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Walmart ambassadors  are promoting the retail giant by sharing links. If you are experienced digital marketer we want to talk to you. Whether you have a popular blog or experiment with search engine optimization, your experience can be beneficial to our team of Walmart ambassadors. Email for more information.   Be sure to leave your name and some of your information so that Aaron can get back to you appropriately.

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Walmart Ambassadors and PromoAffiliates


The Walton family owns Walmart and Sam’s Club and are the richest people in the world really. One of the only ways we can get our piece of this pie is by becoming Walmart ¬†ambassadors. By getting online and getting the best from our content with this campaign, we can make money because of the Walmart brand. It is a huge name that’s very recognizable and people will probably check the link.


Walmart was under a lot of scrutiny and probably still is. Some of their products are many factoring questionable warehouse is in sweatshops. Even worse they have the responsibility for closing down a lot of mom and pop businesses. Nobody can compete with the low prices that Walmart has.


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