Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Overnight Affiliates

Any time you go somewhere overnight that is not your house, you need to find a place to stay. Not long ago (but what feels like forever,) the only option out there last minute was hotels and motels. Sometimes you would get lucky and find a deal; other times you would be stuck spending hundreds on a room. So if you didn’t have any friends willing to put you up for the night, you had no choice but to make that gamble. And all too often, the gamble wouldn’t play out in your favor. Until Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program.

Thank goodness for smartphone apps

Overnight Affiliates

Then, one of the most wonderful things in any traveller’s life happened. Homestay apps like AirBNB started to pop up! Apps like these gave people the option of renting parts of their property out to people who needed to stay somewhere, whether that was for just one night, or several nights, or even weeks. The person-to-person commerce meant that the middle-man could be removed, and prices kept to a minimum.

It was perfect…or was it?

As you could imagine, people flocked to use the option of homestays booked over an app. It was a huge step in the right direction to anyone who travels for any reason at all. But, there were still some improvements that could be made. For example, if you needed to book a place overnight, it was still a lot more difficult.

The solution to the problem

That problem is what Overnight, another homestay smartphone app, sought to correct. Overnight is another homestay commerce network that allows hosts to rent their property out temporarily to travellers. However, they go a step behind the others with their flagship feature. Overnight allows travellers to book homestays on the same day…literally overnight. This kind of feature allows for a lot more flexibility from both sides, and no doubt more rentals will happen.

The mission of Overnight

Overnight’s mission is simple: to make travel more accessible to more people. They envisioned a world where travel was a lifestyle instead of a luxury. Where people who visited more cultures and more countries became more open minded, friendly people as a result. And most importantly, to make spontaneous travel possible. Spontaneous adventure is the kind of people most often say no to. This is usually due to a lack of funds planning or other resources. Overnight has made it their goal to correct as much of that is possible.

It’s a long and winding road, though

However, even though they’ve made their mission clear,  there’s still a long way to go for Overnight. It might make spontaneous travel possible, but it’s still nowhere near as big as it should be. If overnight is going to continue to be able to provide the service of connecting last minute travelers with hosts willing to rent to them, then it needs as much help growing as it can get. It needs the sort of grassroots campaign that put Uber competitor Lyft on the map.

It needs you.

The Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program; A primer

This is where you come in. With the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, you will be able to help them achieve the growth speed and volume that they need in order to continue to provide such an amazing service to people all around the world. As an affiliate you will get your very own Overnight promo code to give to whoever you can. The promo code will allow them to experience the amazing service from the app for themselves, at a discounted rate.

But the best part is, you will get paid for every person who uses your promo code!

That’s right, you’re not helping with the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program for charity, or for free. They are willing to pay you well for your time and your effectiveness helping them grow. They grow a bigger customer base, the customer gets a discount, and you get paid; everybody wins in this scenario!

Is affiliate work for you?

But you need to be a certain kind of person for the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program to work well for you. Affiliate work is no easy walk in the park; anyone in the trade will tell you that. There is no clocking in and milling about while money falls into your pocket hourly. You get paid based on how well you do; in other words, your number of Overnight promo code activations.

So, before you proceed, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Is a ‘get rich scheme’ what you’re REALLY looking for? Are you looking for a ‘turn-key solution’ to getting money? You might looking for the kind of gig where you get paid just for showing up? Are you a hard worker, willing to learn, and willing to do what it takes to succeed? And are you looking for a good way to make thousands of dollars?

You should only have answered yes to the last two questions I asked. If you answered yes to any of the first three, then stop right here; this isn’t what you’re looking for. If you answered yes to only the last two, then keep reading; you’re exactly the right type.

We are PromoAffiliates; nice to meet you.

It’s my pleasure to break the news to you: Overnight and PromoAffiliates have partnered up!

That’s right, PromoAffiliates is now overseeing the operations of the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program! We’re excited to be able to help Overnight take this next step on it’s journey to unicorn status (look it up.) We’re really looking forward to giving Overnight the same sort of support that enabled us to put Lyft on the map. And, to all you people who are affiliate veterans, welcome back. We’re confident you’ll do just as well with the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program as you did with the others.

