Overnight CPA campaign. What it is, and how it can make you thousands!

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I’m sure some of you have already read my blog about promo codes. Specifically, Overnight promo codes. Therefore a lot of you probably already know what Overnight is. And just in case you don’t I will be discussing it…but I will be doing so a bit later. Right now I think it’s a little more imperative to discuss the more confusing term in our title: CPA campaign.

What exactly is the Overnight CPA campaign? Well, CPA is short for cost per activation. It’s A campaign put together by Overnight to try and help grow their business. Many other smart phone-based convenience apps have put together similar campaigns in the last eight years. In fact, there’s plenty of info on the Lyft CPA campaign and the Uber CPA campaign on our website as well.

Cost per activation is exactly what it sounds like; a cost per activation. Every time a new user uses your Overnight promo code, it counts as an activation. That activation has a cost for Overnight: the cost of their discount, and the cost of your payout. But it’s a cost that Overnight gladly pays. Activations usually results in a new loyal user, so that’s good for them. You get paid, so that’s good for you. And the customer gets a discount, so good for them. Everyone wins.

Pretty cool. And you said I can make thousands from this?
Overnight CPA

          You sure can. In fact, I know a CPA campaign veteran who made over one hundred thousand dollars in one month. That’s right, $100,000 American dollars! That’s $131,398 Canadian dollars, for all our Canuck readers.

Of course, there are also plenty of people who made zero dollars with the Overnight CPA campaign. That’s because it isn’t an hourly gig where you get paid just for showing up. The Overnight CPA campaign only pays you based on how many activations your overnight promo code gets. You get paid based on how well you do. And how well you do is entirely up to you.

So, I know about the Overnight CPA campaign. What is Overnight?

Well, in order to understand what Overnight is, we need to go back several years in history. I’m not saying back to when dinosaurs walked the earth, or back to when scientific progress was hampered by medieval Europe’s devotion to religion. I’m talking back to when people were still using flip phones, and Mr. Bean’s Holiday was a hit movie.

Back then, if you were going anywhere other than your house for a day, you needed somewhere to stay. And unfortunately, your only option was one of two things: a hotel, or a motel. No doubt all of you reading this have stayed in each of these at least once.

I know that all of you will also know the expenses associated with these places. Even the lowest of the low-budget motels still charge quite a hefty price. If you go to one of the higher end of hotels like the Renaissance, then get ready to spend a couple hundred.

But it wasn’t just the fact that these places were expensive. It’s the fact that on the night of, you don’t have much option. It’s not like you can take an hour to to flip through kayak.com and compare prices. Not when you need a place to stay immediately, and don’t have a computer with you. And it’s also not like you can drive from hotel to hotel looking for the lowest price.

So hotels being overpriced was the only issue?

Not exactly. Lots of people who have traveling as a way of life have other complaints. Hotels and motels always seem to lack the personal touch that a home can offer. You can dress it up and decorate it as much as you want. But at the end of the day, a hotel room is still a hotel room. The same way that putting lipstick on a pig, doesn’t make it not a pig.

And then, just like that, there was a better way.

Development and regular use of smart phones was a turning point for the travel industry too. Before long travel gear smart phone apps begun to spring up on the market. The most famous of these apps, was Airbnb.

Airbnb give travellers the option of staying at the house instead of a hotel. The host will oftentimes prepare a room for the guest to stay in. And in return, the guest paid the host to stay at their home. This kind of thing open up a whole new revenue stream for homeowners and other hosts. And also drastically increase the number of options Travellers had when it came to lodgings.

However, there was still something missing. Airbnb was great for travelers and vacationers planning a trip in advance. However, adventure often takes on a more spontaneous form. And Airbnb’s last-minute booking options leave a lot to be desired. Which once again leaves last minute people looking at just hotels and motels.

And then Hunt said, ‘let there be lodging!’ And it was good.

Overnight is another smart phone based homestay app that seeks to fill in the gaps that Airbnb left. With Overnight, You can book a homestay from a host on the same day, or even the same night. And you can book them at very reasonable prices. In fact, the prices for Overnights last-minute homestays are quite comparable to Airbnb’s homestays with a few days advance notice. We’ll talk more about the Overnight CPA campaign in a bit.

With Overnight, you can pick between three different homestay options on their app. If you’re looking to go cheap, you can rent a shared space. This usually comes in the form of a couch in someone’s house or something. The second option is a private room all to yourself. This usually means exactly what it says: a private room in the host’s dwelling. The last option is an entire house to yourself. This means you have access to and use of the entire house for the duration of the rental.

