Uber Affiliate Program


Uber Affiliate Program.

The Uber Affiliate Program isn’t just fist bumps and sleek black cars, it’s also an excellent way to make a great supplemental income, while meeting new people. When you become a PromoAffiliate you aren’t just creating a new income source. In essence you are partnering with a multi million dollar company to promote a genuine product to people who need it most.

How do I make money with the Uber Affiliate Program

In short; by talking to people and having fun! When you become an Uber Affiliate you get access to a personalized promotional code. When people use your code to take their first ride with Uber, you get paid a percentage that is previously agreed to by all parties included. How you get your promotional code out there is entirely up to you! Handing out business cards, using your blog or networking with social media influencers are great options and we encourage them all. Remember that, the more places your promotional codes are seen, the more you can potentially be paid for your efforts. If there is any ever question our doubt about the Uber Affiliates Program, please contact us personally so we can help.

The earning potential under the Uber Affiliate Program is unlimited

Because Uber is a multi billion dollar company you can be sure that there is no cap on your earning potential. It’s not uncommon for some users in the Uber Affiliate Program to make upwards of 10,000 per month. That’s right, what normally can take months to earn, our top promoters are making in a months’ time. The best part is, they get to work when they want, how they want and where they want.

Becoming an Uber Affiliate Is Free

Want to try out our program or talk to a mentor? Joining is 100% non-obligatory and completely free! Head over to the PromoAffiliate contact form section and fill out the small application. We would love to welcome you to the Uber Affiliate Program and our small family as a part time, or full time promoter. If you decide that after some time this isn’t the gig for you just let us know!

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Uber Affiliate Program