Waze Coupon

Waze first started out as a fun and quirky navigation app. The now Google-owned company launched its new ridesharing service. With the user-base that Google offers, it only made sense. Waze Carpool is here to move traffic and make your commute that much easier. Waze Carpool originally started around the company headquarters where it connected Read more about Waze Coupon[…]

Home Chef Promo Code

Home Chef Promo Code Nowadays, home cooked meals are less common. Who has the time or the energy to prepare a meal anymore? Fortunately, Home Chef is here to bring that experience back while also being convenient. Home Chef makes the possibility of having home cooked meals easier by taking out some of the work Read more about Home Chef Promo Code[…]

Tesla Ride Coupon

Ridesharing has come a long way. Companies like Uber and Lyft service many customers in their transportation needs. How could this industry evolve? Tesla hopes to change the rideshare industry with their self-driving cars. A few years ago, no one would have ever though that we would have self-driving cars but the future is now! Read more about Tesla Ride Coupon[…]

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Do you love candy more than normal? Do your children have a more sophisticated sweet tooth than usual? With this code, you can get twenty dollars off your first box! Well, let me tell you about Candy Club. That already sounds sweet and fun! You are probably thinking “is this some sort of candy appreciation Read more about Candy Club Promo Code[…]

DoorDash Promo Code

Are you hungry right now? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just deliver food to you right now from your favorite local restaurant? Well, let me tell you about the services that DoorDash offers. Doordash is great when you just want your favorite food delivered without actually having to leave your home or office. Read more about DoorDash Promo Code[…]