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It’s a common scenario nowadays. People go to work, clock in a full day, and drive home. And on the way home, they grab some fast food. Either they’re too tired to cook, or it’s simply too late to. So they zip through the drive thru, and drop a bunch of cash on some crap. And there’s a reason I call it crap: because that’s what it usually is. Processed, and made with heaps of gluten, ammonia-treated beef, sugar, salt, etc. And they bring this home to their families, who eat with smiles on their faces.

            Little do they know that the food they’re eating is slowly killing them.

And yet, this has been the norm for a long time now. Many people have gone through this same routine, and nothing better has come along. We see people with deteriorating health, and it’s in large part because of their eating habits.

Well, thanks in large part to developments in website and smartphone technology, alternatives are appearing. And one of those alternatives is Freshly.

Freshly gives people who want to eat healthy but don’t have time to cook a change!

“Our mission is to make you happy, healthy and more free to pursue your passions.” – Freshly website

Finally, another option for regular people who just want to eat healthy and not spend hours cooking! Freshly knows that your life can be hectic. And therefore, there isn’t always a lot of time to set aside for cooking. Especially after you’ve just gotten home from work.

The Freshly Ambassador program. Benefits on three fronts!

There’s a reason I claim that the Freshly ambassador program has benefits on three fronts. First, by participating in it, you’re helping Freshly to grow flourish as a company. Second, you are giving regular people a chance to try it for themselves, and have access to healthier, tastier meals. And they get all of that without spending hours cooking, or hours and money shopping. And lastly, your participation in the Freshly ambassador program is rewarded with monetary incentive. In other words, you get paid for it!

And that last bit is probably really the only one that you wanted to hear. And honestly, that’s just fine with me. The reason you searched for Freshly ambassador program is probably because you want to use it to make money. Well, you’re in the right place.

Freshly and PromoAffiliates team up to bring the Freshly ambassador program to a new level!

          I’m proud to be the one to announce that Freshly has decided to bring PromoAffiliates on board to bolster their Freshly ambassador program! We will be working side by side tirelessly to help them reach as many people as possible. We truly are excited to be working with such a great company, and we strongly believe in their mission!

So who, or what, is PromoAffliates?

          Well, PromoAffiliates is us! As the TechCrunch article about us states, “PromoAffiliates is a startup that distributes promo codes for other startups.” I couldn’t have said it better myself! That’s exactly what we do.

PromoAffiliates was started a few years ago, by founder and CEO Aaron Leupp. He had humble beginnings as a promoter for different bars and clubs in the Los Angeles area. After passing out some rideshare prom codes, he came to a realization. He found out that he could make a lot more money promoting for startups than for clubs.

So he decided to quit working for bars and clubs, and become a full time affiliate for startups. The money poured in, enough for him to live comfortably in upscale LA. He then realized that there were a lot of people who wanted to do what he had done.

However, people don’t really know where to start and how to get in touch with the startups. Not every startup makes it easy to become an affiliate. So, he started PromoAffiliates to bridge that gap. And today, Promoffiliates serves many different startup clients out from it’s base location in Vine Street, Hollywood.

How do I get in on the Freshly ambassador program?


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All you have to do is send us an email at In the email, let us know that you would like to become a part of the freshly ambassador program. Also, tell us why you feel the role would be a good fit. Experienced affilites, this is a good place to list any prior ambassador experience for other startups. And if possible, activation numbers would also serve as good reference.

But if you’re totally new to startup affiliate work, then sorry, this isn’t for you. Goodbye.

Just kidding! We actually encourage people with no prior experience in the field to apply. Everyone starts somewhere. Even PromoAffiliates founder and CEO Aaron Leupp began as an affiliate for Uber and Lyft. And by the way, if you’re interested in either of those programs, we have them as clients too. But if you’re totally new, let us know why you want to get into the ambassador field.

What does it take to be part of the Freshly ambassador program?

You don’t need any sort of degree or schooling to join. Some of the most successful affiliates have had zero schooling in anything to do with the subject. So this is a great way for people to make money who have no formal education

However, not just anyone is a good fit for the Freshly ambassador program. Only people who are driven, hard-working, and eager to make the most of it will get anything out of it. If you’re looking for a job that involves clocking in and getting paid just for showing up, this isn’t for you. I would recommend you check out Craigslist or, if you’re looking for something along those lines. The Freshly ambassador program only pays based on how well you do. You make money for every activation your promo code sees. Nothing more.

However, if you are eager to work hard, and more importantly eager to learn, then congratulations. You could definitely benefit from the Freshly ambassador program, and we could definitely use you.

