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I’m going to do something I don’t normally do: skip the piece of pie, and get right into things. And in case you don’t know, the ‘piece of pie’ is a journalism term for an intro that hooks readers. So, I’m just going to skip over that, and go right into Freshly.

So what on earth is Freshly?

          I know what you might be thinking. It might sound like one, but Freshly is not a brand of organic super-greens for juicing. In fact, it puts you in a place to have access to more than just greens. No, Freshly is, in the simplest of terms, a meal cooking and delivery service.

But to understand why it’s so fantastic, we need to go beyond just the simplest of terms. However we will be doing that in just a bit. First, it’s more important to talk about the Freshly CPA campaigns, which is probably why you clicked on this article.

The Freshly CPA campaigns. What it is, and how to benefit from it

          For those of you who are pretty new to this, CPA stands for cost-per-activation. It means the company running the program is actually fronting their own money to keep it going. Every activation has a cost; hence, cost per activation. The cost for the Freshly CPA campaigns comes on two fronts.

First, there’s the cost of the discount given to the new user when the promo code is entered. It’s pretty similar to letting a customer try a service for free. Sure, it costs Freshly money, but letting a customer try something before committing with full price is a proven way to sell.

Second, the Freshly CPA campaigns have a cost-per-activation because they pay the owner of the promo code the customer uses. That’s right, if you’re the person who gave the customer the promo code, you get paid.

I get paid to give free stuff away? Where do I sign up?

Lucky for you, they are looking for new people to join the Freshly CPA campaigns. Freshly is already popular, but they want to grow and expand much more than they have. And these days, the best way to do that is with an ambassador program of sorts. It’s the same kind of thing that put Lyft on the map, and the same thing that made Uber popular. And people like you stand to benefit from it.

You didn’t answer my question; How do I sign up?

You can sign up for the Freshly CPA campaigns by sending us an email at Say why you want to join the program, and what makes you a good addition to it. If you’re an ambassador veteran, startups you’re affiliated for would be a welcome addition to the email. And if you’ve hung onto your activation numbers, those would be great too.

Couse, if you’ve never been an ambassador before, that shouldn’t discourage you from applying anyway. No ambassador popped out of their mother’s womb with experience in the field already, after all. But if you’re new, you’re gonna need to work even harder. Again though, that shouldn’t stop you…you stand to make tons of money with the Freshly CPA program.

Wait, I thought this was the Freshly CPA campaigns. Why am I emailing PromoAffiliates?

          That’s because we’re quite fortunate to be working with them! Yep, Freshly and PromoAffiliates are teaming up to take their customer base to new heights. PromoAffiliates has an existing roster with many well-known businesses, including Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Drizly, and many others. And we’re very excited that Freshly will be joining our roster!

What the heck is PromoAffiliates?

          Simply put, PromoAffiliates is a company that helps other budding companies reach their fullest potential with their customer bases. TO quote a story about us in TechCrunch, we are “a startup that distributes promo codes for other startups.” But distributing promo codes is just a part of what we at PromoAffiliates do. We also serve to bridge the gap between businesses who want ambassadors, And people who want to be ambassadors for them.

All too often, becoming an affiliate isn’t as simple as calling the company up and saying “hey, make me an affiliate!” These companies are all too often putting their resources toward more pressing matters. These include managing an increasing customer base, helping serve existing customers, and many other things. And as such, PromoAffiliates helps them find people willing to be ambassadors. And in this case, helps find those who want to join the Freshly CPA campaigns.

PromoAffiliates started from a Lyft and Uber affiliate who had an idea. CEO and founder Aaron Leupp realized that people could make lots of money in these lucrative programs. He also saw that it was more difficult for people who wanted this line of work to reach businesses about it. And so, fast forwarding to now from a few years ago, and PromoAffiliates is still bridging that gap.

What happens after I send an email?

Our team will look over it and decide if you have what it takes to join the Freshly CPA campaigns. There may be a slight chance we will ask for some follow-up contact. An email perhaps, or maybe even a phone call. But in the event that you fit the bill well, we will send you your own Freshly promo code. This is a tool that you will use to make a LOT of money, if you’re any good at the Freshly CPA campaigns. And done right, it’s a tool that can make you hundreds of thousands.

Alright, I wanna get started. Any pointers?

          Plenty. In fact, pointers for new members for the Freshly CPA campaigns are the main reason for this blog. Veterans, you will already have some idea of what to do. New people, you might want to pay attention. Utilize these well, and the Freshly CPA campaigns will pay well.

