Drizly Affiliate Program

Drizly Affiliate Program

Who is Drizly

Drizly is an alcohol delivery service that took the nation by storm in 2016. Drizly partners with local retailers and alcohol beverage companies to bring their inventory to customers. The service uses smart-phone technology that is available on  iOS and Android platforms, apart from its website. Users place their order through the application and select what alcohol they would like to purchase. Drizly’s local retail partners fulfill the order and begin the delivery process. Generally speaking delivery can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour from start to finish, to receive your alcohol.

In addition Drizly uses state of the art, custom, proprietary I.D. scanning technology to take a purchasers identification card and validate it right over the mobile app. Drizly values safety and lawful transactions above all else.

The Drizly Affiliate Program

The Drizly affiliate program is a great way to make extra money while promoting alcohol, wine, spirits and booze. Being a Drizly ambassador means that you enjoy giving away freemium offers and sharing deals about liquor with your friends, family or just about anyone you run into. There’s nothing easier than giving away free stuff – especially to individuals who like to party, have fun and enjoy their social surroundings or weekends with a little alcohol.

Do Drizly ambassadors get paid in the Drizly Affiliate program?

As a matter of fact, Drizly is one of the highest CPA offers that PromoAffiliates has. When you sign up to distribute your promotional code with Drizly we will give you $10 per activation and usage that you receive from new users. So what’s that mean for you?

It means that every time someone download the Drizly mobile application, makes a selection, inputs your Drizly promo code and goes through with their delivery, you will earn cash!

How do I sign up for the Drizly ambassador program?

To sign up for the Drizly ambassador and affiliate program e-mail Aaron@promoaffiliates.com to start your journey today. Make sure to also include your name, number and why you believe that you would be a great fit for our program.

We will also review your application promptly and if we feel that you would be a good fit for our program we will hire you immediately.


Should I promote Dirzly or Postmates?

Why not promote them all? Every Affiliate program you enroll in through PromoAffiliates is another opportunity to make more money. While Drizly operates in some areas, Postmates may operate in others. Leveraging both programs will give you the best results when monetizing your promotional codes.

Note – PromoAffiliates believes both companies and platforms are great experiences. We recommend providing information about both companies to your friends and family so they can try them while utilizing available discounts and receive credit for each!

Ways to promote my Drizly code

There are many ways to promote your personal Drizly code. We have outlined a few for your convenience.

  • Distributing promo cards or materials at schools and night clubs
  • News paper or flyer advertisements
  • Affiliate blogging
  • Alternative traffic sources
  • Webmaster or website space rentals and agreements
  • Wearing a T-Shirt with your code on it (you would be surprised how well this works)
  • Word of mouth
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)

When deciding how to promote your Drizly code you should keep one thing in mind – alcohol delivery. Whether it’s wearing your Drizly t-shirt to the bar or handing out promotional products, make sure that the ways you are distributing your code is relevant to the niche (alcohol delivery).

The Drizly customer experience

We can say at PromoAffiliates first hand that Drizly is one of the more professional, renowned alcohol delivery services. As a matter of priority and ethics we make sure to test all of our CPA campaigns before we start the distribution of promotional codes. You can rest assured that the startup you are promoting is a quality one and values your customers.

Cities Drizly operates in

When signing up for the Drizly affiliate program, make sure that the service is applicable in your area. If you plan to utilize social media, blogging or other digital resources you will not need to worry about being in an area currently supported by Drizly.

For the complete list of Drizly cities please visit this page.

Other Ambassador Programs

PromoAffiliates offers a wide array of ambassador programs in different categories. Other Ambassador programs we offer are for Postmates, Uber, Shipt, and Lyft. We are always partnering with new companies to expand our CPA portfolio and are looking for committed individuals like you to help spread the word about these platforms.

Becoming an ambassador today for PromoAffiliates and get access to all of our newest promotion codes, CPA, and CPI offers. Every program that you partake in is another opportunity to earn more money while having fun and enjoying yourself.

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