Hotel Tonight Affiliates Program

Hotel Tonight Affiliates Program for Influencers and Bloggers

By Sean Turtle, COO PromoAffiliates – April 1, 2017 — 11:30 AM PDT  @seanturtle_

With the PromoAffiliates Hotel Tonight affiliates program, you can give your audiences a chance to save on hotels. When hotels have unsold rooms, they are uploaded on Hotel Tonight so the rates are always amazing! PromoAffiliates will assign you a unique promo code that will give every new person a discount on their first time using Hotel Tonight. Then we pay you for every person who has used your code. It’s so simple and in this article we will explain exactly how it works and give you some great information. To get signed up with this program, email for your unique promo code today! We have a good roster of apps that you my want to promote on your channels like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Drizly and more!

Because your audiences choose to pay attention to your content and they want to live like you! Give them an opportunity to try great apps for free or a discount. You can promote however you want and we have a proven track record of getting traction for our clients. Make a YouTube or Instagram video and tell your fans to screenshot the app. You can always come to us for ideas on content and we will guide you!

What is PromoAffiliates?

Our group of blogger and social media influencers address a huge demand all across the internet. People love on demand apps and we are so lucky to give people a chance to try them. It’s not easy giving away free stuff but somebody’s gotta do it! We have been working with Uber for over three years. In that time we have gotten the rideshare beast over 500,000 new users! We can’t do this without you.

Your audiences are what fuel the fire for our promotions. It’s so cool to pay you for promoting what we call freemium deals. People are getting free credits or discounts for their first time and it’s way better than promoting some crap products. Don’t get me wrong, you have to make a living so do what you have to do. But if a company is paying you to promote a product, consider how relevant that product placement is to your content. Also consider how your audience will respond. With our Hotel Tonight affiliates program and others, you are promoting a lifestyle. And that’s what your audiences want to absorb and copy. They want to be you!

What is the HotelTonight App All About?

Hotel Tonight is a great service and app that allows users to get exclusive rates on booking hotel rooms last minute. All of the hotels are screened so that only the ones featured are hotels where users can trust that their accommodations will be awesome. When hotels have unsold rooms, they load those rooms onto the HotelTonight site. So users can book up to seven days in stay for up to 5 nights. The app has helped millions of users save on hotels in approx 30,000 cities in 35 countries.

HotelTonight is disrupting the way that hotel rooms are booked in about cities around the globe. Also, they are promoting hotels at the same time. Like other on demand services and apps, they are providing an additional platform for these hotels. As part of our Hotel Tonight affiliates program, you will be helping people save on their first time using the app or site. Not only will your audiences have this opportunity, but anyone that they mention this to. As I’ll explain more later, when you are telling your followers about your code, you will urge them to share the post and spread the word as well.

Is It Easy to Get Activations?

It can be very simple to leverage your engagement with the Hotel Tonight affiliates program. One example of a campaign that was really successful was with an influencer named Tana Mongeau. Tana had almost a million followers on YouTube when we first signed her up with her own unique Uber promo code. After her ‘storytime’ video about an Uber ride she had, her code was used by 30,000 people in the first 4 months!

So the video wasn’t the typical “Hey guys, try Uber” kind of thing. Before we could send Tana some examples or content ideas, she came out with a video that had a title with something like “Uber driver kidnaps me.” We were shocked by that content idea but we ran with it. Our influencers have complete creative freedom within the guidelines. Plus it’s always easier to ask for forgiveness than it is permission.

Ideal Influencer or Blogger for the Hotel Tonight Affiliates Program

For us, we think that the best kind of influencer or blogger is one that has high engagement with their audiences because of their lifestyle. For example, if your subject matter on your channels is about you specifically in anyway, that you can easily refer your audience to things that you do. With the Tana example, she is known for telling stories about her life so that’s what she did. She stayed relevant to her content. What is your channel about?

Our Hotel Tonight affiliates program and all of our opportunities are very turn key. I recently signed Tal Fishman for his YouTube channel called Reaction Time. It’s perfect because his content is all about reviewing internet trends mostly. He gives his 4.9 million followers his reactions and opinions on internet pictures and anything he wants! You don’t have to have millions of followers but you do have to stay relevant to your content.

Marketing 101 – Word Of Mouth and HotelTonight

One of the most basic and powerful forms of marketing is word of mouth. With the platforms of today, the passing of information from human to human has obviously become very different than before. Anyone can message someone on the other side of the globe in seconds. Wikipedia calls digital word of mouth marketing  eWOM.  It refers to statements, stories, or any verbal communication shared over the internet. So your credibility with your audiences is evident by how many like or comments you consistently receive from them. Like I said above, they are choosing to follow your content. And that is what makes influencers and bloggers the most important eWOM marketers of today.

Back in the days of cable TV and traditional advertising, we were all limited on how we got our video content. Now we can go to our phones and Google exactly what we want to see. We can also choose who will deliver the content we are looking for. There are many ways that you can make WOM more powerful like a survey or giveaway where your audience is invited to do a task for recognition. For example, you could ask your followers to rate the post on a scale of 1 to 10. This simple request has amazing results for programs like our Hotel Tonight affiliates program.

Blogger Influencers

All of our campaigns can be used by bloggers. Whether it’s the Hotel Tonight affiliates program or our Uber affiliate program.  Usually a blogger will just draft blogs or put the promo codes on the page. At times our programs can make a blog look more legitimate. If a blog has ‘ads’ on the side, it looks more pro like it gets a lot of traffic. Bloggers should also stay relevant to their content but they can easily just add more content or tabs.
The expansion of adding more tabs and content will also make the blog appear more legitimate.

Either way, the blogger influencer process is exactly the same. As a blogger, you will also get your own unique promo code and links to share online. When a person uses your promo to try a service for their first time, you get an activation. All of the activations are given to us in a data report and we pay out on the 16th of every month. You make a different bounty for each program. For example, our Uber promo code pays $3 per activation.

HotelTonight in the News

So the perfect tool you can use to help build content for our HotelTonight affiliates program is the press. All of this tech stuff is big in the media. Uber is always in the news and that’s why it’s been easier for us to get so many users for them. Your content will probably get some attention just for covering the news. Even covering the news is providing the news to someone down the information train. has an article by Katharine Schwab about the history of HotelTonight. It talks about how the company used to have a UI interface that was really easy to use. Like so easy that 2 out of every 1000 customers were booking accidentally. Later the developers came up with the idea that the customer would have to trace the H shaped bed logo to confirm their booking. This genius plan helped the company save money, gain serious brand recognition and probably brand loyalty.

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