Skurt Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

  Digital marketing is the 8th best job according to and our Skurt affiiates program can increase your success online!  Ad operators in PPC and CPA deals are a big part of the $50 billion dollar digital marketing world.  PromoAffiliates is on the forefront of this trend and is now inviting social media influencers to keep our client roster on top.  Email to get you unique code for our Skurt Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program today!  There is no cost to sign up to contract with us!

  Anyone can sign up for an Adwords account but if you’re not creative and able to critically analyze data, you’re not doing it right!  We are looking for the best digital promoters to join our campaigns.  The Skurt campaign is great because the service is new.  According to Google, thousands of people are searching for Skurt promo codes every month.  You can capitalize on this fact by joining our Skurt Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program.  When you get on board, you will be able to sign up for other brands on our roster.

  We want to help you use your skills wisely and getting more services or apps on your channel or paid ads space.  Our contractors work in conjunction with their current efforts to promote our clients.  I’ll get into what Skurt is in the next section and you will see why it’s gaining popularity.  We know that digital marketers are one of the most valuable people so this opportunity is for you.


 For influencers, we have worked with YouTubers with 20k subscribers and all the way up to millions.  What we care about is engagement.  If you have purchased any followers in Instagram we are not interested in working with you.  We need people with organic followers who engage with the content.  You can email me at and I can analyze your social media.  But the best way to get your foot in the door with us is to email Aaron.  I think we prefer YouTube influencers but you can definitely kill it with other platforms.  I know that Pinterest is on the rise and that Instagram is it’s own beast!

Personally, I’ve just been told how easy it can be to promote an ebook with Pinterest.  I’m trying to write my own book this year and I will attempt to try this tactic to get more promotion.  Social media is a way to promote all kinds of offers and that is why we are bring on more of you guys on board!

  Not all influencers will able to promote our clients so we will let you know if we think your audience is relevant.  You can check by studying your followers.  If your channel or feed is about lifestyle at all, then chances are you will be able to get activations of your unique promo code.  The Skurt Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program is based on the rental car app Skurt.  If you can make some genuine content about you trying this service, your followers will be more likely to try it.  There will be more on this later.

What is Skurt?

  In short, Skurt is an app where you can book a rental car in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Miami when you need it.  A driver will bring the car to your GPS location!  This eliminates the lines and the paperwork.  Best of all, the service is on-demand probably is off-hour access and service on weekends.  According to TechCrunch, the mixed group of experience tech founders and CEO’s raised $1.3 million in seed round funds from Upfront Ventures.  

  When the user is done with the rental car, you schedule a pick up in the app.  At PromoAffiliates, we want to promote apps and services that are simple for the user.  We all know how much of a drag it can be to rent a car.  If you’ve never tried it, go out and try to rent a car the traditional way and then try the Skurt app.  This is not going to be the first time in this post that I suggest that you try services that you are promoting!  

Skurt Rental Insurance & Requirements

  Before detailing the requirements, remember to urge that users read all of the legal and insurace information.  It is a lot of information and I know that we are mainly concerned with people just trying it for the first time.  But try to mention this on your social media platforms or blogs.  So think about the user getting into an accident.  Even if the accident wasn’t their fault, if the other driver doesn’t have insurance, it is the Skurt user who is liable for all damages.  In California, the max insurance payout for uninsured motorists is $5,000.  I’m not sure about Skurt’s other major city of Miami, but California is no place to get hit by an uninsured motorist.

  As I mentioned above, the minimum age for someone to use Skurt is less that most rental car companies.  If you are 21 with a valid driver’s license (no temporaries, permits, etc), you can rent a car with Skurt.  After an account is created on the Skurt platform, all the user will need is their license when their car is delivered.  Verification of the license take up to 24 hours and rentals are set up on a first come, first served basis.  

  To add a driver to your rental car, the person must already be verified on the Skurt platform.  There is no mileage limitations and Skurt doesn’t require that users top of the tank with fuel.  These qualifications aren’t that strict and it’s a wonder why other rental car companies haven’t tried to make the process easier like Skurt has.

Skurt Culture – On-Demand Trends

  Let me tell you about people who rent cars.  They are probably some of the busiest people.  Yeah some people just rent cars for casual or recreational trips.  But the majority of rental car patrons are busy business folks.  It’s no wonder why Skurt launched out of silicon beach (LA’s tech mecca) because the LAX rental car lines are the longest ever!  

  One of the co-founder, Harry Hurst, did an in-depth interview with when the app first came out.  Their discussion lends a helping hand at understanding the concept even though it’s very simple.  Like a dream, the founders decided to address the problem of rental care torture during a casual conversation.  Now several months later, PromoAffiliates is inviting PPC marketers and social influencers to reap the rewards of their efforts.  

  I would say that the culture is centered around the current rental car market which is huge.  What’s relevant to remember for marketing purposes the regions.  The service is only available in 3 US cities currently.  For all my PPC and blogger affiliates, focus on keywords like the airports and maybe even airlines.  Also big events in the cities where Skurt is available.


Skurt Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program – Great Content Counts

  This is section is more geared toward influencer affiliates.  More for my PPC fam in the next next sections.  According to a great resource ebook called InstaSecrets, social media influencers across all platforms should balance content with their unique voice.  Your youness is why followers follow you.  It’s difficult to see exactly how you come across.  One simple way to maximize your perspective is to take polls and ask direct questions.

