UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program

Anyone who’s anyone knows what Uber is and what it does. Why even in the small Canadian town that I live in people know what Uber is. And this is regardless of the fact that it is not available in this city. Thanks to their push to go global in 2012, the rest of the world knows what Uber is too. And Soon UberEATS affiliate!

For those not in the know…

But in case you don’t know I’ll tell you. Because as the hipster say, “you got to be in the know, you know?” Uber is the company that brought ridesharing into the mainstream. Ridesharing is when those who want to give rides give them to those who need them. It’s an alternative to the long-standing monopoly of the traditional taxi companies, who quite frankly have been overcharging their customers for poorer service for a long time.

And now that they’ve improved the way people get from place to place, Uber wants to improve a different industry. One that hasn’t done horribly per se, but could be doing a lot better: food delivery.

And so, then came UberEATS!


          Never eats is a different division of Uber, one that deals with a completely different industry. UberEATS allows you to order whatever food you want from the convenience of your smart phone, without leaving your house. They send a driver to pick it up for you and bring it right to your location! Payment and logistics is handled the same way it is through Uber: wirelessly through your smart phone. No more fumbling for cash, and no more uncertainty.

A drastic improvement from the status quo!

Are used to be that in order to order any kind of food to your house you had to pick up the phone. Sometimes they would pick up right away and, sometimes you would be on hold for a while. You had to tell them exactly what it is you wanted, and exactly how you wanted it. Which if your phone connection is bad or if you have something of an accent is quite difficult. It also left plenty of room for error, which you wouldn’t learn about until it was too late. Now everything is entered through your smart phone. No need to go to a website, and you are able to confirm that your order is right before it’s placed.

And how do I use UberEATS?

Anyone who has the Uber app downloaded into their smartphone can use UberEATS too. You’ll need to know how to do this, so you can help people you give your UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program promo code to if they ask. If you don’t already have Uber downloaded, then you’ll want to do that first. Once you start it for the first time, you will need to make your profile. This is a pretty simple, straightforward step, and only requires a bit of information.

You will need to slide over to the EATS part, on the far right of your screen. If you’re not in an area where UberEATS is available, then this option won’t show up. Put in your delivery address, and then push the ‘view menu’ button

Actually ordering

Now comes the fun part: picking what you want to have delivered. The UberEATS menu will show you what restaurants are available in your area. The menu features beautiful photos of the different food from the restaurants, to help you decide. You can even filter the list by what kind of food you want to have (Mexican, chinese, Italian, etc.) Pick your restaurant, and their personal menu should come up.

UberEATS allows you to customize your order. You can as many or as few different items as you want. You can also customize based on add-ons available for every dish (add bacon, etc.) Before you order, don’t forget to enter your UberEATS promo code to get your first-time discount!

And now, we wait

Once you’ve made your order, the nearest driver will get it for you. The UberEATS app gives you updates, including when the food is being prepared, when your delivery is headed your way, and when they arrive. That’s it!

I wish this were available everywhere!

Really, I do. If I want to order something to my house in the town I live in, I still have to call. After I vacation Los Angeles and experience everything that’s available there, sometimes when I’m settled back in here I feel like a yokel.

The reality, is Uber eats WANTS to be available everywhere. They want to rescue people like me from having to do things the old-fashioned, archaic, inefficient way. And I see that as a big possibility. But in order for that to happen, they need people to help them grow. People like me and people like you. And, they’re willing to pay for the effort.

Enter the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program!

The Uber eats affiliate program is a way for them to reach out to people to help their business expand. People like me and you can join UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, and help achieve that goal. Those of you who already have experience with affiliate programs you can probably skip to the end. But for those of you who are much newer to this, read on. Affiliate programs are a great way to be your own boss and get away from the 9-to-5.

UberEATS and PromoAffiliates

We’re very excited to announce that Uber eats his teamed up with PromoAffiliates to expand it’s customer base! This means it UberEATS and PromoAffiliates will be working closely now and in the near future to help Uber eats become more widely used and more widely available. The convenience-based app business is a very competitive world, and even companies like Uber need some help in it. And we a PromoAffiliates are excited to b working closely with Uber on their UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program.

How so I sign up?

