PromoAffiliates – Postmates, & Saucey CPA Campaigns for Influencers

PromoAffiliates – Postmates, & Saucey CPA Campaigns for Influencers

By Sean Turtle, COO PromoAffiliates  – March 3, 2017 — 11:30 AM PDT


We have a great article here about app promotions including Uber, Postmates, Drizly, and Saucey CPA campaigns.  You can make thousands promoting promo codes for free food and more.  Social media influencers with popularity across many platforms are able to promote their own content with promo codes for free stuff.  Contact for your unique promo code for the top brands right away.

All of our different programs, from Uber to Saucey CPA campaigns, we have the same approach. We are trying to get users to try the apps with promo codes. We get data monthly from all the brands but how many activations our affiliates have received. Activations are when people try the promo code for their first time.

It’s a total win-win for the brands we represent, our affiliates, and us. We have the notoriety of getting over 500,000 new users in three years! Our plans are to take our current clients to great heights as well. We cannot do this without you! We have many other articles on this topic for further reference.The future awaits and is there for those who have the courage to create it.

PromoAffiliates Basics

At PromoAffiliates, we are an agency that works with some of the top apps and brands. We use promo codes to get the word out about our clients. We are working with some of the top bloggers and influencers because of their ability to reach big audiences.

One of our newest clients is being promoted with our Saucey CPA campaigns.  Our goals are all about getting our clients thousands of new activations. You can see some of our press link to our website. We are part of several big trends like influencer marketing.  

We pay all of our affiliates every month based on how many activations they had in the calendar month. With a simple platform and besides a few guidelines, you have complete creative freedom to make content to promote the Saucey CPA campaigns.  

If you have never worked with affiliate marketing before, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need. Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool for browns and the compensation is pretty good for just getting new users to try something. When you make content for our Saucey CPA campaigns, you will feature of the promo code somehow.

Why We Partner With Influencers for Our Saucey CPA Campaigns

First of all, we work with influencers with all levels of popularity.  In fact, micro-influencers is a big buzz word that refers to someone who has between 50,000 –  500,000 followers.  Obviously, it may be easier to get more activations with more people.  But you’d be surprised.  Sometimes have less followers can be more engaging and feel closer to the influencer.  There are a lot of factors but the basic idea is that if you tell your followers to try Saucey or some other brand, we only pay you if they do.  

True, just mentioning a brand to your audience gives the brand more credibility.  A recent article on this site points out how influencers help with both credibility and SEO.  The author says that because “influencers are third parties, consumers are more likely to trust them when they” mention a product or say that they like it.  SEO means that the brand is showing up at the top of Google search results.  The author mentions that a great benefit of working with influencers is that the influencer partnership will create organic links.  So if an influencer is will to review or feature a brand, this will create more links for the brand that Google will recognize.

Getting Your Audience Involved in the Conversation

So on top of all of this, we basically work with influencers for the amount of reach that they carry.  When a big YouTuber makes a video for the Saucey CPA campaigns, it can be super effective and the interest it generates is very quick.  As I mentioned in another article, it is like starting a conversation with a bunch of people at once.  We feel it is even more powerful with affiliate marketing.  The conversation can easily go both ways.  The influencer can ask their audience to send screenshots of the checkout screen or upload a picture or something.  This will help other followers want to get involved.

Featuring brands is more than just a casual mention.  You can be creative and do blind taste tests or order from two different apps to see who gets there first.  Audiences love comparisons.  It gives you a lot of credibility too because you seem more informative.  Make your social media more than just entertainment.  Give you followers some great information too.  You will see your engagement go up tremendously.  People will share your content more often if there is some great information.  

What is Saucey?

Saucey is a miracle in technology platforms. The Saucey app allows users to get alcohol delivered to their door step. With partnerships with retail alcohol sellers, there is a huge selection. Saucey claims that they’ll be able to get you your order in 20 to 40 minutes. This is a huge claim and by meeting this, customers are going to definitely stick with the brand.

The name sounds playful and maybe comes from the term sauced. Sauced would generally mean that you were drunk.  I would have called it ‘the Sauce’ but I’ve never worked for an app so who cares what I would do. But seriously sauce also makes me think of a mixture of something. This is good because the app provides nonalcoholic mixers and recipes for cocktails. People like to feel involved with their drinking so helping them create drinks is a great idea.

How the Saucey Promo Code Works

In pretty typical fashion, users into the Saucey promo code at checkout. This means that it is super important to let your audience know how to enter the promo code. Imagine if a lot of people saw your promo code but didn’t use it because I didn’t know how. That would be tragic.  Members of our Saucey CPA campaigns should be well aware of how the code works.  

