Tesla Ride Affiliate Program

Tesla Ride Affiliate Program

Tesla would like to have its own particular supply of autos to that they will dependably be accessible to take you where you have to go. These armadas are comprised of organization possessed autos and autos claimed by individuals. Instead of other rideshare administrations, Tesla’s vehicles are the greater part of their own model though another administration can have a wide exhibit of autos. At whatever point you arrange an auto from Tesla Ride, you know it will be of Tesla quality. With numerous autos available to them, you can simply rely on Tesla to have the capacity to give you a ride whenever. Envision having the capacity to request that a robot lift you up and take you to where you have to go. Tesla Ride is similar to that.

By taking a driverless auto, you can simply rely on having a ride. Here and there is a deficiency of human drivers in a few regions now and again. By not worrying about having drivers, Tesla can take care of the demand of a zone by discharging more autos into that range. It resembles these autos have their very own brain. Quite soon these autos will go to work simply like individuals. This may sound unnerving however it is the method for what’s to come.


We are a marketing agency for some of the top on demand apps in the app store. We have gotten over 500,000 sign ups for Uber and we are currently part of a team getting Postmates 100,000 new users per month! Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest areas in digital marketing and that is our bread and butter. We actually don’t eat a lot of bread in real life though.

At PromoAffiliates, We work with social media influencers and bloggers of all different types. Every time a new person uses your promo code you get paid. The amount is different for every campaign but PromoAffiliates will always make sure you have the highest commission possible. Our Uber codes will pay you $3 for every new user! If you do the math you can see that you can easy make a lot of money from just one Instagram post or YouTube video. I’ll be showing example below.

Advertising via Word of Mouth for Tesla Ride Affiliates program

All of our campaigns rely on a sort of supercharged word of mouth because influencers and bloggers communicate to a lot of people on their platforms. Word of mouth is a fundamental principle in marketing. Wikipedia brings up storytelling as an example of oral communication that is real or made up. Though we want all of your content to based in reality, our world demands fiction. We don’t just crave good drama and storytelling, we need it. It’s a form of escape to go to the movies!

Tesla Affiliate program bloggers

An important part of every affiliate program is to have a popular blog or website getting promo codes out to their readers. People are very trusting of popular blogs and also sites and will try what they suggest. Especially if they Google something and it leads them to a site or blog. This is called inbound marketing. Readers will take the advice of the site that the Google search led to. This is a whole article in itself but this is where search engine optimization comes in. SEO is where tactics are performed to increase the ranking of a site to rise closer to the number one search result spot on Google.


Right now, Tesla additionally offers rides from city to city. At present, the Tesloop offers rides from Southern California to Las Vegas and back. More courses are being included each day. You can ride with a guaranteed Tesla pilot and have an exceptional affair. Booking is simple and should be possible through the Tesloop site. Each ride accompanies luxuries like Wi-Fi, chargers and other solace items. Presently, you can utilize a Tesla for your ridesharing needs inside your city. Regardless of whether it’s only a ride to the store or on the off chance that you have to get crosswise over town, Tesla will have a vehicle prepared to take you where you have to go.

Riding in a Tesla is a remarkable affair and a business has been made as a result of it. Now and again, this experience can replace a flight. Suppose you need to fly out from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Utilizing a Tesla might be the approach. It might take somewhat more however the experience will be very predominant.

Tesla Help Line

On the off chance that you keep running into any confusions, the help line can help you. The line is accessible twenty-four hours a day to help you with any issues you may keep running into. The general population on the help line are continually hoping to help you and simply need to ensure your ride with Tesla goes as easily as could be expected under the circumstances. In some cases with certain rideshare organizations you won’t get a reaction for a few days however Tesla will hit you up as quickly as time permits.

In Conclusion

I hope that you decide to join one or all of our affiliate programs.  It’s as simple as 123 to get involved:  1) email aaron@promoaffiliates.com to sign up and get all the guidelines.  2) Promote your promo codes in your content on social media.  3) sit back and let the activations pour in and collect your monthly payments from us.

You can request from Aaron to work directly with me and I can analyze your social media accounts.  I will see what type of posts you get the most response from and also give you content ideas.  Even you find success, we can work towards getting direct sponsored content for brands.  I will be in your corner and contact them on your behalf.  I will show them data on how many activations you have gotten for our other clients and it will be easy for those other brands to make a deal!

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