  So another way to see this concept is to find your balance between your true voice and what you know “panders to popular engagement.”  Don’t lose your creativity just to be more popular.  The worst you can do is buy followers for example.  Only genuine followers will respond to promo codes!  We don’t want to waste anyone’s efforts and we see the Skurt Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program really taking off.

Skurt In the News not only named Skurt one of the top startups to watch in 2017, they also did a feature on them.  The article discusses how the founders didn’t intend to be just a rental car company.  And this is very evident by their model.  As I touched on earlier, the company partners with commercial fleet owners, car dealerships, and traditional rental car companies all because of their platform.  Hurst, the main founder (pictured above) says that their platform is set up so “anyone can essentially become an investor in a fleet of cars and monetize them.”

  In less than a year the company expanded from Los Angeles, to Orange County, to San Diego, and now Miami!  It’s not easy feet to expand into new markets.  It’s a good sign when a startup can do this within their first year.  There isn’t a lot of other news about the brand but they’re making news as we speak in their new office in Culver City, CA.  

  Adam Rowe (@adamrrowe) of, shared an article about Skurt that shed more insight on how more startups are developing the popular ‘network’ model.  Rowe says that businesses are evolving to deliver information to users “who need it when they need it.”  Social networks continue to evolve in mainly enhanced (and sometimes annoying) messaging apps.  This is important information here:  Skurt was free for the first month for new users when they launched in Miami.  As a member of our Skurt Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, make sure you are up to date on all promotions.  If and when Skurt expands to new markets, these types of exciting promotion could continue.

Market Growth Potential  

  Branch, a provider of deep linking technology, is sponsoring a mobile growth meetup in San Francisco this month.  One of the discussion leaders in none other that Max Mackey who heads up Performance Marketing for Skurt.  As a marketing person myself, I would kill an innocent man to attend.  Well not really but I want to go so bad that I tweeted Max and asked him to record his talk!  Undoubtedly, there will be some great information about organic and paid user acquisition, retention and engagement strategies, and more.  I should know because I’m looking at the Eventbrite right now.

  All you bloggers are gonna like this.  Max has written some informative works about digital marketing.  One of his articles lead me to this page:

 I still have to soak all of this in myself but these frameworks can greatly help your SEO and all around blogging questions.  Some of the detail of importance are what to write about and how often blogs should come out.  Well, we are inviting you to write about Skurt and your unique code and link for the Skurt Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program.  As far as the other details like the headlines to use and others, that’s where you are going to have to do your own research.  Check out the link and learn about the Spaghetti Blogging Framework.  

Idea for Skurt Influencers

  So let’s say you make a post announcing that you are giving your audience an exclusive code for Skurt and all that.  You make videos of your experience and everything.  Well why not put a message at the end of your YouTube video that says some like, “Send me a screenshot of your completed rental car order for a chance to earn a $50 gift certificate.”  This will spark more people to take action and try Skurt.

  I’m sure that I would be able to procure some gift cards to give away for the right influencer!  There a lot of ways to boost engagement on social media.  Some require no investment.  For example, if you already have some products lying around that were sent to you for some promotions, give them away!  Take something you aren’t using and use is in a giveaway.

PromoAffiliates in the News

  I’ve heard that it’s better to write the news than to make it.  Well here you are, reading the news that we are hiring CPA PPC affiliates and influencer affiliates.  When your site is getting a lot traffic, random people will use your popularity to push their own agenda.  This site is apparently trying to market websites or give us data on our site.  

I don’t care but the point I’m trying to make is that traffic on your site matters!  So for our blogger affiliates, do you have the traffic that you want?  If so, what we are offering you is a chance to increase your roster of services.  Skurt is only one of the brands we are pushing.  San Paulo in Brazil, banned outdoor advertising for 5+ years not long ago!  The time may come where other cities try this.  Digital advertising doesn’t need this kind of extreme legislation to continue it’s upward trend.


  Thank you for reading this post and considering working with PromoAffiliates.  Contact to sign up for your unique promo codes.  Our expansions of the Skurt Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program and others is intent on helping our clients reach the new heights and scale.  We don’t work with just any affiliate deals.  Our hand chosen brands are poised to disrupt their industries so you are on the forefront of something big.  I could just skip the facts and go straight the the encouraging rhetoric.  But I value your efforts so that is why I’ve detailed many aspects of the Skurt app.

 Hey social media influencers, what do you have to lose?  I’ve personally seen many influencers decline to work with affiliate deals because they would rather have a flat fee.  I can respect that but it’s not sustainable to branch out.  If it’s relevant to your audience, then there’s no harm to your channel or feed. 

  In closing, let’s look at 2 examples.  I pitched our Uber affiliates program to some influencers.  One wanted $1000 to make a video, and the other was willing to try our program.  Influencer A couldn’t be persuaded and didn’t close a deal with us.  Influencer B got tons of activations and a pay out totaling $15000 in 4 months.  Could I guarantee that the first influencer would have made great content and gotten activations?  Of course not.  But I had already done the analysis of their channel and the forecasted results seemed good enough.  So thank you again, have a great day! 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)


Final Thoughts

Skurt is a great platform with growing expansion and a big user base that you will be able to continue to spread this word.  Your participation is crucial and we are happy to support our member affiliates however we an.  It is better for you to work with a company that you can actually email and get in contact with very easily.  Otherwise you are working with a company that is faceless and doesn’t have your best interest at heart.  Thank you for your consideration.