How a young entrepreneur built a million dollar promotional codes business

It is increasingly common for new businesses, especially applications, to encourage users to sign up for their services through the use of promotional codes – brands such as, Dell, Target, Gap, Uber, Lyft and Groupon regularly adopt the strategy. In addition, often these businesses recruit ambassadors through the provision of credits. Los Angeles entrepreneur Aaron Leupp[…]

The Top SEO Mistakes

The Top SEO Mistakes on The Web Because PromoAffiliates specializes in Search Engine Optimization, we frequently get asked what the top SEO mistakes are. Webmasters or Graphic Designers often get carried away with building an amazing website (ourselves included) and end up forgetting the basic fact that if your site does not rank, no one[…]

how to get startups featured in publications

How to Get Startups Featured in Publications

One of the best methods to earning more revenue and developing a customer base for a business’s online market campaign is to get the brand featured in major media publications. And when contemplating how to get startups featured in publications, it can’t just be any publication out there, but the renown, globally-recognized publishers; the ones[…]

What is B2B

What is B2B?

For many first-time entrepreneurs or startups, the question of B2B comes up frequently. What is B2B? What relevance does it have to businesses and startups? Can be it beneficial to an owner’s brand, or is it something that should be approached judiciously? The B2B acronym stands for business-to-business, which means a business’s model is based[…]