So I’ve send an email. What now?

Our team over at PromoAffiliates will look over your email and decide if you’re what we’re looking for. And if we decide you are, then we will send you your own Freshly promo code.

The Freshly promo code is your ticket to getting the most out of the Freshly ambassador program. Every time a new user enters your promo code, you get paid. They get a hefty discount on their first use of Freshly. And Freshly themselves gets a new customer. Really, everyone wins in this scenario!

So, I’ve got my Freshly promo code. Where do I start with it?

Don’t worry. We’re not going to expect you to just know what to do. It can be pretty confusing figuring out where to start, especially if you have no experience as an ambassador. Lucky for you, PromoAffiliates has got your back once again.

We don’t just hand out promo codes to people and hope for the best. At PromoAffiliates, we also will try to help guide our ambassadors to the right path.

The best advice I can give you, before we jump into the meat and potatoes of it, is a simple sentence.

Play to your strengths.

I’m going to talk about a few different tried and true methods of getting your promo code out there. Pick whichever one you think you would be best at. If you’re not very computer savvy, then you might want to stick with the street hustle. And if you retch at the thought of talking with people on the street, then stick to online. I’ll go over both of those methods to bolster your Freshly ambassador program numbers in a bit

But first, I think it’s important to know a bit more about freshly itself. After all, it’s easier to sell anything if you know it inside and out, right?

Some useful information about Freshly.                    freshly cpa

Freshly is a food delivery service. But it’s not quite like Doordash, or Postmates, or even UberEats. No, what Freshly does is it delivers home-cooked, healthy meals to your home for you and your family to enjoy. They excel over plain, unhealthy fast food options or greasy delivery food in a numbers of ways. And each of these is something you can use in your Freshly ambassador program pitches.

Freshly is more convenient

Cooking is a hassle, plain and simple. Because let’s face it, a lot more is involved than just the actual cooking itself. Let’s count down everything that cooking a meal actually involves, shall we?

  1. Planning the recipe you’re going to use to cook
  2. Driving to the grocery store and buying the ingredients for it
  3. Preparing those ingredients to be cooked
  4. Actually cooking the ingredients and turning them into a meal
  5. My least favorite part: cleaning up afterward

That’s a LOT of time you invest into making something, even just a simple meal like chicken and rice with vegetables. The fancier the dish you make, the more prep it takes and the messier it will be for cleanup.

Freshly not only saves you from cooking a meal. It also safes you from EVERY SINGLE OTHER STEP. Time is money, especially nowadays where people’s days are more packed than ever. And this is something you can easily bring to light as part of the Freshly ambassador program. The meals come right to your door, and can be ready with just two minutes’ time.

Freshly also adds convenience because it lets you pick the meals you want sent to you. They have a very wide range of different dishes with different flavors. And you’ll probably want to try them all!

Freshly is healthier

One of the main drawbacks of eating out a lot is that it’s not very healthy. Fast food is loaded with greasy oils, heavy starches, highly-processed meats filled with salt, and sugary drinks. And substantial amounts of vegetables are rarely seen. Even sit-down restaurants usually have very caloric, unhealthy fare for eating.

As part of the Freshly ambassador program, you should know about it’s various health benefits. It has several, and it’s a strong selling point when you’re telling people about it.

All Freshly meals are gluten free!

In the last several years or so, gluten-free options have become more and more common. And there’s a good reason for this, too. Not only do some people actually have legitimate gluten intolerances, but some see it simply as a healthier choice. Sure, you could argue that it’s not really any healthier than a diet with gluten in it. But this isn’t about that. It’s stupid to ignore the impact that the gluten-free lifestyle has had on the food market. And as part of the Freshly ambassador program, this will help you reach more people.

Freshly proudly says that all of their food is gluten free. This means generally healthier options for their customers. It also doesn’t exclude people with a preference for avoiding gluten.

Freshly never adds process sugars to their food

I’m a huge food nerd. I have spent countless hours learning about food through videos, articles, books and classes. But what really fascinates me is the effect food can have on our bodies.

One thing that most food experts agree on nowadays, is that too much added sugar is detrimental to health. For the longest time sugar industries used lobbying money and bought researchers off to fool people into thinking that sugar was a completely safe source of energy. They passed the blame for obesity and heart problems onto things like egg yolks. In other words, they used much healthier foods as scapegoats.

Sorry I’m rambling about it…it’s just something I’m quite passionate about. Anyways, as a Freshly ambassador program member, you can proudly tell people that they never use added processed sugars! This means that their meals are better for your body, and better for your waistline.

