition, the claim you can get your order in 30 minutes from start to finish. That means that as soon as you tap the restaurant you want and order any timely matter, you can get your delivery in 30 minutes. Surprisingly, on the website, it mentions that there’s no need to tip. It suggests just paying with your Uber account and track your order on the app as it comes to you. Rude!

There are so many restaurants in Los Angeles so there is plenty of room to get more partnerships.  Although I’m not sure if that is the answer because it can be frustrating for a user if there are too many options.  This girl was living with me for a month and I was watching her trying to order some food for breakfast.  She wasn’t my girlfriend or anything.  Not that I can’t have one anytime I want!  I’m loved trust me.

Anyway, she waited until she was really hungry to start ordering.  She went on UberEATS but couldn’t find anything.  Then she went on another app and there was so many options just in our immediate area that she just decide to walk to a restaurant that was close.  After checking Google Maps, she noticed it was a 3 minute walk and just said that she would skip the delivery fee and go get it herself!  Here’s an idea for these food delivery apps:  only offer delivery for restaurants that are a certain distance away.  Wait, that would not be cool for disabled or elderly people.

Delivery Story

I was a delivery driver for a company that I won’t mention here.  Let’s just call them DoorSmash.  So I was driving for Uber and Lyft and needed to make extra money because both apps were slow during the middle of the day.  This time frame aligned perfectly with the busy lunch rush common for delivery apps like DoorFlash.  This was before UberPool or Lyft Line which has helped both apps become popular in the middle of the day.

So I’m wearing the red shirt and picking up 2 orders at a time from different restaurants and trying to avoid traffic tickets and everything.  I’m flying down back alleys and blaring music trying to deliver food in busy Beverly Hills and Westwood.  It was crazy and barely worth the money.  So I’m waiting for this order and I realize that this other DoorSmash driver is waiting for the same order.  They grab their order and I grab mine.  There were two of them!  The system glitched and placed two orders for the same person.  There was a support line for Drivers and they said don’t worry about the delivery.  This was the best ever because I got to just eat the food!


UberEATS vs Munchery

UberEATS is roughly in 34 cities in North America. Munchery has 32. This is roughly the same for the American market. As far as actual square miles of coverage, that is another thing. The biggest difference is that Munchery has a menu that changes daily where UberEATS works with restaurants. In my opinion, they both have their advantages. With Munchery, you expect a certain quality and have a fixed price. Also you can choose to get raw food that you prepare or meals you heat up.

Munchery Safety First

Munchery can’t guarantee the meal will arrive exactly within the time frame, however you should be able to expect some consistency. Users should make sure that they are not excepting random boxes from just anyone. There should be Munchery logos and the delivery driver may even have a uniform or T-shirt. Some may come with ice packs . This is to keep food chilled. The user is solely responsible for appropriate and safe washing and preparation of the items. This may go without saying but you can always deflect your potential users on your social media or blog to the terms and conditions on the Munchery website.  Join our Munchery affiliates program.

What I like about food delivery apps is that they may be helping with our problem of food waste.  Something like 40% of food in the US is thrown away before it even gets to the table.  I for one am appalled by this and think that there is an answer to be found in technology.  We can work together to find solutions to our problems like food injustice.  With so many people starving or barely able to get food, we must find a solutions.  It’s inhumane to participate in the growing problems of food waste and not care to help those who are hurting for food.  What’s worse is that food costs continue to rise steadily.  If we can’t be responsible with the food that we have, how are we going to work with food that is really expensive.