What you’ve been waiting for: how to join

 Overnight Affiliates

To join the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, send us an email at aaron@promoaffiliates.com. If you have done affiliate work before, tell us which programs you promoted for. And if possible, tell us your number of activations, and what strategies you’re experienced with.

If you’re completely new and have zero experience with ambassador work, then no problem. As long as you’ve got the drive to do well and are willing to work hard, then we need you! In your email, let us know what makes you feel qualified for the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program. Tell us about any ideas you might have, too! In fact, veterans might want to do this as well.

Okay, email sent. What now?

Once you’ve sent your email off to us and we’ve received it, then sit tight. Our team at PromoAffiliates will read it and decide if you’re right for the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program. In the meantime, you might want to bone up on the info at Overnight’s website. This will all be things you can talk about to people you give your promo code to.

Alright, I’m in!

Once you’re in, we will send you your very own Overnight promo code. This is what you will be using to make your money. Your goal is simple: get as many people to see and use your code as possible. The code gets first-time users a significant discount off their first booking. And when they use it, you get paid. It’s that simple.

This sounds a bit intimidating; I might need some help getting started.

This understandably sounds like a lot for someone doing this for the first time. If you aren’t one of the ambassador veterans who was promoting for AirBNB back in the day, then where to start may seem like a pretty difficult thing to figure out. After all, this isn’t the Lyft affiliate program, which is, in my opinion, significantly easier to promote for. (If you’re seeing this and thinking you’ll just to Lyft instead, I wouldn’t bother; the competition is much denser. Why not do both?) People don’t need places to stay nearly as much as they need rides. So some of the old everyone-knows-them strategies may not work here.

Not to worry; PromoAffiliates has got your back!

We’re prepared to help all members of the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, old or new, succeed. That’s why this next part of our article will be some tips and tricks to help get you going. Remember, these are just guidelines; you don’t HAVE to take any of these suggestions. I’m sure all of you will have no trouble coming up with some amazing ideas of your own, too!

A few tips to help you make the most of the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program.

Think about places where traveling people go

You can’t exactly stand outside a bar and hand out cards, the same way you could with Lyft or Uber. You need to get a bit more clever; where do people who are traveling go? What pavements can you pound that will actually be effective?

Airports are full of people who travel

You wouldn’t go to an airport unless you were intending to travel someplace. Yes, there are people who just hang out at airports, but they are far and few in between. Most people there have a place to go…and when you go somewhere, you need to stay somewhere.

This is a perfect place to pass out cards with your Overnight promo code.

Now, before you do this, you want to be careful regarding the rules at your local airport. Some airports do not allow people to pass out anything to the patrons coming and going. Usually there will be something on their website or something on the front of the building itself that tells you.

But if there’s no rule against it, then this is the PERFECT place to make the best of your Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program work.

Become a part of travel networks and groups

You yourself have been wanting to do a lot of traveling at some point, then this could be it. Your Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Programwork can be your reason to become part of the community. There are meetups and groups dedicated to those who love to travel all over the place. And with a quick internet search, you can probably find the closest one to you.

Take advantage of the tourism in your own town!

 Overnight Affiliates

This only works well if you live in a place that a lot of tourists and travellers visit. If you live in some small rural town in Missouri, then this wont be anywhere near as effective, and your time will be much better spent working on other methods and strategies for getting your code out there. But if you live in a place like Los Angeles or New York City, then this could be n absolute gold mine for you!

Find areas in your town that are popular with tourists

 Let’s pretend for a moment that I lived in Los Angeles. I would go to places like Venice Beach, the Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Boulevard, and plenty of others. I would also visit businesses that I knew were very popular with the traveller crowd. Again, in Los Angeles places like the Belasco nightclub would fall into this category.

Share your Overnight prom code with everyone

When you do this, don’t discriminate when it comes to who you give your Overnight promo code to. Don’t just look for people with cameras or suitcases, people who look like they might be traveling. Lots of people travel in more low key way these days; they’re not as obvious as they used to be. You’re not gonna find that golden ticket with the big camera, Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, because he doesn’t exist.