Saucey has the rule of one code per order which is pretty standard. So users must have the app downloaded and everything filled out. Once this is done they can begin shopping and then they enter the promo code at the checkout screen.  

Promo codes can expire so make sure that yours works before promoting it or putting it in some content like a YouTube video. It’s pretty awesome that you were able to give new users a promo code to get a discount for the first time.

Remember, whenever someone uses your promo code it is called an activation. These activations are tracked and the data is sent to us monthly. We do payouts on the 16th of every month based on the previous month data.  Contact or show this address to your audiences if they experience any problems with the Saucey promo code.

Benefits of Saucey

In the Saucey CPA campaigns, bloggers and influencers have the opportunity to spread the word about a very beneficial app. In the section I will go over some of the basic benefits Saucey.  

Above all, the app is very convenient allowing people to get alcohol delivered to their doorstep. Not only this, but people can get the alcohol delivered in a very timely manner. With built-in GPS, the delivery driver automatically knows where to go.  

Secondly, Saucey is helping retail and  liquor stores distribute product to a wider base of customers. Though Saucey is only a few markets, is still collaborating with many retail and liquor stores.  

Another great benefit is how user-friendly the app is. It is amazing to work with the With Saucey CPA campaigns because of how simplistic everything is. It’s easy on your end because you just promote the promo codes to your audience. It is easy on the end of the user who just has to follow simple directions.  

There are so many cookie cutter apps out there but Saucey remains a real fluid app that probably doesn’t crash much.  Infrastructure is important and even if someone isn’t a tech nerd, they can see if the after using is clunky.

Ideal Saucey Customers

The Saucey CPA campaigns focus on a variety of customers because generally anyone who drinks is a potential customer.  One major market that is controversial would be college students. A lot of college students are of legal drinking age but these companies are trying to promote responsible drinking.

Either way, college students make up a segment of the population who are ideal customers. They are akin to technology and on demand culture. Plus they are notorious for partying. Saucey CPA campaigns can we advertise how are you want within our guidelines from the client.

An advertisement that said something like ‘free booze’ is OK but I’m sure you can figure out other words to get people excited. The promotion speaks for itself and anytime you’re giving away something free or at a discount, people will respond.

Another thing about college student is that they spread news very quickly. Word-of-mouth advertising is more influential with college students. If you are an influencer and college students are some of your Fanbase then this would be a segment to focus on. Analyze your audience to figure out how to approach different brands. You wouldn’t advertise Uber the same way you advertise Saucey.

Saucey VS Retail Liquor  

In the few cities that Saucey operates in, there are a lot of delivery options for alcohol now. The competition is growing in this market despite many legalities that are faced.  As I pointed out in some articles for our site, Drizly is not only a competitor but a company that has laid a lot of the groundwork for alcohol delivery.

Some of the competition is from liquor stores and retail themselves. A lot of stores have their own delivery system in place. Even though they are excited for the new technology, they haven’t gotten rid of their delivery employees yet.As technology continues to improve and apps are developed more and more, competition for Saucey is bound to increase dramatically. On demand apps are becoming more and more popular despite some criticism.

Business researchers at University of Washington in St. Louis have been analyzing Airbnb and racial profiling.  I heard a story on NPR about this situation. Apparently researchers were submitting hundreds of request under names that sounded African-American. They found that when there were positive reviews or negative people were actually ignoring the racial prejudices.  

Airbnb is obviously very different from Saucey, but it shows that more information is a solution for these types of apps. The same is true when you’re trying to promote these apps. The more information you have the better you can address potential customers.

Using Twitter for Saucey CPA Campaigns

Twitter is an underused platform for promotions like the Saucey promo code.  According to Troy Hollenbeck of, “Twitter is the best social media platform to use for CPA promotion because it doesn’t have any advertising” and “you can usually get a massive amount of” interest from Twitter.

This holds true if you consider how many ads are on Facebook or Instagram.  This article makes me feel renewed and hopeful. I was one of the people who was thinking that Twitter was on it’s way out.  But this is so true.  We have influencers who are big on YouTube but they still post link to their videos on Twitter. seems like a great resource and I’ll continue to check through it’s content. This article that I’m referencing has 102 shares but could have had a lot more readers.  The article says that certain CPA offers work better than others.  I think that the Saucey CPA campaigns are great for Twitter because the service is new.  Not a lot of people are aware that alcohol delivery apps are doing it big.    