Okay, now I know what it is. Get back to the Overnight CPA campaign, please!

 overnight cpa

As I’ve said before, the overnight CPA campaign is a way for them to help their business grow. Overnight is available is many different places, but not enough. Their goal is to make travel a way of life instead of a luxury…for everyone. They believe that everyone should be able to experience multiple places, multiple cultures, different kinds of people. They also believe that travel can turn somebody into a more open-minded person.

But that dream cannot come true unless overnight is available in more places. In order to help people all around the world, the service needs to be available all around the world. The opportunity is there, and the potential is there. We live in an incredibly connected world now, thanks in large part to the Internet and cell phones. And there’s no reason for something like Overnight not to go global.

But in order to get to that level, they need more users. And to get more users, they need more people to know about them. And that’s what the Overnight CPA campaign is for. It’s to spread awareness of their brand, and expand their customer base.

And I get paid for joining?

No. You get paid for joining AND your Overnight promo code seeing activations! As I’ve said before, this isn’t the kind of thing where you can just clock in and watch the money roll in. It’s not the midnight shift at Mcdonald’s, where you do maybe fifteen minutes’ work and get paid for six hours. If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, then I apologize for wasting your time. Get a regular job somewhere else, you’ll probably be happier.

But if you’re looking for something that has the potential to scale exponentially, then this is it. If you’re good at it, you’ll start off working VERY hard. But as the results start to pour in from your work, you’ll be able to step back. Hell, a long time ago I was part of the Doordash affiliate program. I did one day’s worth of work. And To this day, I still get money every month from activations!

Okay, so how do I join?

PromoAffiliates is currently in charge of the Overnight CPA campaign. If you want to join, send us an email at aaron@promoaffiliates.com. Tell is why you would make a good fit for the Overnight CPA campaign. And if you’ve got prior experience with CPA campaigns, then tell us what other ones you’ve done work for. And if possible, also include your activation numbers.

On the other hand, if you’re completely new to affiliate work, then not to worry. Everyone started at the same point you did at one point in their lives. Why, even PromoAffiliates founder Aaron Leupp started out as an ambassador for Lyft. If you’re new, then simply tell us in the email why you want to join and what ideas you might have. And if you don’t have any ideas, then don’t worry…we’ll cover that in a bit.

So, what exactly is PromoAffiliates?

PromoAffiliates is a startup company that helps other startups reach their fullest potential. We have been featured in several different online publications, including TechCrunch, Huffington Post, And several other ones too. We oversee affiliate campaigns for many startups, and under out guidance they see their user base grow quickly. In fact, I can safely say that PromoAffiliates was the driving force behind Lyft’s ascent into mainstream use! And we’re proud to have the opportunity to do the same for the Overnight CPA campaign.

As I’ve said before, PromoAffiliates founder and CEO Aaron Leupp started out as a promoter too. After moving to Los Angeles, he began promoting for different clubs and bars in the area. This includes smaller ones like No Vacancy, to huge hotspots like the Belasco club.

The day after he gave his promo code to some people he was taking to Belasco, he looked at his activation numbers the next day. The money numbers he saw made him realize something very important. He realized he could make a lot more money promoting for start-ups then he could for clubs and bars.

Okay, so when does PromoAffiliates come into it?

Well, after that day he quit promoting for clubs and bars and began promoting for start-ups full-time. He made quite a bit of money doing it, enough to live comfortably in Los Angeles. And for those of you who know Los Angeles, it’s pretty expensive to live there.

But while doing this work, he realize that it wasn’t so easy for new people to get into it. A new way of doing things was needed. Ad so he started PromoAffiliates to help connect people wanting affiliate work, with companies giving it. We’ve helped many different companies, and we’re looking forward to serving Overnight the same way with their Overnight CPA campaign.

Got any helpful blurbs or tips to get me started?

It just so happens that I have a certain amount of affiliate experience myself. So I’ve put together a short list of tips to help all you new people get going. People with experience in this field probably won’t need to read this part.

Helpful suggestions about how to get started with the Overnight CPA campaign

Tip: Put your promo codes online for all to see!

Now this strategy can either make you a ton of money, or make you nothing at all. It all depends on how you go about it. You can’t just expect to slap your Overnight promo code up on retailmenot.com and make thousands from that one move. In fact, I recommend staying away from that site and most other coupon sites entirely. The competition on the site is incredibly fierce, and you will probably get lost in a sea of other promo codes. If a pigeon lands in a huge group of other pigeons, then it ceases to stand out at all.

