Candy Club Coupon

Candy Club Coupon

There’s a new service out there that will help satisfy your sweet tooth. That service is called Candy Club. This is a cool new subscription based app that sends 2-3 pounds of brand name, premier candy to you every month! The boxes should arrive to your doorstep with 3 plastic jars of candy and individually wrapped candies filled up to rest of the box as well! A fun thing about this service is your    order should come with a surprise confection! This is normally a wrapped-up cookie or a candy bar. So if a box full of candy wasn’t enough they include an extra treat!

The containers that the candy shows up in is really neat looking. However, its made of thin bendy plastic. Therefore, if reusing them is your plan, that may not work out. However you can save money by using Candy Club Coupon: XXXX. And save money on your first order with Candy Club today!

How much does it cost?

The box as a whole should have a value of $60. However what you pay depends on what plan you choose. They offer a few plans starting with the Monthly Plan of $27.99 a month. Plus shipping and handling as well. They also offer a 6 month plan, that runs you 22.99 a month. This seems to be the most popular plan that saves you over 23 dollars on candy! The last option they offer is the one that gives you the biggest savings is the 12 month plan. This plan costs you 19.99  a month. Also, you’ll have to factor in shipping and handling. If you give this company a try and decide to change package or service just call their offices at 888.598.5995. And if this is your first time singing up don’t forget to use Candy Club Coupon XXXX.

Where do they ship?

If you’re outside of the united states of America, and you’re interested in Candy Club. I have some bad news. This is only available for people inside of the contiguous United States. They currently do not ship to any international locations, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and United States territories. They shipping fee however for those who are able to try this service is $6.99 per shipment! Don’t forget to start the service with Candy Club Coupon XXXX.

Can I cancel subscription via email?

Unfortunately, if you need to cancel and decide to do it via email, you’ll be disappointed. This is not an option with Candy Club. If you do decide to stop enjoying candy you’ll have to call the customer service team at 888.598.5995. They will be able to answer any questions you may have or if you need to cancel they’ll take care of that as well. The only thing you’ll have to keep in mind is you need to cancel two days before your next billing date. Has to be done before your next box is processed. This is due to the fact that they cannot cancel a shipment that has already gone out.

Also, they do not accept returns as it is an edible product.

Can I have access to my account?

When you first sign up it will ask you a few questions to set up an account. This process includes putting down your email address. So all you’ll have to do is go back to the candy club website and login from the top right. You log in with your email you provided. If you do however forget your password you can always have them email you a link that will help you get access back into your account.

Do I get to choose the candy?

The great news is yes you can choose your own candy! You can choose your own candy if the order is a non-gift subscription. You can choose your own candy or choose a curated box to be shipped off to you every month. A curated box has three options for you to pick from.

Club Sours

These are 100 percent all sour candy. This includes super sour belts, sour jelly slices, tart-n-tangy hard candies, and sour fruit balls. So if you Sour candy is for you this is what you’ll want to order.

Club Sweets

The name says it all, this curated box comes with all sweet candy. Includes chewy licorice, juicy gummies, creamy fruit chews, and heavenly salt water taffies. So if you can’t stand sour candy make sure you go with Club Sweets for your order.

Club Mix

This is the last option for the curated boxes. This is for the ones who can get into both sweet and sour. Or maybe you’d like to try both to see which ones you’d prefer. But this comes with a little bit of each the sweet and sour club boxes.

Don’t forget that changing which of the three boxes can be done at any point. This way you can give them all a try. Just log into your account and choose the order you’d like to change. Click on the “Edit my order” option. Under “Product type” you can use to change the package you receive. Once you choose what you’d like don’t forget to click on the “save” option. This is located near the bottom. After this is done your next order that is coming will have your new box. And don’t forget to use a Candy Club Coupon to save money off your first order.

In conclusion,

This is a great service for all of the candy lovers out there. Comes with great old fashioned style candies. Gives you all kinds of flavors. This is great as well if you have a lot of people in your home who also love candy. Enjoy receiving a big box of candy for you all to share every month. They do send enough to last you the entire month. Give them a great try you will not regret it. Like I mentioned before you can save money right off the bat by using a candy club coupon.

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