What Are Click Funnels

What Are Click Funnels

What are Click Funnels & ClickFunnel.com?

What are click funnels?

A lot of our readers have emailed us asking what a click funnel is. They have been popping up all over Facebook through advertisements from ClickFunnels.com.

While ClickFunnels.com is a comprehensive way to create a click funnel – it is not necessary to pay a monthly subscription on this platform, and let us explain why.

Click Funnels Are Lead Generation

Click Funnels, also known as sales funnels are website pages created for the purpose of landing leads, selling products, collecting email registrations or promoting services. These pages are called “lead generation pages” and more often than not use specific formulas to get visitors to complete an action.

Click or Sales funnels can be created on virtually any web hosting platform. Whether you have GoDaddy, Bluehost, GreenGeeks or another host, you can create a click funnel for the same monthly cost you already pay now.

What we do recommend however – is signing up for the ClickFunnels.com webinar and training videos. They provide a great amount of information that has stood the test of time and can be applied elsewhere.

What we don’t recommend is paying over $100 a month to use a custom visual page editor when content management systems like WordPress or Magento are free and available to host on your server.

How Click Funnels Work

Click Funnels work by creating multiple “call to actions” that a visitor acts upon. These can be email subscription boxes, free download buttons for content and e-books or a variety of other things.

Once a visitor lands on your page or funnel, you begin promoting a service or product above the fold, with the call to action. By placing it above the fold, your user is inclined to complete the action or read more.

The use of compelling colors, words, verbiage, font’s, pictures and other media also helps to persuade your visitor to complete an action, as well. In most cases webhosts or the individual creating the sales funnel will create split tests for each item to see which has a better user response.

For more information on split testing, please read this article.

Why Click Funnels Work

In essence, click funnels work because they usually offer a free service or product combined with a paid service or product. In addition, if the visitor does not want to pay for the extended product or service they are still getting something for free.

What’s great about click funnels is while you may be giving out a free e-book or some other tangible good, you are also collecting emails. These emails will allow you to consistently update your page visitors in the future, which in turn may lead to a cash sale.

Want to Try a Click Funnel?

If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own click or sales funnel after watching the ClickFunnels.com webinars, please feel free to contact us. PromoAffiliates offers free consultations to businesses and platforms to help get your click funnel up and running as soon as possible.

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