Hotel Tonight Ambassador Program

Hotel Tonight Ambassador Program For Social Media Influencer Channels

By Sean Turtle, COO PromoAffiliates – April 1, 2017 — 11:30 AM PDT


The PromoAffiliates Hotel Tonight ambassador program allows influencers to make great money promoting the best deals on hotels. With all of our programs, PromoAffiliates will assign you a unique promo code and you will get paid for every new person who tries the service. The Hotel Tonight ambassador program is exclusive to our affiliates. So email right away to get your unique promo codes. Our roster of apps that we promote includes Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Drizly and more! As you will see in this article, PromoAffiliates has worked with some influencers who have helped thousands of people get a discount on their first trial of some great apps.

It’s so simple to leverage your audiences and you don’t have to “sell” them crap products. Our affiliates in the Hotel Tonight ambassador program promote their promo code or link on their channel. For example, you can make a YouTube video where you just mention the app and your code at the beginning and end of the video. Your followers want to live like you and this is how it works for all of our clients.

PromoAffiliates – Marketing Agency and Industry Consultants

Our company is a leader in digital marketing and our affiliates are mostly bloggers and social influencers. We have a proven track record of providing people with a chance to try some great apps for free or a discount. We want you to join our campaigns! Our efforts have gotten Uber over 500,000 downloads in the past 3 years! We are a forward-thinking agency and we hand choose our clients because of their ‘why.’ A company’s ‘why’ and reason for existing is so important. PromoAffiliates wants to work with companies that are disrupting an industry and providing a good service for people.

You can see from our website that we have analyzed influencer marketing and have become experts in online promotions. You can work with us as little or as much as you want.

Introducing HotelTonight

Founded in 2010, Hotel Tonight is now connecting millions of people to discounted hotel accommodations up to seven days booked in advance in the Americas, Australia, and Europe. Hotel Tonight is partnered with 15,000 hotels in 35 countries. If you want a killer deal in the Caribbean, check out HotelTonight! Three taps and swipe to book a hotel tonight. That last sentence could be a theme for your video. Film yourself trying Hotel Tonight on your phone and most importantly, show them how to use the promo code.

A major service in the massive tourism market is hotel bookings. HotelTonight built a platform that is disrupting and molding the entire sector.
By joining our Hotel Tonight ambassador program, you will give your audience a chance to try the site with a discount for their first time. Plus you get paid for every new user. We are part of a roster that is getting Postmates 100,000 new users a month! Our intention is to get influencers like you to get all of our clients to epic exposure.

Tana Mongeau VS Ideal Influencer

I don’t know Tana personally but I am happy to have vicariously worked with her. I was able to negotiate her involvement in a program for Uber very similar to the Hotel Tonight ambassador program. After some emailing back and forth, she was set and ready to make a vlog for YouTube. I didn’t really know better then to send her some guidelines right away. So when she dropped the controversial video with a title similar to “Uber driver kidnapped me,” we rolled with the punches.

It was a great lesson because that video got Uber over 30,000 new users in approx 120 days! From a brand or company’s point of view, what counts is the new users plus the exposure to everyone else who saw it. In my opinion, if bad news travels faster than good news, drama and controversy could be the best thing for YouTube influencers to get traffic.

Our basic ideal influencer would be someone with engagement on posts about their lifestyle. If you audiences are commenting and sharing your posts that are about your lifestyle, the followers will try the apps that you suggest. They are choosing to pay attention to your content and that choice makes it really easy for them to try something that you suggest.

Blogger Influencers

One of our most common methods for online promotion for the Hotel Tonight ambassador program is by utilizing the power of bloggers. Social media influencers are great for getting the word out. But blogs are trusted by people because they are part of Google search results. When someone searches Google and they land on a blog, they are likely to trust what that blog says greater than some source that they don’t feel that they chose.

Also, if a blog shows ads that aren’t too annoying on the side of the page or featured, it gives the blog more credibility. Only blogs with a lot of traffic have advertisements right? You can create pictures to put on your blog that advertise your unique promo codes. I’m in the middle of stressing over my own blog! I haven’t touched it in over a year and am getting to the point where I have to revive it. There are too many opportunities to advertise apps and what not.

If you have any questions about what kind of blog will best be suited for our promos, don’t worry. Any blog can advertise our campaigns. That’s the beauty of our HotelTonight ambassador program and others. Give your audience a chance to try some great apps at a discount. This will help you with customer retention and engagement.

Ideal Influencers

So I mentioned the Tana Mongeau example above and I wanted to talk more about what our ideal influencer looks like for our Hotel Tonight ambassador program. Any influencer that has high engagement from their audiences and can represent branded content. I’m producing branded content with a production company out here in LA for Postmates promo codes. We’re part of a campaign that is bringing 100,000+ new users for Postmates every month. There are so many ways that content can be made promote these brands.

Don’t be shy if you have more than 50,000 followers! Contact us and get your unique promo codes from Uber, Postmates, and more. So I’ve mentioned some of the best apps in the app store. All of these companies are easily relatable to your content and it will be relevant. I have so many examples.

Hotel Tonight Press

I easily found several articles when Googling HotelTonight and one from made a good case about the logo bringing in 10% more in revenue. Because of the bed-shaped emblem, Katherine Schwab says that over the last “five years the logo has boosted Hotel Tonight’s revenue by more than 10%” every year.

Apparently, when the company first launched, The three-tap UI experience made it too easy to book and customers were booking accidentally. Hotel Tonight CEO Sam Shank gave the unhappy customers a refund which cut the company’s profits by 4%. The UI solution was that customers would have to trace the company’s “H” shaped logo. Perfect branding tool that directly helped the bottom line.

Hotel Tonight Competition – HotelTonight promo code

So it’s pretty obvious that HotelTonight is is a competitive industry. Hotels and accommodations in general have been a thing forever. We have always needed accommodating. Sometime long ago, it was a cave and maybe for some lucky ones, it still is. My favorite competitor of HotelTonight is Airbnb. If you don’t know what Airbnb is, you probably live in a cave like I was talking about earlier.

So some people say that Airbnb is decreased housing values. If you’re so popular that your service is having an effect on real estate, that’s some definite competition for HotelTonight. Airbnb is in 190 countries and has service in a whopping 30,000 cities! Airbnb is a peer to peer platform where people open their homes to travelers or whomever they choose. It’s typically fairly inexpensive for really basic accommodations.

Airbnb even has a segment that has been coined as glamping (glamorous camping). I had the pleasure of living with a YouTube and Twitter health and beauty expert @ledalum on the second story porch of her home. She was the best flatmate ever and always had potions and lotions for fixin tummies or rashes.

Closing for the HotelTonight Ambassador Program

Where do I begin? So, if you have an audience of 20,000 or more on social media channels or have thousands of viewers of your site, sign up to work with some of our campaigns. You will be offering great opportunities to your followers to try some cool apps. It’s the simplest way to generate income by leveraging your audience, popularity, and overall influence.

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