Drizly Affiliates Program for CPA Deals and Social Media Influencers

Drizly Affiliates Program for CPA Deals and Social Media Influencers

By Sean Turtle, COO PromoAffiliates  – January 31, 2017 — 11:30 AM PDT

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PromoAffiliates is looking to work with the best digital marketers and social influencers for our Drizly affiliates program! The Drizly promo code is very popular and saving people on their first alcohol delivery order. Thousands of people are searching for Drizly promo codes every month! Digital marketers can be bloggers or site owners with high traffic or CPA or PPC types who work in the paid ad space.

Social media influencers interested in joining the Drizly affiliates program can be popular on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or others and have great success with us. Popularity is relative and we will analyze your engagement. Email Aaron@promoaffiliates.com today for your unique Drizly promo code! We pay out monthly based on activations of your promo code. This means that every time someone uses your code to try the service for the first time, you get paid!  It’s incredibly easy to leverage these promo codes online.  

Easiest Promotion Ever!  Drizly Affiliates Program

The Drizly affiliates program is very easy to promote because you are giving the potential new users a chance to try Drizly alcohol for a discount. In addition, alcohol delivery is a new concept except for keg delivery. This is not the only campaign that we have and you can take advantage of others by signing up with us. We have worked with several different brands and have chosen to promote this Drizly affiliates program because of how popular the app is getting. We follow these trends closely. I will go into detail about the location and how the app works later in this post. Below find a table of contents so you can help navigate this post a little bit easier.

You’ve Found the Right Program

If you’re considering working with us but you don’t quite understand what the program is, you can reach out to me directly for information. But bare with us and try to look through this post to find your answers. I will be going through and talking directly to bloggers at times and directly to social influencers other times. In addition I will be writing from the perspective of a marketer to potential customers.

This is partially to show you an example of how to address potential customers and I want you to try the service to see you are very familiar with it. The best way to get users to try something just to try it yourself and develop a passion in perspective for it.  You will find the experience easy and worth it!

Contents of Article – Drizly Affiliates Program

About PromoAffiliates

What is Drizly

How the Promo Code Works

Benefits of Drizly

Drizly Culture

Drizly News

Making Great Content

Drizly Competition

PromoAffiliates Press



Who is PromoAffiliates?

PromoAffiliates is an agency that has worked with several app campaigns and a few other companies. I have been with PromoAffiliates for a few years and have learned so much about promotions and leadership. We went from street team promotions to our current efforts with digital marketing. You may already know but digital marketing is a multibillion dollar industry and it is exciting to see trends like affiliate marketing and social media influencer marketing dominating the game!  Our intention is to give you promo codes to promote so that others will want to try the app.

At the end of this post I will talk about some of our press coverage. But basically we are a marketing agency that focuses on brands that have promotions for their new users. So for example, this Drizly promo that we are inviting you into allows users to get a discount on their first delivery of alcohol. The Drizly affiliates program is great because you are essentially giving away something for free. It is a lot easier for someone to try this service then buy a product or something that is expensive. There is very little commitment in trying a service once.

What is Drizly?

The reason for the Drizly promo is to promote a company whose mission is all about disrupting the way alcohol is shopped, sold, and shared. I don’t know about the sharing part but I do understand how it is sold. Typically, we see alcohol as something that is sold in what we call liquor stores or grocery stores.

What’s interesting is that the cheapest place to get alcohol is pharmacy type stores like CVS or RiteAid. What does that tell you? When we want wine, beer, or something like that, we have to get up and go out to get it. Well Drizly is an on-demand alcohol delivery platform. The best way to think about it is the Uber of alcohol delivery. Uber is about delivering humans! And they are huge!  Join our Drizly affiliates program!

Drizly started when two young entrepreneurs asked the question ‘why can’t you get beer delivered?’ After googling it and researching online all night, they found that it wasn’t illegal to deliver alcohol in Massachusetts. But they also found that nobody was doing it the way they saw fit. The rest is on-demand alcohol delivery history! The best part about this story is that by being a member of our Drizly affiliates program, you can take advantage of their success. It’s a win-win situation if you think about it. Our affiliates give away a Drizly promo code and get paid for every new user that tries it.

How the Drizly Promo Works

Luckily for potential users, Drizly is easy and very convenient. Firstly, you have to create an account with the Drizly app. This is the part where the platform make sure you are legally of age to shop. Also, this is where are users will input the information like payment, shipping address, and other details. After this, the user will simply go shopping and and then proceed to checkout. At check out, is where they will see the promo code section where they can enter your unique code. As a blogger you can post pictures or screenshots of this to ensure that that you put your code in the appropriate place. As a social influencer, you can actually use screen capture to make great contact to show your audience how to use the code. Make a video or post showing how to do this step!