Mapping APIs – Technology That Makes it All Possible

In an in depth article from, contributing writer Wendy Schott goes over some of the technologies that make a lot of the on demand apps that we love possible.   I totally agree with her initial argument that we the users of the apps take most of the technology for granted.  I’ve mentioned this fact before.  We are into the why behind the apps but not the how.  As long at it works, that’s all we care about.

Here’s a glimpse into one of the major technologies that make the on demand apps functional.  Without the harmonious blending of APIs (application programming interfaces), on demand apps wouldn’t work.  That’s right, the lack of human interaction that we have grown accustomed to is only possible because of software built by humans.  This isn’t specifically about Saucey CPA campaigns but Saucey wouldn’t exist without this technology.  

The most important interfaces would have to be mapping APIs.  These are the interfaces that allow for “real-time navigation and map functionality” that almost every on demand service uses. Schott details how maps don’t just provide directions and give traffic updates.  Maps also provide estimated times of arrival.  Maps are the reason that Uber is where it is right now.  It wouldn’t be possible for delivery drivers to get your order to you.  

As CMO at PubNub, Schott is very experienced.  Her network is an innovative data stream that delivers APIs to developers.  PubNub sounds like an amazing and useful company.  Her experience is evident in this article and always has very good and updated information.  It is always good to learn something new and even better when it is relevant to your life or work.

Saucey Competition

In an old article from, a few on demand liquor delivery apps were featured.  Some of the apps aren’t around anymore so I will not discuss them.  As I have mentioned in several posts about Saucey, competition is pretty fierce in this arena.  It could be because of the highly funded company Drizly.  Entrepreneurs are paying close attention to the demand for this service.  One thing that stands in the way is the law.  How does that classic rock song go?  I fought the law and the law Juan or something.  I don’t know who Juan is but I hope he’s alright.

So one state that just gave some lead way was South Dakota.  The state House of Representatives voted unanimously to allow alcohol delivery.  The sad thing was that it wasn’t for the benefit of on demand apps like Saucey.  The customer has to pay for the alcohol on site and it’s only for minimum orders of $150.  Sorry South Dakota.  You’re better off brewing your own for now.  But be careful, that’s probably illegal too.  

Saucey VS Drizly

So I’ve written a bunch of content for Drizly because we are partnered with them too.  They are a solid company with a bunch of funding.  Their coverage includes some 40 cities including major markets like Seattle, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Denver to name a few.  A lot of the markets are only charged a small delivery fee and the alcohol is not marked up.  Partnering with Drizly means that your liquor store is getting more exposure and obviously more sales.  All partners pay a monthly licensing fee.

Drizly is known as a logistics company and has been around longer than almost all of the competition.  This gives them the upper hand in a lot of ways.  They have set up the standard that other apps have to at least match.  These apps are all about experience.  If you have a great experience with Drizly, chances are that you will only use them.  That is until another app comes along with a free promo code.  If their experience treats you better, then you may switch.  

Saucey VS Minibar

Minibar is actually not that mini!  They are in a lot of markets and some of the major ones are New York, Palm Beach, Austin, San Francisco to mention just a few.  What’s interesting about Minibar is that you can order from nearby liquor stores and get your booze on demand or schedule orders.  Imagine if you are returning from a trip and you order Minibar to deliver you some booze and schedule it to arrive the evening of your arrival.  

Convenience and experience are of the utmost importance to customers.  Technology and logistics are vital but if the front end experience doesn’t have wow factor, your app will not last long.  With our Saucey CPA campaigns and others, understanding the specifics of the competition will help you to deliver content with passion and information.  Your audience is looking to you to be informative.  It’s not enough to just say that a company or service is built on delivering product in less than an hour.  This is an example of a basic feature that every on demand app offers.  That’s why it’s on demand.


Thank you for considering working with PromoAffiliates on some of our affiliate programs.  We represent a lot of the tops brands and apps that you will enjoy making content for.  It’s so simple to work with us.  As I have mentioned, you sign up by contacting aaron@promoaffiliates, then #2, we issue you some unique promo codes.  We will analyze your social media accounts and see what programs are relevant to your image.  Next, we pay you based on how many activations your codes are getting.  

You can also request to work directly with me on this.  I can offer content ideas that are proven to get more engagement from your audience.  Also, I can contact specific brands that we don’t already work with to see if they are willing to sponsor content for you.  It’s no guarantee but it’s nice to have someone in your corner and contacting brands on your behalf. Your success is our main priority and we are committed to providing relevant exposure for our brands.

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