DoorDash Ambassador Program

DoorDash Ambassador Program for Influencer Marketing

By Sean Turtle, COO PromoAffiliates – April 1, 2017 — 11:30 AM PDT


In brief, the PromoAffiliates DoorDash ambassador program is set up for influencers or bloggers to make thousands by leveraging their audiences and offering them promo codes for some of the top apps! It’s as simple as promoting your unique promo code that we give you. Our efforts are currently getting Postmates thousands of new users per month. Contact for your unique promo codes and the guidelines for our brands. The DoorDash ambassador program is one of many that we run with our digital marketing teams. We work with Uber, Postmates, Lyft, Drizly and more.

In this article, I will explain our DoorDash ambassador program, a little bit about our company, and give you some examples of influencers that we have worked with recently. I will also go over some of the competition in the delivery sector as well as what the press has to say about DoorDash. We pay our affiliates through PayPal on the 16th of every month based on the activations of the unique promo codes. For example, if you are assigned an Uber promo code, you will get paid whenever someone uses your code to take their first ride for free. We only deal with discounted or freemium deals for apps and platforms. Our intention is not for you to spoil your influence by promoting some crap products.

PromoAffiliates Agency

PromoAffiliates has been servicing apps and platforms for over three years. Based in Los Angeles in the center of Hollywood, we have branched out to some local influencers who have international appeal. Our company has brought our clients an amazing results. I have been here a while now and I am proud to say that in three years we have brought Uber over 500,000 new users! This is incredible but there’s always room to grow.

We pride ourselves on being digital marketing experts and some of our team has excelled at SEO marketing tactics. So much so that our people are ranking higher than the brands themselves on Google search results. We work mainly with influencers and bloggers to give potential new customers a chance to try apps for free or at a great discount. It’s a win-win because our clients pay us after these new users have tried their services. This is unlike other marketing dollars which are sometimes spend frivolously.

Aaron Leupp, CEO of PromoAffiliates, started promo affiliates after working as a brand ambassador for companies like Lyft and others. From the beginning, our intentions have been to help people access these new apps which simultaneously satisfies our clients’ needs with customer acquisition. We handpick all of the clients that we have and base those decisions on quality over quantity.

DoorDash Ambassador Program

DoorDash is a fantastic technology company that has streamlined the logistics of getting products from point A to point B. They are more than just a food delivery company by far. From working with robots to deliver food to amassing partnerships with national chains like 7-Eleven and Taco Bell, their success virtually happened overnight. Before DoorDash, I’m sure people never thought they would see the day that Taco Bell would be delivered to their doorstep. In a very competitive market, the company is still excelling.

Part of their success is due to the popularity of the on-demand culture in general. It’s appealing for people to get delivery and it’s great for restaurants who couldn’t afford to do it. In some of the press that I’ll mention later in this article, you’ll see that DoorDash has a compelling story that led them to the technology giant to what they are today. A lot of work goes into the background of the systems that we often take for granted. All we care about is that our food gets to our door the way that we ordered it.

Tal Fishman of ‘Reaction Time’ YouTube Channel

Recently, we teamed up with a popular YouTube channel called Reaction Time for an Uber promo code. The creator, Tal Fishman, pretty much does what the title insinuates. He gives his reactions to Internet trends and other Internet content. It’s pretty entertaining and he’s approaching 5 million subscribers so that’s proof that I’m not the only one who thinks so! Though we work with all different types of social media influencers, it is exciting to test some of our brands on such a popular page.

Fishman really did a great job with his video. He mentions the code in the beginning and puts the code on the screen with the special effect. Then he goes into detail about a personal connection with the brand and then shows the screenshot of how to enter the code. He concludes the video with another mention of the Uber promo code and even puts a link in the description. The content of the video was relevant to the Uber promo code and also very relevant to his other content on the channel.  I’m pretty certain that that Uber promo code video will do very well. My goal is to set up the channel with other programs like the DoorDash ambassador program.

Ideal Influencer Marketing

So the Reaction Time video is a great example and very ideal.  There are more aspects of influencer marketing that can make for an ideal situation as well.  As I’ve said in some of my other articles, you don’t have to have 1 million subscribers on YouTube to be a great influencer for a brand. Micro influencers with 50,000 subscribers can have the same affect as someone with 2 million followers.

For example, if you have 50,000 YouTube subscribers and you are getting 5,000-10,000 likes consistently, you have great engagement.  Your followers will probably take your advice if you mention a brand that you use. Especially if it is involved with lifestyle and not just some product. All of our brands are lifestyle based like taking an Uber or ordering food with Postmates or DoorDash.

I’ve seen influencers increase their engagement by doing contests, giveaways, and even asking their followers to submit a screenshot in the comment section. There are many ways to do this and some creative ones as well. Even something as simple as asking your followers to rate your content on a scale of 1 to 10 in the comment section can help them participate.

Word of Mouth Marketing

One of the cornerstones of marketing is a very basic principle called word-of-mouth. If you can imagine an old movie where you see a young boy selling newspapers on the street, and this is a great example of word-of-mouth marketing.

The little guy’s yelling “read all about it “over and over and announcing the headlines. Is this really that different than a Facebook ad telling you to read all about it and showing you the headline? I think not. It’s just in a completely different format. Online word-of-mouth marketing is often called eWOM. It comes in so many forms and I’m only going to talk about a few of them here. In my opinion, blogging and vlogging are examples of word-of-mouth. What’s amazing about the Internet is that this type of marketing gets the word to a lot of people really fast even internationally.

So psychologically, the power of suggestion with eWOM can be explained by our cooperation and willingness. Because we subscribe or follow influencers, we are more prone to their suggestions. So for example, all of our promotions are based on action. The DoorDash ambassador program and others only pay when someone uses your promo code and actually orders. If the new user only inputs the code, we will get a record of that but only activations pay. That is why we are a CPA agency which stands for cost per action. The only cost to the client is when an action is taken.

Doordash Robots

An article on that came out very recently covers the news about Doordash testing robots to make local deliveries!  We are only a few years away from Robocops if technology keeps up it’s current pace.  Doordash and it’s competitor, Postmates, are working with robotic delivery developer, Starship Technologies.

Doordash co-founder and chief product officer, Stanley Tang told Buzzfeed that the robots would not phase out the human ‘Dashers’.  If anything, they will only do the short, small orders.  This will leave the bigger, high-paying orders to the humans who need money to survive.  Robots only need charging and space.  I wonder is thieves are ever going to take advantage of helpless robots to get some free food.  I don’t know why I thought of that.

Anyway, after extensive testing in Redwood City, CA, Doordash plans to roll more semi-autonomous robots who will do deliveries that are between 1-2 miles from restaurant to customer.  It’s hard to imagine some robot bringing me my sandwich.  I mean, what if I was handicapped and couldn’t reach down to open the box and grab my tuna on rye.  Or worse, what if my neighbor grabs my sandwich by mistake?

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