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If you’ve seen any of our articles before, you know that PromoAffiliates has many programs that influencers can join and the Freshly ambassador program is a great one to start. It’s so easy to get involved and here are the basics: 1) we give you a unique promo code; 2) you promote the code in your social media content or site; 3) we pay you for every new person that uses your code. Contact right away for your promo codes.

In short, this article will go over some of the details of the Freshly ambassador program. There are some basics covered in this article about our company’s affiliate marketing, some of the information on Freshly, and also some information on Freshly’s competition.

Working with PromoAffiliates has shown me how to analyze data and see what trends are already popular on your social media or site so it’s easier to assign you to programs. We promote brands like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Drizly and more!
You will see that we are not suggesting that you promote products to your audiences. We are all about freemium deals and giving your audience a chance to try something for free or a discount.

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Ideal PromoAffiliates Influencer
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Word of Mouth Marketing

PromoAffiliates Agency

So I’ve been working with PromoAffiliates for almost 3 years and it’s been amazing to see how powerful digital marketing is. Whether you have a popular saying her blog or even social media, you can leverage your audience without losing relevancy. What I mean is that we encourage people to stay relevant to the content they are already creating. The beauty is that all of our brands are associated with lifestyle so they can be made relevant to a variety of sites and social media channels. I’ll show you an example and another section of this article.

We are currently part of a big Postmates campaign and it is generating 100,000 users every month! This is bigger than our Uber campaign which has generated 500,000 new users in the past three years. We are very excited about this and hope to do the same epic results for some of our other brands. But we can do this without you. We can show you how to organically will leverage your audiences. Like I said in the first paragraph, we give you a code and pay for every time a new person tries the app with your code.

Freshly Meal Delivery

Freshly Affiliates Program

Freshly’s claim to fame is being able to get really fresh meals to you that you can warm up a little it’s two minutes. It’s great for busy people or non-adventurous people. Quite frankly, it can be pretty daunting to shop for your groceries and then have to worry about preparing them. In addition, a lot of us waste a lot of food because we buy more than we cook or procrastinate and don’t cook it before it goes bad. This is especially true with organic produce which doesn’t last more than a day sometimes. By working with us you will be able to offer a discount for new users. That is the basis of the Freshly ambassador program.

Freshly is able to accommodate different dietary restrictions like gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and more. There is no extra fee for delivery and it’s all included in the price for the meals. all of the meals are prepared by the companies shifts and there is no added sugars and ingredients are all natural. Later in this article I’m going to go into some of the press that freshly has gotten as well as how an influencer can benefit from being part of our program.

Ideal Social Media Influencers

PromoAffiliates works with popular influencers and bloggers to promote our brands. The ideal influencer has many attributes and I will go over a few of the most important ones. Believe it or not, the amount of subscribers that you have on your channel is not the most important factor. Obviously you can reach more people but it’s about quality not quantity. Someone with 50,000 engaged YouTube subscribers can have a greater impact than someone with 500,000. One good indicator is the amount of likes you are getting on your content. If 5 to 10% of your followers are liking your content, that is a good sign.

There are different kinds of influencers because the amount of content you can make varies greatly. We found that prank channels don’t get a lot of response from their fans regarding romo offers. However, fans of story time videos and to really want to be like the influencer and take the advice and try things that they recommend. It’s as if the fans want to be like the influencer and do the things they do. Psychologically, it makes sense because we choose to follow certain people and that choice can mask the fact that they are advertising to us. This is why influencer marketing is so popular.

In the next section I’m going to go over a recent influencer we were good for an Uber promo code campaign. His approach was excellent. One thing that a good influencer does well is understand who their fans are. What’s great about social media is that you can actually survey your followers and find out details about them. Like what is the average age of your follower or where do they live?

Tal Fishman of the ‘Reaction Time’ Youtube Channel

Very recently, we have the pleasure of setting up a popular YouTube channel with an Uber promo code. This is very similar to the approach we would do with the Freshly ambassador program. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, we simply give you a promo code and pay you for how many people use it to try the app. Tal Fishman of the YouTube channel Reaction Time, recently made a video for his Uber promo code. It was a great approach and I’ll detail some of the best factors here.

So first of all, he started his video with mentioning the promo code and relating directly to the branch. He talked about how he used Uber when he didn’t have a license and his parents didn’t have time to drive them around. Also the video was directly about Uber and he was discussing some crazy Uber stories from the perspective of drivers. You have to make sure that the content is relative to the promotion. He executed this perfectly.

Next, Fishman puts the promo code on the screen and literally on his face. This way, nobody can miss it. After that the video actually shows a screenshot of how to enter the promo code and where. This is crucial because it’s all about the activation and people should be educated on how to enter the promo code. Lastly, Fishman mention the code again at the end of the video and made sure to put a link in the description so people could sign up directly online.

Word of Mouth Marketing With the Freshly Ambassador Program

Freshly Affiliates Program

Like I’ve mentioned in a lot of articles, word-of-mouth is one of the basic marketing principles. For centuries people have used word-of-mouth to spread news. In regards to advertising, word-of-mouth is everything. With the surge of digital content and connectivity, word-of-mouth has taken on a whole new powerful meaning. Online, this principle is called eWOM and it covers a lot of different types of media.

For an our promo purposes, I’ll focus on YouTube and Instagram. These two platforms are a great way for our influencers to use eWOM as a tactic to spread the news of their promo codes. One way to increase the power is by asking your followers for a response. For example you can ask them to read the content of a scale of 1 to 10 or send you a screenshot of them and putting the promo code for a chance to win a prize. Even though we are giving the potential new user something for free, it doesn’t hurt to throw in more freebies.

Freshly Competition

Freshly is in a very competitive sector and a lot of companies deliver meals. Also, Freshly delivers a box with meals for a week based on the selections of the user has made. One similar company is called BistroMD. The company is set up and marketed towards people who want to lose weight. The meal start at $6.75 per meal which is actually lower than the least expensive freshly meal. The meals are designed by Dr. Caroline J Cederquist Who has set up all the meals to not include trans fat, aspartame, MSG etc.

Another competitor is called Green Chef. I bring up this company because even though they do not ship complete meals, they deliver a meal kits. These kids are certified organic and include all of the ingredients needed to make meals. There are a lot of companies like this and they are a competitor with freshly even though the meals or just need to be heated up.

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