Caviar Affiliate Program

Caviar Affiliate Program

There is a new amazing app that provides delivery from a carefully picked list of restaurants in your local areas. All for a price of $9.99 a month you can order through Caviar. Caviar provides delivery for places that do not offer delivery in the first place. It can also be used to have food delivered that may be too far for the restaurant to deliver. Caviar expands their delivery range. Caviar was started by Jason Wang in March of 2013. This man has a history of working with finance and professional experience with google. Qualifications you wouldn’t expect from someone in the food industry. When they started in 2013 they claim to have reached profitability by summer of that same year. Due to their great success they managed to expand into New York, and Seattle.

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Who is PromoAffiliates?

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Social Media to succeed in Caviar Affiliate Program

The key thing everyone must do to succeed with social media is if you’re providing the audience with great content. Make a comedy skit or tell a story just anything entertaining. Work the code into that content but don’t make your code the main focus of your video. If it appears as an ad only, many people will not return. Having people return has a lot of benefit. It builds a following so more people will be aware of you. Those people will then give you’re link to others. Your content will be passed out by your fans. This will obviously bring you more people to use your promo codes. So always keep in mind how important your content quality is. It can be comedic or serious as long as it’s entertaining enough that people will return. Keeping a schedule of when you release your content will help your fan base a lot as well. Have them watching your content be able to become part of their day.

Bloggers strategy

For those who would like to promo their codes through their blog page have the same thing apply to them. You’ll need to have entertaining content here as well. Entertain them with something worth readying. Make it good enough that they’ll want to spread the link to others. A plus side to using your blog site for promotion for your Caviar affiliate program, is that you can use SEO. Using seo will help you get attention from google searches to your blogs. It helps them find you but your content must be something worth their stay on your site. You could also work in images that promo your code to go along with your blogs.

Know more about Caviar for your Caviar affiliate program

People may ask for some details about the company that your promo code is promoting. So, it’s good to read up on the service form Caviar to be prepared. You can also let them know how to get to the Caviar website if they’d like more info as well. On their website, they have aa great lay out, nice and sleek. At Caviar, they’ve hired their own photographer to help set up images for others to use when choosing what to order. You can tell Caviar put in a lot of time in setting up their website and app. Wang claims the way they design everything no one has ever done. They have about 60 images for the menu. They claim to get these taken, it took them about four hours to complete. So, let them know once they become a member and browse the menu, the items will be nicely set up for them to choose from.

What is Caviars main client base

You can also look at what main group of people normally go for the Caviar service. This will help you choose a target audience to focus your content on for. Wang from Caviar says about 40 percent of their customers are corporate. However, all those orders are about 65 percent of caviars revenue. The prices can be a little on the high end. In some cases, a sandwich can cost $8.75 at the restaurant, but through Caviar it will be $9. A bowl of noodles can cost $7.95 but will cost $8.70 on Caviar. So this is a pricey food delivery service. This will help you know what audience to target for. Corporate friendly content will help you a lot. They also will have to deal with taxes and the $9.99 monthly fee. As well as tipping. So in the end with everything added up this can be pricey.

They can also tip after they received the food as well. They’ll just have to head over to the feedback option on the mobile app and add a new tip. The payment will then be processed and the tip will go through.

Caviar verdict

This is a great new service that seems to be taken up by corporate parties and events. They also do have regular consumers so this is a growing service. Join in on that process and make some money for yourself as well. Join us at Promoaffiliates and we’ll get you started with a promo code. Not only will there be a Caviar code available to you but, many more as well. We have codes from many more companies like Uber, Lyft, Drizly, Doordash, and many more. Email for more details and to get started today!

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