Doordash CPA Promo Codes for Popular YouTubers

By Sean Turtle, COO PromoAffiliates – April 1, 2017 — 11:30 AM PDT


In short, the PromoAffiliates promo code programs help popular YouTubers make thousands by giving away free food! Our Doordash CPA promo code saves new users money on their first delivery. We actually have promote Uber, Postmates, Lyft, Drizly and more too. So yeah, contact to sign up with us and get your unique promo codes right away.

Have you ever been enjoying some time with a little music on the radio and you get closer to the radio to improve the signal? That’s how easy this opportunity is. You just touch a few promo codes and at the end of the month, we will get numbers on how many people used your code to try the app. Then we pay you a few bucks for every person that tried your code/s.

CPA just means cost per action. We pay you for every action taken by the new user. So that action can be a first time ride with Uber or first time delivery with Postmates. We even have a promo code for Skurt, an app for rental car delivery. That one pays a good bounty but they are only in LA, San Diego, and Miami. Mostly, popular YouTubers will focus on the national brands like Uber promo codes or Drizly promo codes.

Tal Fishman’s ‘Reaction Time’ YouTube Channel

I was so lucky to get to work with Tal Fishman on a recent campaign for Uber CPA promo codes. His YouTube channel has almost 5 million subscribers and he is working with us to promote Uber. His style of video is a kind of critique and poking fun at internet trends and pictures. He’s sort of a young Tosh.0 style comedic riff on the list or material he’s posting. His dropping like 2 videos a day right now so he’s riding that wave hard and we love that!

We would love to get him into more programs like the Doordash CPA or Postmates promo code program. Just Google Reaction Time Uber and you should easily find the video. He opens with the perfect introduction to the code and his experience with Uber. Then he plugs in the screenshot we provided and details on how to input the code. Followed expertly with the code mention at the end and putting the code and a link in the description.

If the Doordash CPA is as popular at the Uber promo code video, it will be getting 500k views or more in the first 24 hours. He fit his Uber promo code in with a theme that is relevant to his previous content. His video explores true stories from real Uber drivers. This is how the rest of his content is so his audience will be encouraged to try Uber if they haven’t tried it already.

Doordash Delightful Delivery

So I’ll go into some press on Doordash and competition in later sections. In over 300 cities around the globe, Doordash has been able to perfect the infrastructure for delivery. I’ve heard that they are testing robots in Northern California and that they’ve successfully been delivering burritos to college students. I’ll let you Google that on your own. Just know that all of us take for granted the technology that goes into an on demand delivery. The engineering on the back end of the systems needed to run an app like Doordash is built by coding architects.

I’ve personally worked for Doordash and it’s a great company. From the Dasher perspective, I recall being able to schedule myself in certain areas or just turn on the driver app. It was better than Uber or Lyft because in the restaurants there was water and restrooms and nobody had to be in my car. A lot of restaurants don’t have the resources to have delivery as an option, but with Doordash, local delivery is possible at an international level!

On the Doordash blog, there’s a post about the importance of data and the author says that the company counts everything: “the number of orders coming in per day, the amount of time it takes for a restaurant takes to prepare a salad” and on and on. The data from 2016 should that pizza and fast food restaurants rounded out the top five most popular genre orders. Door dash is an amazing app. You should try it.

PromoAffiliates Agency

In short, Doordash CPA codes don’t just appear from thin air! PromoAffiliates not only hand picks every app and platform to represent, it takes time to nurture the relationship and structure the affiliates program. I have been with the company for a while now and I think that we are not like a lot of agencies out here in Hollyweird. Our approach is almost strictly online with digital marketing efforts.

Additionally, we only work with affiliate deals.  With our blogger affiliates, this is never a problem. They are so familiar with this format. Our influencer affiliates need to see evidence or don’t want to work with us at all. It’s really to their loss because with a big following on social media, an influencer will often get way more commission from an Uber promo code for example than just some flat rate fee.

Either way, whether you are a big influencer or have a popular site, let us show you a great way to leverage your audiences without jeopardizes your content. We don’t promote crap products or any MLM’s. We simply give users a chance to try cool apps or platforms for free or a discount for their first time. It’s all about good news!

Stay Motivated

Take this concept for example. A popular Ted talk with this guy Scott Geller brings up some psychological points about motivation. Staying motivated is about perspective. Geller says that most of us wake up to hit snooze on our alarm clocks. Well, what if you thought of this device as an opportunity clock? Our methods are proven to work for you and we would love to show you. What do you have to lose? Contact to get your unique promo codes right away.

Ideal Influencers

Like the example above with the Reaction Time channel, we are looking for certain types of influencers. It’s not just about how many subscribers or followers you have. That’s part of it but we are concerned with how engaging your followers are, what type of content you put out, and other factors. For example, you probably know how popular prank videos are on YouTube.

Well, we’ve found through experimentation that fans of prank videos don’t respond to these types of promotions. They can be great for general brand awareness and maybe other stuff but they don’t call potential new users to action. Also, our Doordash CPA promo code campaigns are literally based on action. The user has to try Doordash for the promo code to get the activation.

So I think that the storytime genre on YouTube is pretty great for some of our promo code promotions. Fans of storytime videos probably want to be like the influencer that they are following. So we only make suggestions for bloggers and influencers that we work with because they ultimately have creative freedom. Our intention is only to guide you epic success!

Word of Mouth Advertising

Basically, all of our digital marketing efforts is all about the basic marketing principle known as word of mouth. Online, it is known as eWOM and it takes many forms. The power behind eWOM is that we choose what websites to go to or who to subscribe to. In brief, this choice really helps brand get to our core and we are often being advertised to without really realizing it.

Apps and platforms have encouraged word of mouth advertising from their users. This is done with referral codes or links. For example, as an Uber passenger, you are given an Uber promo code to share with friends or whoever you want. If they use your code to try Uber, you will get credit towards some rides. TWith our programs, not only can we get paid in cash instead of credits, we have the permission to pay for ads and take on contractors that we can assign promo codes to.

Press for Doordash CPA

One of the most exciting news reports about Doordash to come out was regarding the use of robots to deliver food! I’ve heard of some of these on demand services delivering burritos on some college campus with drones. But nothing is as sophisticated as Doordash using robots on city streets in California. Starship Technologies has partnered with Doordash as well as Postmates in the field of robotic delivery.

In closing, the developer has helped Doordash test robot delivery in Redwood City pretty extensively since January of this year. Doordash co-founder and chief product officer, Stanley Tang, told Buzzfeed that these robots are well suited to do small and hyper local deliveries. Also, this would free up the human Dashers to do bigger orders. I guess it will phase out the cyclists that Doordash CPA allows to do these small order.
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