Shaw Academy Promoters Program

Shaw Academy Promoters Program

Shaw Academy Promoters Program

Shaw academy is a great new way to learn. This is an online school with a huge range of courses. Everything from to finance to technology, design, music, and much more. You can even learn a whole new language with Shaw academy. All of the course are offered live at a very specific time. Some classes can be at 8pm every Monday and Wednesday for a month or more. If for some reason you can’t make the class. You can watch the recording of the live lesson as well. You can of course always choose the schedule for the class that works best for you so that you don’t miss to many classes. They also run practice tests to make sure you’re taking in the information. This company will continue to grow fast. You can join in on the growth and make money by joining our Shaw Academy Promoters Program. Email to get started today.

Who is PromoAffiliates and the Shaw Academy Promoters Program

If you’d like to join an Agency that thrives in a competitive market such as affiliate digital marketing, PromoAffiliates is where you want to be. We team up with many top on demand apps in all app stores available. We’ve been able to generate over 500,000 signs up with Uber. Also, we’ve also done great with Postmates. We’ve gotten them about 100,000 new users every month.

We work with different kinds of people from Social media influencers, to bloggers and even people in basic digital marketing. If you think you’re able to reach many people than this is a great opportunity. We give you a list of companies that will provide is with promo codes for you to use and promote. For every activation you receive we will pay money via paypal. We have youtubers and Instagram stars making some good money through our Affiliate programs. Join in on the cash flow with us at PromoAffilaites to make some money of your own. You can start with our Shaw Academy Promoters Program.

How to promote your code with Shaw Academy Promoters Program

A popular way a social media influencer will promote their code is through video content. However, don’t just put up an ad for your promo code. Make sure you provide good content for people to watch. The better your content the more traffic you also will get. This will obviously lead to more money. Maybe tell a story on camera and work the promo code into that story. Find a way to relate to the service it promotes. Or you can write and act out a skit and work in the code as well with that. Just a great way to get more people interested in your content where they can see your code.

If you’re writing blogs the same technique can be used here. Make sure you write something interesting for them to read. If all you have up is a promo code it may not attract to many people. Also, an advantage with blogging is the ability to use SEO (search engine optimization). This will help get traffic to your site where you host your blogs. As long as you provide great content the people will come. A great way to succeed with our Shaw Academy Promoters Program.

History on Shaw Academy

This company was founded by James Egan and Adrian Murphy back in 2013. By 2016 the company was teaching about 55,000 new students every month. By the time November came, it was teaching 400,000 new students a month. They have gotten to 1.84 million students in 2016. This company began in Dublin, Ireland. This is where their headquarters is at. They had announced 40 new education positions in the Dublin office in 2016 as well. By the time 2017 hit they had to figure out a way to teach more students at once since they growth of new students kept moving fast. They launched a personalized education platform called Phoenix to accommodate the growing student numbers.

Shaw Academy Mission

They have made it clear that their mission involves changing billions of lives by providing a great education! It was their goal to make sure it was accessible and affordable for everyone. They do this to make sure everyone can get a skill or even just up their skills in whatever they choose. Also, they want to make sure that education is looked at as a very important thing. They also focus on live education in order to have interaction and engagement with the students and teachers. This is what they call their EdTech Revolution.

What they offer

With 400,000+ new students every single month they have to make sure they can offer what they will need. This includes 50+ courses. These courses cover so many fields. With things in business, marketing, finance, health & wellness, and much more to come. Since this is online they know there will be many countries using this, that’s why they have 5+ languages to choose from. That way everyone can have a chance at expanding their education.


For these courses you will be joining a webinar. That is a way to have a class online. This is where the teacher can speak to all of you at once. You can use your mics to chat and the teacher will even have a camera going or sharing screen to show case different things in his or her lessons. They are typically between an hour and an hour 20 minutes. Also, you can join these webinars using any device as long as you have an internet connection.

You will be getting reminders emailed to you before the live class begins. The emails will come with all the details you’ll need to join the class. If for some reason you can’t make it, all of the recordings will appear 24 hours after the live session. Therefore, missing a class wont be a big deal, You’ll have a chance to catch back up.

In conclusion

This is a great way to learn! You can find the schedule that works for you and do it all from home! The price is very affordable for anyone, and Shaw academy even offers multiple languages. You can get started today to learn a new skill or up skill something you already know. They offer courses from photography to marketing to technology. With many more new course to come in the future. There is a class for anyone to be interested. If this interests you, you can join in on the success today. Email to join our Shaw Academy Promoters Program.

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