If you want to sign up to be a part of the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, get in touch with us. Send our team an email at aaron@promoaffiliates.com. Let us know that you want to be a part of the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program. In the email, tell us what kind of experience you have with the affiliate work.  Tell us if you’re a part of any other affiliate programs, and if possible let us know what your activation numbers are.

But what if I’m totally new to this? I have no experience!

If you’re completely new to the world of affiliate marketing, then don’t worry! We were all the very same point you are now, at one time. As long as you’re motivated, ambitious, and willing to work hard, then this is for you. Being a quick learner can also be a huge asset in this field. If your new, apply the same way as the veterans: send an email to aaron@promoaffilites.com. Tell us that you want to apply for that UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, and let us know what makes you perfect for that role. If you have any big ideas, then that’s also a great thing to include!

What happens after I apply?

After you applied to the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program via email, our team will assess whether your suitable to join the program or not. If you get in then will be sending you your very own UberEATS promo code. The promo code is going to be the most important tool that you will receive. This is because you will be using it to gain activations for UberEATS, and activation payments for yourself. That’s right; the UberEATS promo code is the tool with which you will make your fortune.

How much money can I make in the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program?
UberEATS affiliates

          I personally know guys who have made over $10,000 in a single month from promo code activations alone. This means that if you do really well and get those kinds of numbers every month, then hello six figures! People who do affiliate work for more than one company can make even more. There’s people out there who make affiliate marketing there full-time job. And the ones who are really good at it get paid more than college graduates with masters degrees! Personally I find it extremely delightful that now in today’s age, the only thing standing between a person and that person’s own success is how hard they’re willing to work and how much they’re willing to learn.

Okay, I’ve got my promo code. How do I get started?

Once you’re part of the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, where to start can be a bit confusing. Our affiliate veterans are probably going to have no problem figuring out how to get themselves going. But those of you who are a little bit newer to the game, might need a gentle prod in the right direction. Lucky for you, that’s why I’m here.

The difference between promoting for Uber and promoting for Uber eats.

Even some of our experienced affiliate marketers might have a little bit of trouble with this one. After all, Uber and Uber eats are two very different services. And therefore, marketing for them is going to require a different approach for each one. Uber is a rideshare company, so you market it wherever people would need rides. Sure, you can stand out in front of bars and pass out your Uber eats promo codes to people. But you probably won’t get as good of results as you would if you were passing out Uber promo codes instead.

Promoting for UberEATS.

My father taught me a very important lesson when I was a boy: to catch a fish, you have to think like one. He also taught me another very important lesson; one that’s obvious, but needs some reminding now and again. People need to eat and most of them do so at least three times a day. So I’m going to share with you some tips on how you can take your UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program work to the six-figure level.

Tips for affiliate marketing your Ubereats promo code

Hit the streets!

My father fishing lesson rings true in sales as well as fishing. The first thing you’re going to want to do is hit the streets with your UberEATS promo code. I know, that doesn’t sound a whole lot different than how you would promote an Uber promo code. The difference lies in WHERE you’re going to promote. With Uber, the best places to go would still be bars, clubs, concerts, events, things like that.

Think differently; or in this case, promote differently.

Your time with the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program would be better spent at other places. People aren’t going to go directly home from bars and order something to eat. It’s highly likely that they would stop somewhere on the way home to eat, instead. The case is the same with concerts; they’ll go to Denny’s or Carl’s Jr. after the show, on the way home.

So what you need to do, is figure out where people get hungry. Where do people think to themselves “man, I’m hungry right now, but I cant/won’t go get food for whatever reason.”

Go wherever there are people working!

Offices are a great place to give out your Uber eats promo code. Their full of people who either can’t or won’t leave to go get something to eat. Usually people are too tied up with work, and sometimes that apple they brought just doesn’t seem to cut it. Working while hungry can affect people’s productivity, health, and overall mood level. And while someone could cram a Cliff bar or banana down their throats, neither of those things really ‘hit the spot.’ I find that people work much better when they’ve had a meal that’s not only filling, but satisfying.

Business is crazy; UberEATS makes sense.

          And this is a perfect place to start your UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program work. Your promo code isn’t just an invitation to use the app and benefit from food delivery. It’s a huge discount to people who are using Uber eats for the first time. You come to me, and offer me a way to buy lunch and have it delivered FOR FREE? If I’m anyone with any sense, I’ll take that offer ten times out of ten.

