Is Juno Safe?

Is Juno safe? Evaluating another rideshare apps’ safety seeking to beat Uber

Juno Safe

Every since Uber’s debut back in 2009, the on-demand transportation industry has been flipped completely upside down. And since that day, there have been several other rideshare apps seeking to dethrone it from all over the world. Some of them, like China’s Didi Chuxing, have actually succeeded to an extent. Some of them, like Lyft, just seek to take a big piece of their pie here in the United States. And this, is about where Juno comes in.


Juno is a rideshare app that operates in New York City. New York seems to be a veritable battleground for all of the rideshare platforms, all of them fighting each other for domination of the area. Juno has decided to try and get above the competition with a different approach. They strive to make their drivers as happy as possible. Because it’s Juno’s belief that happier drivers mean happier customers. In fact, Juno even allows their drivers to have stock in the company!


But behind all of this, customers are asking the same question they always do when a new rideshare platform appears. Is Juno safe? And if it is, what exactly makes it so Juno is safe for me?


Juno safety; attempting to answer the question ‘is Juno safe?’


          Well, unfortunately there isn’t much information as far as safety on their website. This might be somewhat unsettling to new customers who want to find out for themselves if Juno is safe. And, I personally am hoping that in the future, Juno adds some safety information onto their website. This would put them more on par with Lyft and Uber on that issue. And it would go a long way toward helping customers decide if Juno is safe.


But worry not; Juno is safe as anything else


          I’m gonna say the same thing that I always say in this regard. Juno is safe. Yes, it’s not completely, one hundred percent safe. This is because pretty much nothing on this earth is one hundred percent sound. Transportation in general is a pretty risky thing. Whether you’re using Juno, a different rideshare app, or a taxi, the same problems are posed. Even if you take public transit, there are still some safety concerns.


So, the real question becomes, what are they doing to mitigate the chance of issues? How are they making sure that Juno is safe as possible?


A very short explanation on seeing if Juno is safe

Juno Safe

          Well, just because there isn’t any safety information on their website, doesn’t mean none can be gleaned from elsewhere. I personally signed up for Juno, just to see if I could find any sort of information for you all.


It’s really kind of the same as Gett. A lot of safety features and tools are built right into the app. You have to enter your information, including name, phone number, and email address. You’re also encouraged to take a photo to put on your profile. Now, this is good for drivers who want to find you quickly when you ask for a ride. But it’s also handy just in case something DOES go wrong. It makes it so that they can help out more in that scenario. And that kind of fast help is part of what makes it so Juno is safe.


Their commitment to driver happiness help make it so Juno is safe


Juno’s own mission of ‘happy drivers make for happy customers’ can help play a part in safety. Happier drivers will be more likely to treat their passengers with better care. They will certainly be a lot less likely to be a safety hazard on their passengers themselves. And if something out of their control goes wrong, they will be a lot more likely to do everything they can to help out with the situation. Better drivers help make sure that Juno is safe.


Juno also only hires the best drivers around!


          This is in regards to another interesting little but that I noticed while on Juno’s website. On there, they proudly proclaim that they only let the best people drive for them. And they proclaim that they treat those drivers better than any other platform does.


That’s all fine and good. But when I was looking at the ‘becoming a driver’ part of their website, I saw something interesting. The button that you click to become a driver actually says ‘meet us for coffee.’


This leads me to believe that Juno themselves personally meets with every driver who wants to join. This kind of personal attention to every aspect of their business is almost unheard of these days. It definitely reassures me about their commitment to quality. And it definitely helps to prove that Juno is safe.


Juno will answer your questions at any time

Juno Safe

Juno has lines available for support any day of the week, at any time of the day. They want to make sure that Juno is safe, and that means allowing you to reach them. You can reach them at 1-844-JUNO-USA any time to get in touch with their support team. Let them know if anything bad happens during the course of your Juno ride. You can also tell them if you happened to accidentally leave something in your last ride. The help line makes it so Jun is safe for you, and for your valuables.


In conclusion: yes, Juno is safe


Juno appears to be doing everything that it can to mitigate the chance of mishaps as much as possible. In fact, they’re going above and beyond by committing to treating their drivers so well. There’s all the same features that you see in apps like Lyft or Uber, including the real-time progress map for your route which you can view right from your smartphone. With so many steps and features, the only way it could be any safer is if a cop ride along with you every single time. So try it  for yourself, and you will see that Juno is safe!

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