Tips on making the most in the Freshly CPA campaigns

What will help make me good at working the Freshly CPA campaigns?

No matter what company you work as an affiliate for, it always boils down to the same thing. The things that will make you good at this can’t be bought. However, lucky for you they don’t need to be. Everything you need, you already have.

Hard work, or hustle

          You can be the greatest chef in the entire world. You can have more talent than Gordon Ramsay,  Graham Elliot, and Massimo Bottura put together. But it won’t matter one bit unless you get off your ass and start cooking. And even then that’s not enough; you need to cook for people at the bottom before working your way to the top.

Talent and smarts is not enough, especially in this day and age. The ambassador field is rife with competition, and the Freshly CPA campaigns will be no different. Every second you’re not working, someone else is. Some people see over a hundred thousand dollars a month by being an affiliate. But they don’t get there by not working.

Work harder…but work smarter

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” – Abraham Lincoln

Hard work is meaningless unless it is applied the right way. This is especially true with the Freshly CPA campaigns, or any campaigns for that matter.

You can go out to pass out your Freshly promo code, and get no results if you go to the wrong place. You can build an affiliate blogging website, and see no results if you build it wrong. Does that mean you just do the exact same thing again the next day? No. You think about what you did wrong, and try again based on your conclusion.

One of the most important tie-in qualities with this, is you need to NEVER STOP LEARNING. This is especially true if you choose the online marketing method. Things are changing constantly, and if you’re not up to date you will  get left behind.

Hard work and smart are much less valuable without creativity

“Every moment in business happens only once” – Peter Thiel

          You can be a hard worker and be smart, and do okay with the Freshly CPA campaigns. Who knows, you might make a couple hundred, or even a couple thousand dollars.

But if you really want to blow it up and make loads of money, then you need to be better than that. Creativity will help you figure out new, innovative ways to apply your work ethic and knowledge through.

This is the trait that will set you apart from the rest of the Freshly CPA campaigns members. The other traits allow you to compete, but this allows you to rise above. As the above Peter Thiel quote states, in every business something can only happen once. And I’m not saying there can only be one memo ever made, or one sale. No, I’m talking about the big, deciding moments. The iPod can only be invented once. Video chat is only invented once.

In your case, a new, successful way to do affiliate marketing is only discovered once. After that, everyone who rushes to copy your successful model will be imitators. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can have a lot of success by becoming a great affiliate blogger, for example. campaigns. After all, Death Battle fans will know that the original isn’t ALWAYS the best.

However, it is most always some sort of edge, realized by creative thinking, that will put you on top. For example, you might figure out something new that puts your website above all others on Google. As I said before, the smart, hard-working people will do fine. But those who are that PLUS creative, will flourish.

Know a bit more about Freshly

In order to maximize your benefits from the Freshly CPA campaigns, you need to be able to convince people to use your code. And there’s no better way to do this than by knowing Freshly better. This way, you can easily convince anyone to use your promo codes. After all, you’re trying to convince people to accept free stuff from you. It really shouldn’t be that hard.

Freshly is a food preparation and delivery service, at it’s core. But go deeper than that, and you can easily tell people why they should love it. Freshly’s meals aren’t just delicious, but they are healthy, too. Every single one of their meals is gluten free. And this is good for people with gluten intolerance, or just prefer not to eat gluten.

What’s more, every single one of their meals is high in protein. It’s a proven fact that high-protein meals help the person consuming them to feel full longer. This helps cuts down on things like late-night snacking. All great talking points for the Freshly CPA campaigns.

Not only is Freshly’s food delicious, but it is already cooked. This means that you can eat it after just a quick trip to your microwave. Their food is never frozen, so it arrives at your doorstep as fresh as possible. It takes almost no preparation…heat and eat. And best of all in my opinion, there is no cleanup, no dishes to do afterward. But I’m a lazy guy…and chances are that’s not very uncommon. So this should be an easy sell for the Freshly CPA campaigns.

Customers can go to to pick their meal plan. They can also pick which meals they want delivered each week. And if they use your Freshly promo code, they get a huge discount!

Go old school; hit the streets with the Freshly CPA campaigns

This is the original method for ambassadors, the original hustle for the go-getters. Nothing quite like that person-to-person communication that reassures someone like nothing else can. However, I’m definitely not advocating walking outside your house and hitting your neighbor’s doorsteps in succession. You’re part of the Freshly CPA campaign, not an elementary school candy fund-raiser.

