Home Chef Coupon

Home Chef Coupon

Home Chef is a great new app that brings you all the ingredients you need to cook a great meal in 30 minutes! The company is ran by Pat Vihtelic, who provided all the things you’ll need to bring fantastic meals and moments to your dinner table. Skip the grocery store and just go straight home from work with a box waiting for you. By the time you would normally get out of the store you’ll be serving the meal to your family. To save money initially just use a Home Chef Coupon.

Home Chef was started in 2013 by Pat who partnered up with a chef to design amazing easy to follow recipes. Since the company started they have added several fantastic chefs to the team as well. They also account for more than 700 employees across production, marketing, technology, product, design, and customer service as well.

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Can I choose a specific diet?

Don’t worry about this being difficult, this was made to be a very simple process. Once you download the app you’ll be asked whether you would like meat, seafood, or veggies. You can also choose more than one of course. You will also be asked if there’s any kind of ingredients that you would like to avoid. Such things as nuts, soy, and gluten ingredients as well. Another amazing option is to choose a low-carb or low-calorie recipe as well!

What are the plan options?

You can find anywhere from two to six meals a day. Also, you can choose just four if you’d like. These plans can all cover two, four, or six people as well. The prices are very simple, you pay 9.95 dollars per meal. For whatever plan you’d like. Shipping of course is always free for orders that surpass 45 dollars per week as well. However only the smallest plan is less than 45 dollars a week. This is the plan for 2 meals a week for 2 people. Shipping on this plan will only cost you 10 dollars a week. So don’t forget to use Home Chef coupon to save some money on your first meal!

Are there any add-on options?

The great thing about this service is you have so many options to begin with! One would be a breakfast option for $9.95 per serving. They also throw in some season fruit baskets that run you about $4.95 per serving. They also have the option to choose “Premium” meals. The prices on these will change depending on what part of the year it is. However, do not forget that once you add one of these extra features it will automatically be on your next week order as well. So don’t forget to remove it if you only wanted it for that one week. You can also of course saving money to add an add-on by using Home Chef Coupon!

When do they get delivered?

If you’re curious when it gets delivered don’t worry. It will not choose a day for you. Once you’ve chosen your meal type you will be prompted to choose a delivery day. This screen will offer you three choices. The choices it provides will either be a Wednesday, Thursday, or a Friday. These are not many options but the recipes are worth it.

How do I choose my recipes?

Once you’ve chosen the type of meals, and the delivery date you get to really start having some fun. This is where you get to take a look at everything available. And choose exactly what you’d like. You just click on the meal’s module and you’ll see the recipe card with the recipe. A Video will show you some great cooking tips. This will also show you what you need to have at home for this. They have amazing options like Stuffed Chicken, or Bone-in Pork with some great smoky Maple butter!

How is it delivered

The food being safe on arrival is not a worry. The boxes you receive from them will arrive on the day you chose when you set the service all up for yourself. You will have a box waiting at your doorstep. There’s going to be a ton of packing insulation. They also will have some very cold gel packs. Also of course there will be some cardboard protect certain products inside as well. This is a very common thing for ingredient delivery companies will do. This makes sure all the ingredients you receive are fresh when you’re ready to cook your meal. Home Chef also uses “recycled cotton-enhanced, textile fibers” as an insulation.

How are they packaged inside?

Each ingredient in the box will be packaged very carefully in a bag. Each meal has it’s own bag with the ingredients of that specific meal inside. This makes it very easy to just grab a hold of the bag and take all your ingredients out very quickly for the meal you need.

Are the recipes easy to follow?

Home Chef Coupon

If you’re not much of a cook you may be a little worried about trying out this service. But rest assured that this is a simple process to follow. You will get very detailed but easy to understand step by step recipes. Each one will also come with pictures to compare to as well. This makes the process much easier for a new cook to try out. You may however run into situations where you may need some tools you may not have. So, don’t forget to read your recipes before you choose them as your meal for that week. Such as a cooking thermometer.

In Conclusion,

If you to busy to go to the grocery store, or you may simply just not want to deal with the lines. You could give this great service a try. Choose your meals and have them show up at your doorstep ready for you to cook and have a great family meal in 30 minutes. If you’d like to save some money as well, then a Home Chef coupon is what you’ll need to use.

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