To be clear, the Drizly referral program is very different from affiliate programs. Any user of the Drizly app can generate a customer referral code that will give five dollars off of a friend or family member’s first purchase. So regular users of the app will receive a five dollar off promo code for every friend or family to use for their first time. Your participation in the Drizly affiliates program means that we are paying cash every time someone uses your unique promo code. Cash is better than credits!

Show Users the Process for the Drizly Promo Code 

So make sure that you get the point across to potential new users that they will be inputting your unique promo code at checkout! This is crucial because some people may think that there is no code or they may think that it was just a trick to get them to buy. Because they do the shopping before the input the code, you have to stress this point. It’s pretty easy if you use pictures and if you’re a social media influencer if you take them through the steps in your video content.

Benefits of the Drizly App

Operating in 28 cities, Drizly is planning to expand greatly in the next year. The first an obvious benefit to Drizly is that you can stay home and drink without worry of the problems that go along with public drinking. Remember prohibition? Of course you don’t because you’re not 100 years old. Back in the day people’s right to consuming alcohol was taken away by the government.

These poor folks rioted and some people made tons of money illegally by making a distributing alcohol. The Drizly blog has a lot of great articles for you to check out. According to them, you can save 75% of your expenses by staying in to drink instead of going out. This includes taking a cab or Uber and actually purchasing the drinks at clubs or bars.

Another one of the benefits for Drizly is how fast you can get your order. A typical delivery takes only 20 – 40 minutes. The purchase and the delivery fee goes entirely to the liquor store. Drizly get their money from selling ZIP Code subscriptions to liquor stores for the opportunity to be an on-call provider. It’s a super intelligent idea and platform model. And again, being an affiliate with us gives you the ability to make money off of this technology!

Behind the scenes, the people over at Drizly are really serious about analyzing the data that they get in. Drizly will leverage this data and advertising metrics that they collect which four of them will help them to revolutionize the beverage industry. They see the liquor store as really old-school and devoid of technology. The company is really much more than just a delivery platform.  Join our Drizly affiliates program!

A Peek at the Drizly Culture and Demographics

One article I read that came out a few years ago said that Drizly’s average customer was a 31-year-old male. But I saw a news report on TV last night that was saying the millennial market is drinking wine more than any other market. What’s strange is that the same market is having less sex than other generations have had in the past. Maybe we’re not drinking enough wine! But seriously, the numbers are different and hard to keep track of as far as demographics. Drizly will really probably release this information. I do have some information on beer specifically.

According to the national beer and wine association, bad weather, global uncertainty, and market adjustments affect beer and wine specifically. They show that even though the total population over 21 has risen by almost 3% in 2015, The number of gallons per year consumed has gone down.

Drizly in the News

There are many competitors in the on-demand delivery of alcohol which I go into at the end of this post. But according to TechCrunch, Drizly is one of the few that has grown to over 2 million deliveries per month.  The platform allows users to see more pictures and lets the merchants display real-time inventory of product.  

A lot of Drizly’s press targets the launch of the service in specific areas.  This is important because it means that their PR department is releasing this info to the public.  As a member of our Drizly affiliates program, you can follow this example.  By putting in your paid ads city names or names of events like conferences in certain cities, you will gain more activations of your Drizly promo code.  Let us help you with your epic success with our Drizly affiliates program.

Making Great Content

As I mentioned in the last section, using city names and names of city-specific events will help you gain activations from those cities.  If this tactic was focused on the new cities where Drizly has recently launched, it will be even more impactful.  But an important thing to consider is the quality of the content.  If you look at Drizly on Pinterest, you will see nothing but excellent pictures highlighting drinks and even recipes for drinks.  Drizly is smart and they highlight the product that they deliver.

It’s like Uber highlighting models of cars or something.  Uber doesn’t own any cars like Drizly doesn’t own any liquor stores or alcohol brands.  But they highlight the product that they deliver.  As a Drizly affiliate, don’t just promote ‘free alcohol delivery’ or your Drizly promo code.  Push the alcohol itself.  

Drizly doesn’t do it alone and a report in AdWeek recently detailed the app’s partnership with a prominent ad agency.  Reade Maier, a member of mcgarrybowen’s newest business team, mbForge, came up with the idea at last year’s CES conference.  mbForge is the mcgarrybowen’s “division dedicated to grow startups.”  They are not an incubator and only work with company’s that are venture capital-backed and currently in the seed, series A, or series B funding rounds.  They are a community touch company not “tech-first company.”

