Tampon Tribe Ambassador Program

Tampon Tribe Ambassador Program

Tampon Tribe is a great way to have 100% certified organic cotton tampons, pads, and pantyliners shipped to your house every month. Not only that but you get to customize your order to fit your own personal needs. Everyone is different so this makes sure you get exactly what you need. This product uses no toxins, chemicals, dyes or chlorine bleaches! Nothing but organic cotton. This is all plastic free as well. Which is great for the earth. Avoid going to the store buying a standard tampon, pad, or pantyliner by joining Tampon Tribe today. This company will continue to grow fast. You can join in on the growth and make money by joining our Tampon Tribe Ambassador Program. Email s.mew@promoaffiliates.com to get started today.

Who is PromoAffiliates and the Tampon Tribe Ambassador Program

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How to promote your code with Tampon Tribe Ambassador Program

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About Tampon Tribe for Tampon Tribe Affiliate Progam

They’re a team of international women who made SoCal their home. They dedicated themselves to bringing the option of having organic products that don’t hurt the earth or the user for women products. One thing is for sure they hate plastic! They believe if you don’t need plastic don’t use it! This is why their products r all 100% plastic free.

The Tampon Cotton

They use only cotton that is grown with extreme care. They want to meet the best natural international certified organic standards. This means everything must have been monitored. Including the soil and water used to grow the cotton.

No Chemicals

These are all 100% organic which means 0 chemicals are going to be entering your body with this product. They use the cotton and make a woven padding so that nothing will leak through or get messy. Chlorine bleach and dioxin are also more chemicals that Tampon Tribe does not use. Most tampon companies however do unfortunately. There is also no glues, synthetics, perfumes, bleaches or dyes at all in these products.

No Plastic

Instead of plastic what they do is use a Twist method. The twist applicators are smooth biodegradable, comfortable, and compostable cardboard. All of the wrappers used on these products are made of paper. Even the packaging of this is burlap and recycled paper.


Everything that is being used to create these products are compostable. This is their w ay of limiting the effect we have on the environment and the earth. There’s already to much hurting the planet, with this product your making sure you don’t add to that.

For all women

Tampon Tribes goal was to make tampons organic affordable and accessible for all women. They do all they can to keep the prices as low as possible. They don’t think any woman should be forced into using toxic products just because she can’t afford an organic option.

How much does it cost?

To have tampons mailed to you every month you only pay $8.00. You get 16 tampons and you choose what kind you’d prefer. From Regular, Super, and Super Plus. You can divide up how many you want of each. Just don’t forget you get 16 per bag. When you order PantyLiners, you pay $8.00 a month. With this you get 24 barley-there certified organic pantyliners. Now if you’d like to order Pads again it’s $8.00 a month. You get 10 pads and you can choose between Day and Night pads. You can divide it however you’d like. They have another option that is a Mash-up. With this you can order whatever you want. You can order as many as you’d like and you can mix it up between tampons, pads, and pantyliners.

In Conclusion,

This is a great service for a woman to have access. Makes the process of buying tampons, pads, and pantyliners much easier. You just have it show up to your door when you need it. No need to rush to the store and buy expensive products that come with toxic chemicals. You can now have clean organic tampons, pads, or pantyliners mailed straight to your door. A great product all women should use. If this interests you, you can join in on the success today. Email s.mew@promoaffiliates.com to join our Tampon Tribe Ambassador Program.

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