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Airbnb coupon

airbnb coupon

Airbnb is a great new app made for travelers. Not only Travelers but if you’d like to rent short-term your vacation rentals, apartments, and rooms, this is for you as well. Travel the world and stay in many places you’d normally wouldn’t get the chance to stay at before Airbnb. With Over 3,000,000 lodging listings in 65,000 cities and 191 countries, Airbnb has become huge. The cost of the lodging however is based on the host. Since this comes with many different options. A great way to give the app a try is by taking advantage of Airbnb coupons as well. Use Airbnb coupon XXXX to save money on your first stay with an Airbnb host.

Can I get scammed with Airbnb?

This is a simple question to answer. The answer is simply no. You cannot get scammed using Airbnb as a traveler. When you finish browsing the wide variety of places and find the perfect spot for you to stay during your travels. The money will not go directly to the host in any situation. Once you choose your spot you pay for the stay depending on how many days you need. Airbnb will take that money and hold on to it. Once everything has been approved and secured. Airbnb will then release the money to the host. This keeps your money safe to make sure you’re able to show up and have a place to stay every time. Getting scammed is not a concern with Airbnb.

What payment methods are accepted?

Once you are ready to submit your payment you may wonder what you could use. This will be done via the app or website. You can browse without an Airbnb profile bout to book a reservation you must have a profile with them. The options are what you would expect when you’re ready to pay. You can use your credit card; all kinds are accepted from visa to discover. Online banking is an option as well. This includes Paypal and google wallet. If you have a Debit card that most likely won’t be an issue. Airbnb accepts debit cards if the card is able to be processed as credit. In which case, most Debit cards do. So most likely this won’t be an issue. Once you enter your payment details you can include your Airbnb coupon to save money as well.

What if there is a problem?

If you run into any kind of problem the first thing you must do is contact Airbnb as soon as possible. There are well known for having great customer service. If you need a full refund however that will depend on the situation. In a lot of cases no full refund is granted due to the fairness on the side of the host. If you book a reservation and you need to cancel the day of or day before that puts the host in a bad spot. They could have booked someone else in your place had you given a much bigger advanced notice. In some cases however Airbnb will grant a refund depending on the situation. Once you contact airnbnb they usually process everything in about 24 hours.

What reason grant a refund?

If you head over to airbnb’s website they have a list of reasons they will approve a full refund for. One being the listing is missing an amenity promised on the site in both or one of the two. Listings description or amenities or photos. Also, if the room type of the listing was not what was booked. If the number of rooms or bathrooms in the listing does not match wat was booked. That’s another reason Airbnb will grant you some kind of refund as well. If the rooms are dirty and not what was pictured will also get you another refund as well. Of course if you show up and there’s an animal like a dog that you were not informed of in the listing your entitled to some kind of refund as well in that situation.  Your first savings however starts with using the Airbnb coupon!

There are more reason for a refund to find the full list head on over to

Is there a cleaning fee?

If you’re wondering if there’s a cleaning fee before you can. The answer will vary depending on who the host is. Some wont bother giving you any kind of cleaning fee. However you will expect a fee from some. It will just depend on the host. This is something you can ask when submitting for your reservation to the host. Of course, to make the price as low as possible you can also use an Airbnb coupon.

Is there a Security Deposit?

This is an easy answer. If you wondering if you will be required to post a security deposit before staying at the location. It will most likely require a security deposit before you stay there. If this worries you, there is no need to worry. You can sleep comfortable knowing your money will be be stolen. Airbnb will always hold onto the security deposit. Before money gets transferred from traveler to host, everything must be agreed upon. Once you, the host and of course Airbnb go over everything and no one has complaints that is when the money will be released.

Fees will not be processed until everyone agrees. If you break something the host can claim a portion of the security deposit, the request must be made within 48 hours of the departure. They must include photos of the damage and of course any receipts indicating a specific reason for the cost.

In conclusion,

As you may know by now, Airbnb is very safe. Very minimal chance of being scammed. This makes traveling much easier. So if you’d like to save money and travel the world. Maybe you’d like to meet new people in the process. Airbnb is the perfect service for you. Start using Airbnb coupon to get started. And save money right away. And Enjoy traveling all around the world with ease.

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