Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Handy is an incredible new app that provides an amazing service for households. If you need a handy man or a cleaner to come to your house, or to a house you’re renting. This service is perfect for that. They connect thousands of people to qualified professionals to help them tackle handy work around your house or a cleaning service. Trust worthy background checked professionals. The company began in 2012 by the original name of Handybook. Company is started by two men. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. They developed this service when they attended school in Harvard Business. They got the idea for this company when they attempted to buy and renovate apartments and ran into the issue of finding good trust worthy professionals to work with. The company has been growing since. You can join in on the profits by joining our Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program today!


We are a marketing agency and we work with some of the top on demand apps in all app stores. With our different affiliate programs we have gotten over 500,000 sign ups for companies such as Uber. Also, we have worked with Postmates and received over 100,000 new users per month! This is a very competitive field to work in but we are thriving in it. We work with different kinds of people from social media influencers and bloggers to online marketing gurus.

How Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program works

For every activation, you get for the company you get paid. The amount you get paid always depends on the promo code you are pitching. So, the more activations you get the more money you make!  Right now, Handy is offering customers a 50% off promotion for new users. In order to get people interested in giving the service a try you must know about the company and how they work. Below we’ll teach you more about the company as well as ways to get the word out about your promo code as well!

Using Word of mouth with Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Generating content that interests people will help them want to recommend your content to others. A great example would be using video on youtube, or Instagram or facebook. A lot of social media influencers will use story telling as a way to get people interested. If you just tell them about the code and end it there it may not get many people interested. Use a story from your life experience or maybe make up a funny or entertaining story and incorporate the promo code into it. If it’s fun and interesting they will tell their friends and family about it. This helps get your links to the videos to get around to others without you personally giving them the link.

Using Blogs for Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

You may also run a popular blog. This works great to provide promo codes as well. You can apply the same idea to this. Telling a story, a make things interesting for the users. Provide them links to info and let them know it’s a good experience. Make sure it’s worth their time to read and make sure it’s not just an advertisement. That will turn users off. If you make sure it sounds fun they will want to give it a try themselves and have a story of their own to tell.

More info about Handy

When working in the Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, you may deal with some people asking questions. So, it is best to make sure you understand as much as you can about the app. Below will be some details on the service itself to prepare you for any questions that may come your way. Remember Handy is accessible via the app or the website itself. Make sure they know how to access both.

How they will make a booking

Let them know that the app is not always necessary they can just head over to the website itself to use the service. They will have to provide Handy with details such as name, phone number, address and payment info. Once all that is provided to them, the service booking can continue. They will be then asked what kind of service they will require either handyman or cleaning is required.

How will the process work?

  1. Begin with downloading the app.
  2. Choose what service they would like to book. They will double-check to make sure they’re in your area.
  3. Pick what time works best for them.
  4. They’ll take the payment electronically and confirm their booking.
  5. On the day, they chose for the service to be done, a background-checked and very highly rated professional will show up at your home ready to take care of the work for them.

Being home will not be required once the service is booked.  They can provide them with details on how to get into the home. Or they can choose to be there the whole time. If they need to cancel an appointment for whatever reason, some fees may apply. As long as they cancel over 2 hours before the appointment they’ll just receive a fee. However, if they cancel within 2 hours of the appointment a refund is not granted. So they must be sure their appointment is guaranteed on a day they are available or can have them at the house. They can only contact Handy via email through the app or website.

In conclusion

Overall this is a great service to provide people with. Great way to get their house clean or have work done to their home. Anything from installing a new door or window or fixing holes or dents in a wall. This is a high demand service. People are always looking for a way to save money. This is where you and the Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program can come into effect. If you’re interested in joining the Handy Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program and start making money on your own time, send an email to s.mew@promoaffiliates.com. He will help you get started on a new journey of being your own boss today!

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