Affiliates and Brand Ambassadors to Promote our Merchant Roster

Here at PromoAffiliates,  we are on the hunt for a great affiliates that can work with us in digital marketing. If your experience and digital or online marketing, then get in touch with us so we can give you more opportunities to work with. We are working with some top merchants that have a great[…]

Avery Rivera Makes $4,610 in His First Month

Affiliate Spotlight – Avery Rivera Name: Avery Rivera Hometown: El Paso, Tx Current City: San Diego PromoAffiliate Start Date: July, 2016 All Star Month: Earned $4,610 in DoorDash Activations Hey Everyone! This month PromoAffiliates is proud to introduce Avery Rivera, all star Affiliate. In Avery’s first month he was able to earn over 4,500.00 in[…]

Uber’s Developer Affiliate Program

The Uber Developer Affiliate Program It’s no secret by now That Uber has taken over the rideshare industry with their sophisticated marketing tactics, innovative mobile application and the unique experience they offer riders.  Now they plan to make their way into other platforms and mobile apps with the Uber Developer Affiliate Program. Developers can now[…]

Affiliate Marketing Definition – Digital Advertising Trends

Wikipedia says that affiliate marketing  his performance based marketing where the affiliate is rewarded or compensated for their own marketing efforts.  Affiliate marketing in general has become extremely complex and there are many mixtures with Internet marketing. PromoAffiliates has been working with this trend for a long time. Our marketing efforts on line include organic search[…]

The Affiliates Glossary

Want to become the best affiliate possible? The keywords, acronyms and definitions below will help you in your journey to become the best brand ambassador or affiliate possible and communicate effectively with others in the cost per referral networking space. Marketing Terms to Improve Your Marketing Vocabulary A A/B Testing This is the process of[…]