Drizly Competition

In this section of the post I will go over the top five alcohol delivery competitors that Drizly will have to work to dominate. Similar competitors will have promo codes like the Drizly promo. But it’s important to note that there are good and bad things about each competitor. Feel free to try some of the competitors as well as Drizly to see how your experiences and to help you promote for our Drizly affiliates program.

Postmates Alcohol Deliveries

We also have a postmates affiliate program that you can take advantage of. It’s always best to have multiple services on your roster. The Postmates alcohol deliveries have started in San Francisco and Los Angeles recently. I’m not sure what other markets they are in but this is definitely competition for Drizly. One reason why it’s so competitive is because they’re promising consumers that they can get their delivery and under 25 minutes!

Additionally, Postmates is offering certain subscribers free delivery on all alcohol orders. The way it works is that certain Postmates customers are called unlimited subscribers and they get free delivery. Non-subscribers will get free delivery on any order that totals over $30.

Minibar App Alcohol Delivery

Featured in several news outlets like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, the minibar app is in over 30 cities. They are a direct competitor to Drizly and it seems like a good service. I don’t know how long they’ve been around but the two promised delivery in under an hour. What’s great about the minibar app is that it was started by two women, compared to the Drizly app which was started by two men. I hope to one day live in a matriarchal society!  The company has almost tripled the amount of cities in 2016 alone. Now you can see how competitive the space is. What’s great is that in the future we may even have more alcohol delivery platforms on our roster!

Amazon Partners with Surdyk’s

According to TCBmag.com, Amazon has partnered with an online retailer to make delivery of beer and wine available in about an hour delivery time. are you seeing a pattern here? It seems that everybody wants to have their delivery in under an hour to compete in the marketplace. As an advertiser, we have the freedom to make claims about “quickest delivery time” and things like that.

So members of Amazon prime can receive delivery phone more than 700 beers, 1200 spirit, and 1300 wines in The Twin Cities. The expansion is also gone to Chicago, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle. Another trend I’m noticing with these competitors is that they can scale very quickly. It must not be hard to get a liquor store to sign up if you’re paying them to be on the platform.

Saucey 1-hour Alcohol Delivery

Available in five cities, Saucey’s couriers can’t see orders and sign up to handle each delivery. It’s a very smart model and hopefully this company can expand to more markets. A recent partnership with BevMo is going to help both brands grow to new customers. BevMo is a specialty beverage retailer so this mean attract customers in a very competitive market. I can imagine that some large national chains may develop their own platform to compete.


Grocery delivery service Instacart, has joined the ranks by offering alcohol delivery. I don’t know how many markets it is available in but they are already doing well with grocery delivery. On their terms and conditions section of their website, it says that you may have the option to order delivery of alcohol products but only certain locations and retailers have this option.

It seems that back in 2012 they stop selling alcohol for compliance reasons but they must’ve brought it back recently. I guess the scale of this market depends on federal and state laws which affects many platforms when they’re trying to grow big. Uber is the best evidence of this who was completely kicked out of Columbia altogether due to the taxi prominence in government.

PromoAffiliates in the News

When it comes to downloads and activations, both are considered types of user acquisition.  Last year, our effort here at PromoAffiliates, were blurbed about in an article on Tech.co.  Our partnerships with social celebrities or influencers was touted by Steve Young.  As a Tech.co contributing writer, he called our work as “fun content and videos that drive organic traffic and new downloads” to our clients!

Young highlighted our funnest video collaboration which was with viral YouTuber Coby Persin. Coby’s Uber prank video was based on the idea that he was going to pick up people in a really really fancy car. This was instead of the regular car that the Uber app told them to expect.  Check out the link below!  

I’m not sure if prank videos are the best for promotions but they do get a lot of traffic.  Our research has shown that any content that is generally lifestyle in nature will work.  If we can highlight our influencers using Drizly to order alcohol, then that is relevant and it won’t seem like a placed ad.


Thank you so much for checking out our site and considering your future with affiliate marketing of the Drizly promo code.  We encourage you to contact us with details about your experience to see if you’d be a good fit for our Drizly affiliates program or some of our other programs.  If you are a social media influencer, you may not have any experience with affiliate deal so contact us and we will make a plan of attack with forecasts on the potential success.  1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (No Ratings Yet)