Their meals are all high-protein, low-carb.

I know I keep going into these health-related spiels about Freshly. But as part of the Freshly ambassador program, it benefits you to know all of this. Anyways, it’s a proven fact that protein is an important part of anyone’s diet. It builds muscles, acts as an energy source, and helps people feel fuller for longer.

Well Freshly’s meals are all high in protein. Not only that but there are no meals that are high in carbs. Excessive carbs are an easy gateway to weight gain and feeling bloated. And sporting the right balance of macronutrients, Freshly meals are great anytime.

Freshly’s meals are all natural

This is a pretty vague claim. After all, all-natural has no actual basis or meaning in the FDA. But the way Freshly puts it, there are never any harmful preservatives or chemicals in their food.

Not only that, but each of their foods seems to have a decent amount of vegetables in them. The average western diet severely lacks vegetables. Therefore, this is a great way to help balance your diet out. And as part of the Freshly ambassador program, this is something you can relay to customers.

Freshly’s food is absolutely delicious!

This one should go without saying. After all, being part of the Freshly ambassador program, you want people to want it. And sure, it’s convenient, it’s healthy, it’s efficient. But the biggest selling point behind food – any food at all – is the taste. After all, no one opens a bag of Doritos simply because it sustains them. They do it because it tastes good. Well Freshly shows people that they can eat tasty food AND eat healthy!

Being part of the Freshly ambassador program means you should know a bit about their menu, too. They include a wide range of different tastes and options. These include things like homestyle meatloaf, seafood risotto, paleo beef chili, chicken Livorno, flat-iron steak, and more. They also offer several different breakfast options, like a BLT omelette, paleo quinoa porridge, and others.

Okay, I’ve learned a ton about Freshly. What about help with the Freshly ambassador program?

     Not to worry, I’m going to go over that too. Even armed with all this knowledge about Freshly, you’re going to need something to do with it. So let’s go over some ideal strategies for you to try out.

Now remember, this strategies are just ideas. They are in no way things that you HAVE to do. If you have an idea that you don’t see here, and you think it will work, try it out. But in the meantime, take a look at this.

Kick off your Freshly ambassador program work with these suggestions!

Pass out your Freshly promo code in person

This idea is pretty much all grit, all hustle. But it takes some brains, too. After all, you will get better feedback in some places than you would others. Think about it; where could you go where people would be likely to need something like a Freshly promo code?

Well, how about the gym? Gyms are full of people who are there because they want to be healthier. That means losing weight, exercising, etc. But have you heard the adage that abs are made in the kitchen? I have, and I believe it to be true.

Plenty of Gym-goers would be happy to have a Freshly promo code to boost their healthy eating regimens. You can even maybe ask the front desk if you can leave your Freshly promo code at the front bulletin. This way, more people will see it as they go in or out. And the more people see it. The better your Freshly ambassador program will pay off.

Another odd idea is going wherever there are a lot of single people. People living alone probably eat ready-made meals more often than people living with others. See if there are bulletins at apartment complex lobbies or gyms. This people would probably be glad to try it for free. And every single one of them who uses your code gets you money from the Freshly ambassador program.

Take your Freshly ambassador program online

In my opinion, this is the most difficult way to do your affiliate program work. However, it’s almost the most rewarding. Successful affiliates make tens of thousands by putting their promo codes online. And you can do the same with the Freshly ambassador program.

There are several ways to get into putting your Freshly promo code online. Some should be avoided, like the use of coupon websites like Most of our clients frown upon the use of these sites, and may even discredit promo codes redeemed through these.

The best, and most popular way to take your Freshly ambassador program work online, is by having an affiliate blogging website. Now this takes more than just slapping a crappy WordPress website together. Your website needs to look nice, and it needs to be easy to navigate. Otherwise viewers will get bored and move on.

Once you’ve got a good website, it’s a simple matter of putting up good content. The more good content your website has, the more traffic you will encourage toward it. And the more traffic you have the better your Freshly ambassador program will fare. But when I say good content, I mean good content. Too many crappy content posts will get you penalized by Google. And that’s definitely not good for the Freshly ambassador program.

The Freshly ambassador program, in conclusion

Now, like I said before, there are many more strategies you can utilize than just these ones. The people who will do best at the Freshly ambassador program won’t just be the hardest workers. They will also be the most creative thinkers, and the ones most willing to learn new things. Adaptability is partly key here. So email is at to ask about joining the Freshly ambassador program. If you do well, this could become full-time money stuff for you!

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