Instead of being a pigeon and fighting with hundreds of other pigeons over crumbs, do something else. Be the opportunistic seagull, who breaks away from the flock to go where food is plentiful. Do your Overnight CPA campaign work where there isn’t a lot of it being done. That way, you’ll stand out more and reap more of the rewards.

Now as I’ve said before, there’s several ways to tackle your online affiliate work.

Coattail onto someone else’s website

This method doesn’t have quite as much hustle behind it as the others do. This involves putting your overnight promo code up on someone else’s well-known, established website. Usually, you will have to pay the website’s owner for the privilege of doing this though. Depending on how much traffic to website receives, and what the people come there to read about, this could either be helpful or harmful.

Renting some space on someone else’s travel website, for example, can bring you just the kind of traffic that you need. The people that come to these websites come looking for knowledge and recommendations for their own travels. Those are the kinds of people that will use your promo code, and get you those activations. This would be much better than renting space on a health food website, where people who come there might not care about Overnight.

However, this is also risky. The owner of the travel website might decide to get in on the Overnight CPA campaign themselves, and shut you out of their site.  Then, not only have you lost your spot, but now you have a competitor. A competitor with a very healthy, highly trafficked website.

Start your own affiliate blogging websit

This method requires probably the greatest amount of work of any of my suggestions. However, done right, this can also yield the greatest return of investment on the Overnight CPA campaign. It’s also ideal for people who are affiliating for multiple startups through PromoAffiliates. This is because you can put all your promo codes up on one sight. When I was talking about the affiliate that made over $100,000 in one month, this is what he did. But there’s a very wrong way to do this, and a very right way, too.

It’s not enough to just start a WordPress site, lazily slap your Overnight promo code up, and hope for the best. If you do that, chances are that nobody will ever see your website.

There’s a reason that I say that this method requires the most work out of any. You need to build your website properly, and make it easy for users to read a navigate. You also need to make it look nice. Because if it doesn’t look nice, viewers will get bored, leave, and not come back. And that’s one less activation for your Overnight CPA campaign.

A nice house is just a building unless there’s stuff in it

But even if your website looks nice, it’s still won’t get traffic is all there is is your promo codes. Your website also needs to have lots of good, well written content. You can write about whatever you want, but usually it should be something pertaining to the service your promo code will get. In this case, you can write about Overnight, the service that provides, and more.

This kind of relevant content is what will attract readers. But when it comes to activations for your Overnight CPA campaign, good content isn’t worth squat on its own. In order for your contact to be effective, it also needs to be optimized for SEO.

Yeah, just what is SEO?

SEO is just an acronym for search engine optimization. In short, this is what determines where your website pops up on Google. If your SEO is really good, then you’ll probably be somewhere on the first page, maybe even at the very top.

This is the best thing you can have, because let’s face it, people have very short attention spans. If they Google Overnight promo code, they’re just looking for the code. They’re going to click the first thing that pops up. And unless that first thing is your blog, you miss out on Overnight CPA campaign activations.

On the other hand, if your SEO is terrible, then your blog will probably show up on one of the other pages. It might appear on the second, third, sixth, or further page. This pretty much guarantees that you won’t get any Overnight CPA campaign code activations.

Don’t know anything about SEO, then that’s ok. There are hundreds of sources to learn about SEO from for free online. There is even some on our very own PromoAffiliates website.  Bone up on your SEO knowledge, and it will go along way toward getting you more activations. And that means more money from the Overnight CPA campaign.

Another way to get your Overnight promo code out there, is to hit the streets.

This one doesn’t involve as much brainpower, as it does legwork. It’s pretty much exactly what it says it is. You pick some ideal places, you go there, and pass out your promo code on cards. This can help you boost your Overnight CPA campaign numbers a lot. I cover this method a lot more extensively on some of my other blogs. You can check them out on out PromoAffiliates website.

But the best advice I can give you, I’ve already said.

No matter what strategy you choose, you’ll never succeed without hard work. But it’s not just hard work that counts, it’s smart work. Remember what Abraham Lincoln said. “if I was given five hours to cut down a tree, I would spend the first for sharpening my axe.”

And you must thing the same way to succeed. The Overnight CPA campaign can be incredibly profitable for you. But if you’re working without smarts or hustle, you won’t succeed. You need both. And if you’ve got both, email us at aaron@promoaffiliates.com to get started with the Overnight CPA campaign!

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