No, this will requite some more smarts and finesse. Think about it. Where can you go where everyone would not just greatly benefit from, but love to have a Freshly promo code? And where could your Freshly CPA campaign work pay off the most?

freshly cpa

Health fairs

          They have one of these yearly where I live. At every single one thousands of people come, and they all have one thing in mind. They all want to live healthier lifestyles. They all want to feel better through their habits and decisions. And they come here to get help from a bunch of people on doing that.

This is pretty much the kind of thing that Freshly was created to address. It would be all too easy for someone in the Freshly CPA campaigns to come here with their promo code. And once there, you can handle it one of two ways. Either just pass it out to everyone and anyone. Or talk to people individually before giving them your Freshly promo code.

If you don’t feel right just popping in to pass out your Freshly promo code, you can rent a booth. This is also ideal if the event doesn’t allow you to just walk round and give your code away without being a vendor. Sure, the booth may cost you some money. But if you feel you will make that back and then some, then it’s worth it isn’t it? Just be mindful of what ‘and then some’ means to you. After all, if you only made 40 dollars after expenses, then it’s not worth it.


Yet another place that people go to purely because they want to be healthier. And I’m a firm believer of the adage ‘abs are made in the kitchen.’ Well, chances are a lot of the people at the gym believe that as well. And as a result, they will likely be on strict eating regimens. Which makes them perfect for a Freshly CPA campaigns member, like you.

Most gyms will have a bulletin board of sorts. It might be in the lobby, it might be in the locker room. They don’t all have one, but most of them do. And that’s a perfect place to put your Freshly promo code up. Be sure to ask the gym for permission first, to avoid any unpleasantness. You could see many activations for the Freshly CPA campaign from this. And every one of those puts money in your pocket.

Try your hand at going online with the Freshly CPA campaigns!

This can be seen as the ‘big time,’ if you will. I call it that because everyone I know who has made many thousands by being an affiliate, did this strategy. You can make loads of money through the Freshly CPA campaigns by doing this.

However, it is also the hardest method to excel at, in my opinion. It’s like being a basketball player. You will make way more money by playing for a team in the NBA than in a smaller league. But you will have to be the best of the best to even make it into the NBA.

So, how should you tackle this? There’s a few different ways of doing it, and I’ll go over a couple of them pretty briefly.

Build yourself an affiliate blogging site

          This is probably the most well-known way to make use of online affiliate marketing, including the Freshly CPA campaigns. Some of you ambassador veterans might already have one of these. They are commonly used to do affiliate work for more than one startup, but can be used for just one too.

However, if you’re expecting to buy a cheap WordPress domain, lazily slap a website together, put your Freshly promo code up, and expect the money to come raining down, then you will be waiting forever, and eventually die with maybe three activations if you’re lucky. Getting the best out of the Freshly CPA campaigns will requite a lot more thought put into it than that.

Your website needs to look good and be easy to search through to hook viewers. And to bring viewers in through search engines, you need to have quality content. Content heavily affects your SEO (search engine optimization) score, so this is important.

If you want a more in-depth explanation of this strategy, then we have several more articles dedicated to it. I highly recommend you check them out. Never stop learning, and the Freshly CPA campaigns will reward you.

Try and go viral

There are a couple different ways to about this. The most well-known one, however, is by doing a viral video. Again, the chances of you making a viral video that ACTUALLY goes viral, are pretty slim. But pull it off, and watch the Freshly CPA campaigns rewards roll in.

Of course, you will need to weave Freshly into the video content in some way. You can’t make a video about dancing and just randomly drop your Freshly promo code in. Lucky for you, viral content can come from a variety of sources. But it will be more likely to succeed if it’s either funny, cute, or eye-catching.

And it’s a bit deceptive, but you can turn a boring video into a hit with an enticing title. For example, Tana Mongeau put up a video about a drive with Uber. Boring, right? But she titled it, ‘Uber driver kidnapped me.’ This turned it into clickbait, which got it millions of views. Her Uber promo code saw lots of traffic. And there’s no reason your Freshly CPA campaigns work couldn’t see similar benefits from a similar strategy.

In conclusion

But if you can think of better ways to handle the Freshly CPA campaigns, then do it. All of my suggestions were just that; suggestions. Like I said before, it’s not just the hardest workers and the smartest ambassadors that REALLY win. It’s also the most creative ones. If after reading all this you still think you have what it takes, then we need you. Send us a message at and apply for the Freshly CPA campaigns now. Remember, every second you don’t take action, someone else does!

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