July 25, 2017

Content Creation

Reach New Heights with Content Creation (SEO Blogs!)

Content creation helps the world online discover you! Through SEO Blogs and of other content-based assets you can ensure that more people are reaching your company, product, idea, startup or business while searching for relevant keywords and subjects.

What We Do


Before we start creating content, we conduct thorough research on what types keywords words people are searching for that is most relevant to your company or brand. We do this by paying particularly close attention to current trends on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines and then leverage them to get you the best results, traffic and ROI.


After conducting research in your niche, the next step is to create the content. We do this by hand selecting teams of individuals that have written or created content in the past and has proof of top indexing blogs that pertain to the scope of your project. After we create a personalized team, they get to work creating SEO compliant assets and blogs for your properties. All SEO blogs also go through multiple SEO and Plagiarism checkers to ensure highest quality and chances racking on top of Google and other search engines.

Launch Time

After your content has been created and approved, we begin to implement it into your website, blog, social media networks or any other assets you own online. One of our client success managers can assist you with installing your new content, or we can package it up for you so that one of your team members can do so.

Examples of Content Creation

Examples of high searched quality informational SEO journalism

How examples of high searched quality informational SEO journalism could look on your site example: https://www.ubereats


Uber and Lyft

Heard of Uber and Lyft right? PromoAffiliates has worked with these two top rideshare giants to help promote their content, promotional codes and services across the internet on a plethora of sites through content creation and blogs.




Airbnb is the Worldwide Accommodations Leader. Take a look at the blog below that we created for Howla to help organically grow Airbnb’s traffic and acquisition for promotional codes and hosts all over the internet.

Airbnb Blog

Alcohol Delivery

The diverse amount of demand and search that comes with food, grocery, and alcohol delivery space leaves open for a ton of untapped daily traffic can be directed to your app through our blogs from the moment they are posted to as long as they stay for years to come.  As you can see we have been doing here for our client here at Saucey.


Food Delivery

Startups in the Food, Alchohol, and Grocery delivery space have a massive advantage in this field with its diverse opportunity of traffic. The demand continues to expand and searches continue to grow but more importantly, we are ready to help you become everyone’s solution.

Food Delivery Example

Pricing & Information

Our blogs and content come tailored to your niche and ready for upload, the second you get them. While other content creators use off shore methods, we have hand selected all our bloggers from the country of destination. What this means is, whatever country your blog is intended for – we make sure our content creators are also from that country. In addition, all of our blogs are 500+ words. We wouldn’t pay for thin or easily replicated content, so we don’t expect you to!

For bulk orders of 100k+ blogs, please contact us for special pricing!

*Migration to other WordPress sites are free but if your site is written in an alternative language to WordPress like HTML or Square Space ect. additional migration charges may apply.

Meet Your Content Creation Team

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