Waze Coupon

Waze first started out as a fun and quirky navigation app. The now Google-owned company launched its new ridesharing service. With the user-base that Google offers, it only made sense. Waze Carpool is here to move traffic and make your commute that much easier. Waze Carpool originally started around the company headquarters where it connected Read more about Waze Coupon[…]

Tesla Ride Coupon

Ridesharing has come a long way. Companies like Uber and Lyft service many customers in their transportation needs. How could this industry evolve? Tesla hopes to change the rideshare industry with their self-driving cars. A few years ago, no one would have ever though that we would have self-driving cars but the future is now! Read more about Tesla Ride Coupon[…]

Lyft Ambassador Program

The Lyft Ambassador Affiliate Program The Lyft ambassador program might be the best thing since sliced bread – other than suckers strawberry jam and peanut butter, that is. Being a Lyft ambassador means that you are a ride sharing, fist-bumping expert that wants to share freemium deals with everyone who needs a ride. After all, Read more about Lyft Ambassador Program[…]