Is Gett Safe?

Is Gett safe? A quick evaluation of of new rideshare app

Gett Safe

Within the last several years alone, the market has exploded with rideshare apps. These services all tried, and succeeded, to provide an easy, convenient, cheap alternative to the traditional cab industry. Nowadays, taxis are just one of the many players in the on-demand transportation industry.


But, truth be told, I think beating the taxi companies was the easy part. Now, all these rideshare companies are also competing with each other. The most well-known app, Uber, has enemies on several fronts. They’re being beaten in China by their rival there, Didi Chuxing. And in the good old United States, they have several different competitiors. Probably the most well-known one is Lyft. But two newcomers are Juno, and Gett.


Supposedly the number one rideshare app in Europe, Gett has set it’s sights on the USA. As of right now, they are only available in the New York area. If plans go their way, then they will probably expand to more places, most likely Los Angeles.


But I’m here to address the question that everyone is probably asking: is Gett safe? A reasonable inquisition, considering the negative spotlight that the media has put on rideshare apps since the day they appeared. And whether Gett is safe or not isn’t just being asked on an American level, but a worldwide level as well.


Addressing the question of whether Gett is safe or not


          “Sure it’s convenient, but is Gett safe?” Again, the question that everyone is asking. Well, regarding that, I’m not sure it’s really fair to levy such a question against any transportation mode.


And this isn’t just because I have a fondness for them (because I do.) But I know that in reality, nothing is ever one hundred percent safe, especially transportation. Because of this, ‘is Gett safe?” is kind of a bad question. Safe when compared to what, exactly? Compared to a taxi, or maybe even a subway train?


So, I think that to decide whether Gett is safe or not, we need to look at a bit more. Most namely, what is Gett doing to reduce the chances of safety mishaps as much as possible? Now THAT is a question that can actually be answered!

Acquiring the information to see if Gett is safe


Now, if you’re an American, then a search on the Gett website won’t yield any results for you. However, if I switch to the UK version, I get a bit more from it. A quick search on the subject of ‘safety’ hields a small paragraph. Apparently, Gett only works with licensed cabs and something called ‘Hackney carriages.’ But here’s the ebst part: apparently, they personally meet with every driver before working with them! If there’s a better way to make sure Gett is safe, I don’t know what it is!


You could try searching the same thing on their Russian and Israel websites. I did, but I didn’t get anything other than a bunch of a language I don’t know. However, I did retrace my steps and do a safety search again. So far though, the only safety regard appears to be in their UK section.


However, I have done searching all over the web to see if I could find info to prove that Gett is safe. So far, my searches have turned up with nothing. If any of you have any information that help show Gett is safe, we would love to hear from you.


But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing


          Well, it’s safe to assume that Gett has many of the same safety rules and regulations as other rideshare apps like Uber.


In fact, safety is oftentimes rolled into the very process of using them. This includes things like setting up an account. In order to have an account, you need to enter your name, email address and cell number. Having this info on hand makes it so things run smoother. It also helps Gett help you out better if something DOES happen. This helps make it so Gett is safe before an incident, but also after.

Gett Safe

Gett is safe for you, but also for your wallet


          Now there might not be a whole lot of specific information when it comes to person al safety on their website. But there are some assurances when it comes to your financial information. For example, Gett assures it’s users that is uses only ‘worldclass servers.’ They keep their data in the most secure of facilities, and don’t share it with anyone. This keeps it so Gett is safe for your bank account information, too.


And this isn’t really something that proves Gett is safe, but it is pretty nice to hear. I’m sure you have used Lyft or Uber, and taken a ride during a pricing surge, or ‘spike.’ This is usually because the demand far exceeds the supply. And it mostly happens during times like new year’s eve, or other big events.


Well Gett has said that they will never charge their users surge pricing. This means that even when the demand exceeds the supply, there will be no price spike for the riders. So, it’s not really your personal safety. But you can bet that Gett is safe for your wallet!


Gett’s customer care phone line

 Gett Safe

          In the event that something bad does happen, Gett has made sure they are easily reachable. You can call their phone line anytime to have them answer your questions. This is part of making sure Gett is safe at any time, and if something DOES happen, they can immediately rectify it.


So in conclusion


          Like I said before, there really isn’t a whole lot of published information on their safety. But they have a lot of the same features that other rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have. And since a lot of these are built in for safety, you can bet that Gett is safe too. So go ahead and give it a download. Try it for yourself, and see that Gett is safe and sound!

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