Not everyone just throws stuff away

Even if you happen to give cards to people who are locals, it doesn’t matter. Chances are, these people will hold onto your card, and think of it the next time they’re traveling. Personally, I have cards from years ago still in my wallet today. And weirdly enough, I still remember every single one that’s in there. Also, I doubt that I’m very unique in that aspect. And at the end of the day, you reach way more people, and your Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program makes you way more money. Every activation you get counts, after all!

Think about your regular job. Can it help you with your Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program work too?

The smart, successful affiliate is ALWAYS working as an affiliate. They aren’t just relegating their ambassador work to their time off from their normal job. If you can somehow combine the two without your regular work performance suffering, then why wouldn’t you?

Think about your job; do you see a decent amount of travellers coming in and out the doors? If you’re a cubicle worker or a carpet cleaner, then you probably don’t. But if you’re a barista, a gas station worker or a waitress, then you just might pull it off. And it’s not just those three occupations; think hard about who your customer base is.

A good example

Okay, so I’m going to use something from my own past as en example. When I lived in Phoenix, I worked as an associate for a small tuxedo shop called Mr. Formal. Most of the people I saw coming in were there for either their own wedding, or someone else’s wedding. And a lot of these people were in from out of town! So if the Overnight affiliate’s program was around back then, I would have given my promo code to all of them. I’ll bet at least twenty percent of the out-of-towners would have used it. That doesn’t sound like much, but believe me; when you get your money for your activations, you would be glad you did.

Get your boss’ permission first.

But it would be wise to get your boss’ permission before you go passing out your Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program cards. You wouldn’t want someone to feel insulted and then go complain about you giving them your promo code. Sure, that probably won’t happen, but you can never be too careful. Or, if you’re more of a risk taker, then just do it. As long as you don’t think it will come back to bite you, you’ll probably be just fine.


Think about taking your presence online

I say this every time I do an affiliate article. Done right, a strong online presence can be the most profitable way to use the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program. Online you can reach millions of people you wouldn’t be able to see face to face. And these also aren’t people who would see your cards, or bulletins. I personally know people who have made over a hundred thousand dollars in a SINGLE MONTH. And they did it by keeping a strong online presence with ambassador marketing. So, this one is killer. But, it’s also the hardest one to do.

Highest reward; but highest risk

If you want to start an online affiliates blog, then you need to know some things. The most important being how to properly utilize SEO (search engine optimization.) This is what determines where you get placed on Google, when someone searches things. If they search ‘Overnight promo code,’ will you be the first thing that comes up? If you are, you will likely make thousands from maintaining that place. Or will you be on the second, third, or further page? And if that’s the case, you will hardly get any click action.

The wonderful (sometimes terrible) world of internet marketing

 Overnight Affiliates

When it comes to SEO, one thing always trumps everything else: quality content. You can’t just make a website, put your Overnight promo code up, and expect your Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program to pay. You need to go above slapping a website together. It needs to be nice, and it needs to be user friendly. And you need to have some good, quality content for it.

That’s great, but what kind of content?

Well, if I were in your shoes, I would learn as much as I could about the place I was living. I would find out what all the hot spots are, where the best food is, what to do, etc. And then I would write a bunch of different blogs about the city that I live in. Become an expert in by home area; something that travelers planning to come would see. And once I had done everything about my city, I would learn about a different one, and do the same for it.

It’s a slippery slope, and you’ll be a master soon!

Before you know it, you would have yourself your very own travel website. Search on Google, and find out about the most popular places to travel to. Learn about those, and write about them. Good content means viewers. And viewers translate to organic traffic, which bolsters your Google rankings. And all of this will eventually roll over to more activations for the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program.

But of course, there’s many more ways to do it!

All I did was outline some of the steps I would take, were I in your shoes. There’s many other strategies out there that you can utilize to make the most out of the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program. In a way, I kind of envy you who are new to all of this; you get to do it all over again.

But don’t just stop with doing work for the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program. PromoAffiliates has many different ambassador programs that you can also make money by working under, too. And since PromoAffiliates is a third party, there’s no rule against promoting for two competitors at once (Lyft and Uber.) There’s no competiton clause, and for a lot of our ambassador programs, there’s also no earnings cap. So send us an email at aaron@promoaffiliate.com and tell us why you want to join the Overnight Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program. Get fired up about making tons of money and getting away from the rat race!

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Git ‘er done!

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