Avery Rivera Makes $4,610 in His First Month

Affiliate Spotlight – Avery Rivera


Name: Avery Rivera
Hometown: El Paso, Tx
Current City: San Diego
PromoAffiliate Start Date: July, 2016
All Star Month: Earned $4,610 in DoorDash Activations

Hey Everyone! This month PromoAffiliates is proud to introduce Avery Rivera, all star Affiliate. In Avery’s first month he was able to earn over 4,500.00 in activation’s from DoorDash Referral codes. Fortunately, we were able to catch up with him on the topic and get some advice on his tactics and methods for you guys.

The Interview – By: Sean Turtle

What is your epic marketing hack?

Go to the right places!  It’s more than half the battle.  Senior citizens don’t use apps.

Where do you talk to people?

Restaurants, Bars, Local Gas Stations, Smoke Shops, places with high traffic where people are and even posting on community boards.

Marketing Tools:

Business cards, flyers,  8.5 x 11 Posters with tear off tabs, word of mouth

What is your motivation?

This is what I love doing.  I’m interested in guerilla marketing tactics and finding new ways to market things.  It’s fun for me!

Describe YOU in three words:

Almost Functioning Adult

Besides PromoAffiliates, what do you do for work?

Pizza Delivery Driver.  It’s my first consistent job in 18 months.

What do you want to say to potential Affiliates?

Make sure it’s something you can do and want to do.  This is a job where you don’t see the results right in front of you so you have to make an impact.

What do you like about PromoAffiliates?

The Freedom.  No one is telling you how to do things.  The Facebook Group is great and builds a sense of community.

What do you do for fun?

I like to make music and movies with my friends.  I’m creative in many ways.  

What are your plans for the future?

To have fun!  I want to get back into school in the future.