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Are you hungry right now? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just deliver food to you right now from your favorite local restaurant? Well, let me tell you about the services that DoorDash offers. Doordash is great when you just want your favorite food delivered without actually having to leave your home or office. Sign up today! Who has time to wait?

How do you use Doordash?

When you open the app, you will input your location. You can also use the Doordash website if you preorder. Once you do that, a list of your local restaurants will populate the screen. Once you decide on where you want to eat, you will be able to place an order. Each restaurant will have their menu on the app and you can choose from all of their different options without actually having to go to the restaurant.

You can customize your order however you want including which toppings you want and how you want your food prepared. If the restaurant happens to be out of the item that you want, you will be given the options of having your Doordash courier contact you, refunding the item, canceling the order or even going with the merchant recommendation. You can even pre order food for the next day.

DoorDash Promo Codes

Toronto, Canada  TOR17
Vancouver, Canada VAN17
Calgary, Canada CGY17
Washington DC/ Northern Virginia WDC17
Atlanta ATL17
Charlotte CNC17
Los Angeles LA17

Payment information

When you are ready to check out, you will be asked to put in your payment information. You can even save the card you used for faster checkout the next time you use the app. The main caveat is that Doordash is convenient to use. You will not have to go through dealing with a cashier or travelling to the store which is great. If you have a special request for your food, you can also put one in! Doordash will also let you know if a restaurant is not accepting any orders so you can plan your meals with ease. With the following code, you can save fifteen dollars on your first order.

Doordash Promo Code: PA2, enter this code when you check out!

So what exactly happens after I make an order?

After you make your order, the information will be sent directly to the restaurant of choice. From there, a Doordash courier will pick up your food in a timely manner and deliver it to you! Your Doordash courier will either deliver your food from their car, bike, or even on foot. However, they deliver your food, they will make sure it is kept safe and fresh, ready for you to eat.

What I use DoorDash for

Personally, I use Doordash to get food from my local Mendocino Farms. I order the Not-so-fried chicken every time I order from them. Although I essentially get the same meal every time, I always try a different side each time. One thing I like about physically visiting the restaurant is that you can try a couple of sides before you pay for your food. A lot of times, I am just too busy to leave my home and that is where Doordash comes in.

I do miss that part of going to the restaurant physically but the time and effort I save is well worth it. Sometimes when I am playing games, I do not really want to leave my apartment. If I am in a live tournament, it is dangerous to leave the computer at times. During those times, I can sometimes get hungry. During those times, I am thankful for Doordash as they make my eating experience that much easier. I am sure that you can think of a way in which having your food delivered can add value to your day.

Minimal interaction

Another aspect that I like about Doordash is the minimal person to person interaction. My Doordash delivery person would deliver the food right to my door, they won’t tell me to meet them outside which is very convenient. This is especially useful if you live in a spacious apartment complex. You can send special instructions including directions to your Doordash courier.


Before you receive your delivery, you should receive periodic updates about the status of your food all the way from when it is picked up right up until it reaches your door. When you receive your food, there is no need to verify, they just hand you your food so you can enjoy it right away. All you really need to say is a simple “thank you.” This is great when you are busy and can’t be bother to interact with another human being for an extended period of time. Sometimes, all you want is your food and can’t bother with the person to person interactions.

Convenience factor

doordash promo code

If you are on the fence about making an order from Doordash, you may want to ask yourself how much you value the convenience. Of course, you won’t get your food for the exact same price as you would if you visited the restaurant in person so what does that extra few bucks get you? For one, not having to leave your place of living is a pretty huge boon.

You can go about your day without having to stop what you are doing just to feed yourself. However, how much extra you will spend on delivery depends on each restaurant’s agreement with Doordash. Each restaurants agreement with Doordash is different but you can always see the delivery cost before you finalize your order. From this point, you can also add a tip if you would like. There is even an option to refer a friend to this service which we will go over soon.

Telling friends

A couple moments after I made my first order with Doordash, of course I told a couple friends of mine. It was eye opening to see food and options from restaraunts that did not usually deliver. The friends that I told for sure appreciated the free food. I just wish I had heard of the service that Doordash offers sooner! From that point they told more of their friends and the savings just poured in!

When a friend of yours makes their first order, you get seven dollars in credit! You can check your credits in the account section of the Doordash app. This adds up quickly and if you refer enough friends, you can almost get to a point where you don’t have to pay for food! With the promo code, even if you did not exactly enjoy the service, at least you saved a little bit of money on your food for the day.

You are probably wondering how this all began.

Doordash was founded in 2013 by Andy Fan, Stanley Tang and Tony Xu. They were all Stanford students at the time. The idea came about when they were working at their small macaroon business. After consulting with other businesses, they concluded that deliveries are somewhat of a problem, orders could not get fulfilled. Because most of the restaurants in their area did not do deliveries, they basically decided to do all the deliveries for them! Since then, they have been expanding their services and have been changing how food gets to our doors. They launched in the South Bay of San Francisco in 2013 but then expanded to other areas.

These other cities include:








Los Angeles & Los Angeles Valley

Manhatten & Brooklyn


Orange County


San Diego

Silicon Valley



Washington D.C.

And more!

Working for Doordash:

To work for Doordash, you must own a vehicle. Sometimes, depending on the city, you could use a bike or motorcycle. You must also be at least 18 years of age and own either an Android or iPhone. Hours are flexible which means you can work on your own schedule. There will be a background check. Compared to some rideshare companies, Doordash’s requirements for employment are a bit looser.

For example, some rideshare companies have some requirements on the specifications of your vehicle, Doordash does not have stipulation on the age of your vehicle, condition or number of doors. You still have to have two years of driving experience though if you want to use your own car. Workers are paid five dollars per order, however, workers will be compensated if they do not make at least ten dollars an hour with delivery tips and fees.

If you are kind, friendly and enjoy being on the move, then maybe working for Doordash is a great option for you.

So by now, you should know all you need to know about Doordash!

Many customers do in fact appreciate the convenient service that Doordash offers and I do also enjoy it myself. While you will have to pay a bit more than if you would have visited the restaurant, the convenience is in my opinion very worth it. If Doordash does not have the restaurant you like, you can always request it so there is no need to worry. Hope fully this code will get you to try out Doordash, so have a meal on me!

Once again, enter the code: PA2 at checkout to save!
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