And it’s not just individual workers who will want to take advantage of this. UberEATS is perfect for catering, for those times when the boss wants to treat their crew. And as the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program member who gave them the promo code, you get paid every time it’s used.

Time to go back to school…to make money!

Colleges are another great place to go to give out your UberEATS promo code. It’s full of students who are stuck there until they finish their work. Plus, not everyone in college has a car. Some aren’t able to go and get something to eat. And you can only do pizza delivery so many times before you begin to want something else delivered.

Well thanks to you, they can get a taste of what it’s like to have whatever food they want delivered in minutes! Once you’re part of the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, I highly suggest you pass your promo code out there. Don’t just restrict it to passing out cards, either. See what area lots of students tend to frequent. If there are bulletin boards, put your UberEATS promo code up for all to see. Tape flyers up in the student union building, in the atrium of each building, in the faculty building even! Before long you’ll be getting activations, and the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program will be racking money up for you!

Pay a bit of money to advertise, if it’s worth it

Another thing you can to do reach students it to take out an ad in their school paper. This is highly subjective, and really should only be done if you feel the benefit will outweigh the cost of the ad itself. Some school papers charge way too much for ad space; for those, just stick with flyers and cards. But if the ad space is cheap, why not get some and make your UberEATS promo code seen? Creative thinking is what will put you above other UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program members!

Parks, beaches, anywhere where there’s people hanging out!

UberEATS makes a picnic possible, without even bringing any of the food. Crowded areas where people spend time for hours make for great places to pass UberEATS promo codes out. I know a guy that passed out cards with his Doordash promo code on them at Venice Beach. He made around dollars in one day, just from a couple hours spent giving free stuff away! And there’s no reason you can’t do the same with your UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program code too.

If you get their permission, you can put up flyers with your UberEATS promo code at small businesses, too. Coffee shops, marijuana dispensaries (oh yeah,) and hair salons are just a few places you can blanket with your code. But really, anywhere where people wait around for a while is a good spot. My family runs a small tuxedo shop in central Phoenix, and people sometimes wait around there for an hour or more.

But nobody is going to order delivery while at a coffee shop!

No, they probably won’t. But these people will keep your UberEATS promo code with them. And when they’re hungry and want to order food, they’ll remember that they have it. You might see activations from flyers placed months ago; I know I did when I was passing a promo code out for Doordash. And every activation means money, thanks to the UberEATS affliliate program.

Don’t ignore the internet

Affiliate blogging is another great way for you to get your UberEATS promo code out there. Experience, or the willingness to learn about proper SEO (search engine optimization) is absolutely essential if you want to get anywhere by using this strategy. Without a decent ranking in Google, then no one will even know your website exists. And no traffic just means you’re paying for a domain name that you will never, ever get use out of.

But, utilized right, the internet can be your most profitable method of doing UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program work. Do you remember the guy I mentioned earlier, the one that made over $100,000 in one month from affiliate marketing? Yeah, internet affiliate blogging was how he managed to do that. So I’ve seen firsthand how well one can do on the internet. And utilizing this for the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program could do the same for you.

Moving on

Those are just a few of the many strategies you can utilize to have a full and profitable UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program venture. There are many more, and perhaps I will write about those too in a future blog. But all the advice and trick in the world won’t help you, unless you’ve got one thing.

Work ethic

Affiliate marketing of any kind isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of gig. It’s not a get rich quick thing, and it’s not a turn-key operation. Affiliate marketing takes lots of hard work. And especially now, you have to be more clever, and harder-working than ever. Because especially in this trade, for every second you’re not working, another UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program member is. And every promo code activation someone else gets, is one you can never get.

But don’t be discouraged!

That’s why PromoAffiliates is only looking for people who are driven, and WANT to succeed. We know that those of you who have what it takes will do very well. And UberEATS pays handsomely to those who help them do well in turn. The potential for people to do well in this is pretty much limitless. So if you’ve got what it takes, and want in on the UberEATS Affiliate Ambassador CPA Program, send us a message at aaron@promoaffiliates.com. We really need to hear from you!

Did you enjoy the blog? What are some affiliate marketing trick you’ve plied in the past? Let us know!

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