YouTube SEO Tips & Tricks

YouTube SEO Tips & Tricks to Drive More Unique Traffic What’s better than on-site SEO? YouTube SEO! With almost unlimited potential, YouTube is just another great way to drive traffic to your content while also providing relevant linking back to your website. There’s only one problem. YouTube is a very crowded social media source and Read more about YouTube SEO Tips & Tricks[…]

Cheap SEO Services

Cheap SEO Services With the growing need for online marketing and website visibility PromoAffiliates gets asked often about how and where to find cheap SEO services. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that cheap is never better. In fact, most cheap SEO firms use what’s called “black hat SEO”. These techniques are usually detrimental Read more about Cheap SEO Services[…]

How Social Media Impacts SEO

How Social Media Impacts SEO Does social media impact SEO? Google has noted many times that their algorithms do not consider social media signals in their rankings. However, even with that said, it does not mean that social media sites do not contribute to your websites overall performance in Googles search engine. Confusing? We know. Read more about How Social Media Impacts SEO[…]

The Top SEO Mistakes

The Top SEO Mistakes on The Web Because PromoAffiliates specializes in Search Engine Optimization, we frequently get asked what the top SEO mistakes are. Webmasters or Graphic Designers often get carried away with building an amazing website (ourselves included) and end up forgetting the basic fact that if your site does not rank, no one Read more about The Top SEO Mistakes[…]